Queue Management Systems & Electronic Queuing Solutions

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Hospital Queue System:

  • System can support more than 100kinds of services, 10 units online unity dispenser ticket.
  • Multi-waiting area prompt calling information, waiting area voice and display can be independent.
  • Voice calling information & LED encounter information can easily set and changed.
  • With Statistics management function.
  • Each service work time and blocking period can be set up; operators can be increased and decreased.
  • Support large size LCD/LED for main display.
  • Multi-language supported for voice prompt & tickets.
  • Wireless Queue Management System 3 Counter

Product Name: Smart Queue Management System

Queuing is the major source of customer dissatisfaction in shops, hospitals, banks, government institutions, and any structure in direct contact with the public. Fast service is a top priority for the customer, since his first contact with your institution to reply to his request. GCTL offers to you the right solution that will allow you to:

-- Manage and reduce queues for more efficiency and better customer service.

-- Manage customer traffic in an optimized way and ensure proper routing to your services.

-- Improve customer satisfaction and the performance of your employees.

-- Collect statistics that allow you to have more information about the progress rate of your business, And help you to improve the profitability of your organization.

Queue Management Systems & Electronic Queuing Solutions


 Ticket distributor:

Model No:

   Hospital Queue System

LCD Size:

   22 inch

Touch Screen:

   Five wire resistive touch screen, single point touch life 50 million times; Resolution: 4096*4096


   Steel cabinet,Car metal paint,Antimagnetic, antistatic; Full steel streamlined cabinet


   Main body slivery ,Screen frame Dark Grey

Power supply:

   110--240V 50Hz/60Hz


   With double channel and stereo surround amplifier system;

Work environment:

   Temperature:+5℃~+35℃ Humidity: 40% ~ 80%

Product Size:


Net weight:



   EPSON T532 80mm thermal printer

Wireless Frequency:

   433 channel, strong anti-jamming capability

Packing size:


Wireless calling pad:

Queue Management Z-WP402 wireless pagers

  • Appearance streamlined design, novel, stylish and compact.
  • LCD 60 degree angle design, you can clearly see the contents by sitting on chair.
  • DC 5V power supply design, you can use the power adapter, can also be inserted directly into usb port     to take power.
  • Built-in antenna, using generic 433 MHz frequency
  • Multiple functions: automatic call, call a special number, customer transfer to other counter.

    Wirless LED display:

    LED display support for a single red or two-color, words can be customized for all size screen support wireless data transfer mode.

    • Hospital Queue System: LED DISPLAY 1 LINE
    • Hospital Queue System: MAIN LED DISPLAY 4 LINE


    Call-number software:

    • Easy application can be used by staff to call number
    • Secure application: each staff use his ID and password to access to his session.
    • Call the next one: the call queue of the window act of people waiting for the next one. When you click on the button, then LED screen in the window display and hear the sound playing, "Please, No. xxx to xx the window handle" message.
    • Call a specified number.
    • Repeat the call
    • Transfer customer to other counter.
    • Suspended: when a staff member at rest or in a non-processing state, click closed, the corresponding integrated information screen, window screen show closed.
    • Send message to LED display: the staff can use his LED display to write a specified.


    LCD-Display software:

    LCD program can set calling information displayed to the LCD or TV. Support for a host to connect multiple LCD or TVs, its use as a sub-display, LCD can also be installed on a remote PC.
    LCD program supports custom display information of the location, size, font, color, background, set the program to support the location and size of the screen, support for various formats of video display, audio, flash animation.
    Q Management System bd


    Query & Statistics software:
    Statistical program can query the ticket number statistics, can be respectively by counter, employees, time to classify statistics and output the appropriate report.
    Statistical procedures can also search query ticket number, status change, delete, you can view the results of employee satisfaction assessment. Query statistics to support network management that can manage in a single machine within the network all the queuing server, and view the statistics.
    All statistics and reports can be exported to Excel or Web file.


    Main functions & Advantages:

    1. System can support more than 100 kinds of services.
    2. System support more than 10 unit online unity dispenser ticket.
    3. System support multi waiting area prompt calling information, waiting area Voice and display can be independent.
    4. Ticket dispenser interface picture can be changed by customer personalized design.
    5. Each service keys customer can be changed by customer personalized design.
    6. Each service queue customers can be increase or decrease as needed.
    7. Each service number of waiting person can set display on the interface, and any layout.
    8. Each service work time and blocking period can set and change.
    9. Operating staff increase or decrease and Log in to account can change.
    Hospital Queue System bd
    10. Voice calling information can easy set and change.
    11. LED Display content can easy set and change.
    12. Every services category can easy set and change.
    13. Queue service customer of each Operating staff can set.
    14. About ticket text pattern & business name & time format &can change the font and size, paper length can customize according to customers such as personalized settings.
    15. The system supports background music, music tracks entirely is selectable.
    16. The system supports the manager on duty at the creation of monitoring software; Handle a variety of special situations.
    17. System has powerful Statistics management functions, can remote monitoring.
    18. Support Large Size LCD/LED for Main Display.

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