CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

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CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh:

With 1000 consecutive benefits in procuring individuals' privacy concerns, CCTV camera are rising day by day. A research study discovered that installed nearly all of CCTV cameras in Asian countries. So, Bangladesh isn't out of from that. In any case, the use of CCTV has increased significantly in the past five years. An enormous number of CCTV cameras are controlled by authorities like police or army security functions and independently by the general public to monitor their companies or personal possessions. For contributing within this security issue, we provide IP CCTV camera with Best Price in Bangladesh predicated all servicing. As such as in Dhaka city, today CCTV is employed as a mandatory in each business store and industrial places. Folks may also be using WIFI CCTV Camera within their house or other personal concern areas. But outside Dhaka city, there is not enough use of HD CCTV cameras. Many people don't have any ideas about the benefits. Only some company offices and a few conscious folks are installing CCTV Camera in Bangladesh at their home areas. Our seasoned teams make sense of those and take perfect action to learn to work the CCTV cameras and get the full advantages.

CCTV Camera Service Provider in Bangladesh:

Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd-GCTL the professional CCTV Camera Supplier and Installation Company in Bangladesh. We are Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd-(GCTL) is one of the Best CCTV Camera Dealer, Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Wholesaler Company in Bangladesh. If you are looking for reliable Dahua CCTV Camera installation in Bangladesh, why not get the benefits to hire professionals from GCTL Technician. We cover a wide range of CCTV Camera and troubleshoot issues with your Office, Banks, Schools, Factories, construction sides and other Industries. We visit, design, draw, and install IP CCTV Camera all over Bangladesh, especially Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Barishal, and other Cities. As a reputable and experienced Hikvision CCTV Camera installer & supplier, we can provide CCTV Camera to suit any Office, Banks, Schools, factories, construction sides and other industries within your budget whether you're looking for a device CCTV Camera for an Office, Banks, Schools, Factories, construction sides and other sectors. We will design, supply, and install CCTV Camera to match your entire requirement entirely full fill. We will give you thoroughly free, to monitor customers without-obligation survey and written quotation with guarantee.

CCTV Camera CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

Best CCTV Camera Project Price Matching Policy in Bangladesh:

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL offer Best CCTV Camera Price Match in Bangladesh for any single need. We provide CC Camera in Bangladesh within all available technologies. Our specialist team can help to steer you to select the CCTV Camera Option that is ideal. The easiest way to find the solution that is ideal for your small business or Organization is to contact our Security Solution Experts. This will be able to assist and guide you. Please feel free if you would like to discuss specific needs or challenges to reach out to one of our specialists. Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd. provide CCTV Security Camera with the best affordable price. Depends on Brand and features. We ensure your professional CCTV installation, after-sales service with a very reasonable price.

CCTV Camera Lens Selection HD CCTV Camera Lens Selection IP CCTV Camera Lens Selection

CCTV Cameras and Surveillance Security Guide:

The video surveillance and security are one of the specialties of GCTL. On our website and our physical store located in Dhaka, our clients can find all kinds of CCTV security systems. There is a wide variety of on the market surveillance CCTV cameras and accessories to design systems security fully customized adaptable to any circumstance. That is why at GCTL we have created a guide that helps our clients to know in detail the most important aspects of the sector, specifically:


It is increasingly necessary to have a surveillance and security camera both in homes and in companies. In addition to helping to identify thieves in the event of a theft, it works very well as a deterrent. In any case, it is necessary to study in detail what are the needs that we want to cover by asking ourselves some questions prior to acquiring a CCTV Camera surveillance device. For example:

  • Do I need surveillance inside a space, outside, or both?
  • How far away will the object I need to record be?
  • What resolution do we want for the image, and its amplitude (zoom)?
  • Do we want a specific design or is it indifferent to us?
  • Do we need it to pick up sounds too?
  • How do we want to control them?

Depending on the use that we are going to give the camera, we will have to choose one model or another, taking into account the characteristics we need. In any case, the objective is to guarantee safety and make the investment made profitable. Having carried out this first step, we can differentiate between different types of surveillance and security cameras, distinguishing between three main families: analog CC camera, HDCVI CCTV Camera or digital IP CCTV cameras (with an Internet connection).


Analog surveillance and security cameras installed by wiring. In addition to it connect to a power source, they must also connect to a video recorder that collects the images and allows them to viewing on a monitor. This same video recorder converts the analog signal to digital, connecting to a router. Within analog cameras there is an important variety of modalities, we highlight the following:

BOX conventional surveillance cameras:

These cameras carry all the electronics, the lens, and the power supply in the camera body. The advantage that the desired objective can install adjusting it to specific needs, depending on the distance at which the object we want to visualize that locate. In addition, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. In the second case it is necessary to protect its structure with a suitable casing.

Bullet CCTV camera:  

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its design is one of the best known for its aesthetics and you can choose between several colors. Most cameras of this type incorporate an infrared illumination system adapted to Night Vision CCTV Camera.

Dome CCTV camera: 

If there is something that differentiates this type of camera from the rest, it is its characteristic design in the shape of a half sphere. Due to their shape, they are designed to be installed on the ceiling, so that they blend into the environment of any space without attracting attention. Within this model we can find some variations, for example specific devices for interior or exterior and / or resistant to actions of vandalism.

PTZ CCTV camera mobile dome surveillance:

Its design and installation method allow you to control a space from all angles. Their technical characteristics allow these

360 degrees CCTV camera:

s to rotate horizontally and 180 vertically, so that the plane just below can also be observed. On the other hand, it allows you to pan from left to right, tilt from top to bottom, and zoom in and out of a plane. As in the model, it bullets CCTV camerahas specific models for interior and exterior and some have an infrared lighting system indicated for night vision.

Mini CCTV cameras:

They are small surveillance camera. In many cases they are using for spying. They can be indoor or outdoor, with a built-in microphone and / or waterproof. Within this type of camera, we can find other even smaller ones, the ultra-miniatures.

Wireless CCTV cameras surveillance: These cameras are indicated for places where the installation cannot be carried out with wiring in any way, for example campsites, hunting farms ... For their operation, they must have a transmitter coupled to the camera and a receiver that connects directly to the television., a monitor, a computer or the video recorder. There are cases in which there is no power supply either, a situation that can solve with solar panels or other alternatives. In any case, it is a type of camera that we recommend only for exceptional situations.

HDCVI CCTV CAMARAS (High-Definition Composite Video Interface)

These cameras are analog, although with differences from the conventional ones mentioned above. The main difference - and advantage - with the analog devices explained above is the resolution of the image. If analog cameras offer a maximum of 1000 TVL -which would correspond approximately to 0.4 megapixels-, one with an HDVCI CCTV Camera system offers a minimum resolution of 1 megapixel, more than half only in its lowest version.

Another advantage is that universal CCTV Camera Video recorders are currently on the market that are compatible with both conventional analog cameras and those that use HDVCI technology. Therefore, the handicap that could pose a limitation due to camera-recorder compatibility.

With similar characteristics although technically somewhat different, we can also find HDSDI and HDTVI CCTV cameras.


It is a type of surveillance camera with an IP connection, that is, to the Internet. The camera make to connect to a router, so that what is happening you can control all time from a computer, a monitor or a smartphone. To get the most out of this type of cameras, it is highly recommended to purchase an NVR Network Video recorder, so that the camera not only shows us what is happening in a certain place, but it will be recorded on the hard disk integrated in the recorder.

Within digital cameras we can choose between several models, in which aspects such as image resolution, recording method, whether or not it has infrared, sounds and alarms, and so on, will vary. On the other hand, there are other types of surveillance and security cameras with very specific uses. They are the perfect solution to give concrete solutions to each situation.

a)       Thermal cameras: This type of surveillance camera works differently. Your system creates images from the heat emitted by people, animals or things. It for areas or spaces of complete darkness. These types of cameras usually have analog and IP connection.

b)      People Counting Inspection cameras: They are designed to control places that are difficult to access, for example pipes and sewers. Within this category we find submersible or specific anti-vandalism and anti-explosion cameras, among others.


One of the most frequently asked questions from the customer is about device control. In order to facilitate the control of security cameras, all our IP CCTV video surveillance systems (with Internet connection) currently have specific software to view the images from the camera. Currently there are specific versions for Android, iOS, Windows mobile, Blackberry and Symbian smartphones. As a general rule, each brand of surveillance and security camera has its own mobile applications. The operation is very simple: We download the application from the Play Store or the Apple Store in the case of Android and iOS, and their corresponding stores in each operating system.  We enter the configuration data of our camera or cameras.



To get the most out of your chosen security camera, it is essential with a video recorder that it stores everything it views on its internal hard drive. In this way, a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is created that offers all the security guarantees. Everything that is recorded is stored on the internal hard drive, so that it can be consulted at any time.


Only some models of surveillance cameras –especially the mini cameras intended for espionage- have an integrated audio detection system. For this reason, if you want to achieve a truly complete security system, it is possible to install microphones in a more or less visible way. In addition to listening live, the audio will be recorded on the video recorder and can also be heard remotely.


Not all surveillance and security cameras have an infrared illumination system. Although the trend is that they already have it integrated, you can buy infrared bulbs that are activated automatically when the lighting conditions get worse. In this way it facilitates the vision of the surveillance cameras. Within its varieties you can find different models, scope of light, specific for interior or exterior or levels of protection.


The lens is a fundamental element of any camera and a way to improve the vision it offers us. All cameras have them integrated, except the old box. Choosing one or the other will depend on the desired viewing angle, the light conditions or the depth of the area to choose.


The surveillance system can be further improved with small details. On the one hand we find the supports, which vary from standard models to more specific ones. You can also purchase housings designed to protect the surveillance camera, especially suitable for outdoor devices. Equipped with ventilation and heating, they protect from inclement weather, cold, rain, extreme heat ...


A good installation is essential for the correct operation of the security camera. Choosing the right type of cabling is essential, from UTP cables or coaxial cables. Baluns are transformers that allow you to connect two different things with a cable and maintain signal integrity. They are widely used in audio and video to replace a coaxial cable with a CAT5 or CAT6 UTP.


From GCTL we advise many companies and individuals interested in installing or improving their video surveillance CCTV Camera system on a daily basis. One of the best-selling products is the Surveillance Camera Kits. These are complete packs that include 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 security cameras. All have an IP connection included to be able to view the images remotely from any device -computer, tablet or mobile phone- just by having an Internet connection. The camera type can be analog, HDVCI, or digital. They also include the VCR and built-in hard drive. All have infrared for night vision, a minimum range of 25 meters and resolution never less than 800 lines. As an additional advantage, shipping of any security kit is free. In short, it is one of the most profitable options that fully ensure the protection of the property 24 hours a day throughout the year. 

Currently, the installation of surveillance cameras in a multitude of spaces is increasingly common. From companies or public buildings to private homes through public roads. Circumstance that gives rise to continuous doubts about the legality or not of capturing images in certain places. Below we share a summary of the guidelines set by the National Data Protection Agency in this regard. In the legal aspect, only the video surveillance carried out by the State Security Forces and Bodies have specific regulations. In the field of private security, Law 23/1992 of July 30 prevails, completed with Instruction 1/2006 of November 8 of the Data Protection Agency, on the processing of personal data for surveillance purposes through video surveillance cameras. When to apply the rules on data protection to image processing. Personal data includes images when they refer to identified or identifiable persons. The following criteria should always be applied to the use of cameras, camcorders and / or any similar technical means that captures and / or records images, whether for surveillance or other purposes.

When should it be applied?

Provided that there is recording, capture, transmission, conservation or storage of images, including their reproduction or broadcast in real time, or a treatment resulting from the related personal data.? Activities that refer to data of identified or identifiable persons. Of course, meeting the technical requirements is not enough. You also have to be legitimated to use them. How? With the consent of the owner of the personal data. If a rule with the force of law exempts the consent of the owner. For example, the Private Security Law or article 20 of the Workers' Statute. Circumstances provided for in article 6.2 LOPD or 11.2 LOPD or if the legislation imposes any additional requirement that must be met.


When we are going to choose a surveillance and security camera, once the specific type we need has been defined, we must pay attention to the purely technical characteristics of each device.

Below we explain some basic concepts and analyze the differences between them.


The choice of lens is important in determining the field of view of the camera. If you have a lens with a shorter focal length, you see more image and have a wide field of view. On the contrary, a longer lens enlarges the scene and reduces the field of view. We find three types of optics: fixed, manual and automatic variables that regulate themselves depending on the distance of the object. All are measured in millimeters. In the following image we can see how the same objective looks with different size lenses:


The resolution of the image indicates its level of detail. The higher the resolution the higher the definition and clarity with which the image is viewed. A high-resolution camera can capture a person's face or details such as a license plate. Depending on whether you need to observe many details or not, you will choose a camera with more or less resolution. Keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the larger the file size, taking up more storage space on the video recorder.


The images per second or fps (frames per second) is the measure of the frequency with which a player generates the different frames. The human eye is capable of processing between 30 and 40 fps, depending on the person. Typically, the lowest rate is 16 fps. There are currently cameras that can record at 60 fps or even higher.


Coaxial cable connection. Its main advantages are that it is a reusable wiring and easy replacement of the facilities. Video, audio and telemetry can be transmitted through the coaxial cable. In cameras with OSD menu it can be accessed via coaxial cable. Connected by balun. It is an impedance adapter device that converts symmetrical transmission lines into asymmetric ones. A network cable (UTP cable) is used to send video, audio, power or data signals. The camera and recorder are connected using a balun at each end - not necessarily both: on the camera side a sending balun and on the recorder side a receiving balun.It should be noted that not all baluns allow the sending of all these signals. Through the UTP cable connected with a balun, video, audio and telemetry can be transmitted. It also allows access to the OSD menu on cameras that have it.

Connection distances: With coaxial cable:

500 meters for 720p resolutions.

300 meters for 1080p resolutions.

With balun: approximately 100 meters.


All the surveillance and security cameras that we sell at GCTL are 4 in 1, that is, they incorporate the four types of contact between cameras for universal connection. However, if you incorporate a recorder, this device and the camera must be of the same brand in order to connect. Analog: It is the traditional technology in video surveillance. It is characterized by its low cost and, compared to other more modern systems, the low resolution of its images. It is still used in closed circuit television (CCTV).

HD CVI CCTV: A new technology that allows CCTV to be cheaper –equipping to analog solutions-, but adding the advantage of offering high definition (HD) resolution. It also allows a greater transmission distance and the combination of multiple signals on the same transmission medium.

HD-SDI CCTV: This technology allows uncompressed high-definition video to be transmitted over coaxial cable up to distances of up to 100 meters. It is a system widely used in the television industry, where they need to work with high quality video. It is presented as an alternative to traditional CCTV and IP cameras, for offering more quality and easier installation respectively.

HDTVI CCTV: is a new open standard for transmission of high-definition video (720p and 1080p) over coaxial cable. It has a long cable length, reaching up to 500 meters. It allows video, audio and data in the same cable. It is very similar to HDCVI, offering high definition via analog over the same coaxial cable, facilitating the migration of old analog to HD systems at a very low cost. In the following image you can see their similarities –and few differences- between both technologies: At GCTL we are specialists in video surveillance cameras and we have a wide catalog. In this case, bullet-type cameras have a very characteristic format, also called the 'bullet' type. Depending on the needs of the space to be monitored, you have to consider purchasing an indoor or outdoor camera, choosing its resolution, the lens model and other characteristics. All these characteristics are specified in the description of the security cameras. Also, for example, it is indicated if they are recommended to be placed on the wall or on the ceiling.

Bullet-type surveillance cameras have a more traditional format, but they are still current. They are the most purchased when it comes to outdoors, public places, etc. With them you can create a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice to choose the most suitable material for your security system, whether it is a business or a home.

If you are looking to install a video surveillance system in your home or business, you are in the right place. Here you will find the best Dome cameras and we have a wide variety to choose the one that best suits your needs. These types of cameras are usually placed on the ceiling. We have models for interior and others valid for both interior and exterior.

Since 2002 GCTL has been importing and selling the best DOMO surveillance cameras, security cameras and video surveillance cameras at the most competitive price. Click here to see our guide to surveillance cameras.

Our cameras can be connected directly to a television, monitor, computer or video recorder and create a closed-circuit television (CCTV).

Motorized cameras are the safest since they detect movement and are responsible for directing the focus towards it. In the event that people, vehicles or other elements pass through its field, it will focus on them to achieve a clearer vision than that offered by a conventional static camera.

Images will be stored in Full HD resolution to ensure the best image quality. Thanks to its auto tracking technology, you will achieve maximum guaranteed security.

GCTL we are committed to your safety and that of your home or business. That is why we have been offering the best cameras with the latest technology for more than 20 years to assemble complete surveillance systems. Consult us without obligation if you need advice or if you have any questions that may arise.

A screw, a sprinkler or a sight glass. They are objects that do not attract attention, and that instead can camouflage a mini spy camera. With the mini spy cameras hidden in these objects, you can install a Closed-Circuit Television with which to view and record images without anyone noticing.

Although small in size, these mini security cameras do not compromise on quality. They offer very good image resolution and, above all, ensure covert and discreet surveillance.

If you have any questions regarding these or other products, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

Micro cameras or mini video cameras can be used to mount a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). They are suitable for installing in places where you do not want anyone to see them; Thanks to their small size, they will go completely unnoticed.

They can also be used as micro spy cameras by security professionals or anyone else. They are very easy to install and with a little imagination you can hide them in areas or objects that nobody can imagine.

GCTL offers you a wide variety of mini cameras so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Videos of security cameras and surveillance:

The acquisition of security cameras for your home and / or business is always a good investment, so you can forget about worries about possible theft or other unwanted situations when you are not on your property. All this without maintenance fees. Depending on the use and place where the cameras will be placed, the choice of the type of cameras will be different. For example, Dome cameras are often used indoors as they are located on the ceiling, while Bullet cameras can be placed both on the ceiling and on the wall and are therefore also suitable for outdoors. We have other types as mini cameras, motorized (automatic tracking and autofocusing), wireless cameras, etc. If you have any questions, contact GCTL

IP CCTV cameras will allow you to monitor your business or home from any computer, mobile or tablet without fees. IP cameras are easy to install and have Wi-Fi, recording, infrared, sound, alarms, etc. They can be indoor or outdoor and do not require connection to a computer or installing software. IP cameras have manual, continuous or automatic recording with motion detection. Local or remote recording. These video CCTV cameras are from the Hikvision, Dahua, AvTech, Cp-Plus, Panasonic, brand and are part of our range of inexpensive surveillance cameras. There are dome and bullet type security cameras or also known as bullet type. The characteristic of IP cameras is that they can be connected to the internet and transmit the images in real time to be able to see them wherever you are. If you have any questions, please contact GCTL. We are experts in video surveillance systems. 

Types of CCTV Camera:

IP CCTV Camera and “Network CCTV Camera” are the same thing, and the use interchangeably manufacturers. Bullet CCTV camera the viewing angle is fixed, and it is permanently mounted to cover a specific area always. Dome CCTV camera, cameras are fixed in a small dome type housing to cover a particular area always.

A varifocal lens is a camera lens with variable focal length in which focus changes as focal length (and magnification) changes, as compared to a parfocal ("true") zoom lens, which remains in focus as the lens zooms (focal length and magnification change). Varifocal Dome cameras lens are variable in a small dome type housing to cover a wide area. PTZ CCTV Camera like as Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera, where the camera’s view And Zooming can control remotely either manually or automatically for tilting up and down, panning side to side, and zooming in and out.

Wireless IP Camera as WLAN Camera, where the camera connected with Wi-Fi network and remotely control with internet connectivity via mobile phone for tilting up and down, panning side to side. This is a standalone camera doesn’t require NVR, Only need memory card for storage.

CCTV Camera stands for the Close Circuit Camera which secretly can capture images and video performing the role of a guard. Day by day the demand for CCTV cameras is increasing widely as in the security and surveillance system it has no alternative. Here in the context of Bangladesh, the available CC Cameras, their types and configuration below details.

  • Dome Camera.
  • Bullet Camera.
  • C-mount Camera.
  • Day/Night Camera.
  • PTZ Camera.
  • Dark Fighter Technology Cameras.
  • ANPR/LPR Cameras.
  • Internal and External CCTV Camera.
  • Varifocal Cameras.
  • Network Cameras.
  • HD CCTV Cameras.
  • IP Camera.

Dome CCTV Camera: Dome Camera, the name originates from its dome- shaped size. For advanced outdoor and indoor surveillance management Dome Cameras have a great reputation. Its peculiar shape traps the criminals as the criminals fail to understand its position called Dome Camera.

Bullet CCTV Camera: Bullet CCTV Camera especially use outdoors, it like longer and cylindrical shape. The characteristic of Bullet Camera is that it can capture videos and images from a long distance. Contained in protective cases, Bullet cameras remain free from dust and other unwanted substances. High-definition resolution and unprecedented night-vision facilities have made Bullet Cameras more attractive and popular.

C-mount CC Camera: People especially who aspire after adapting the field of vision C-Mount CC Cameras are the standard choice for them. It has separable switches surrounding to monitor differing distances. Usually C-Mount cameras are as like as the Bullet Cameras. In detecting criminals C-Mount CC Cameras can use both in indoor and outdoor.

Day / Night CCTV Camera: A day and night CC camera is a security camera that can watch the images both during the day hours in ample sun and the night in total darkness or minimum illumination. Having special lenses, a Day Night Camera can permit infrared emission created by infrared LEDs and reflected from objects to go through and reach a CCD or CMOS chip inside the camera. Consequently, a user can watch images in full darkness at the distance of infrared emission generated by LEDs. Day and night cameras often compensate for the difference in lighting system between day and night through the modifications of digital signal processor (DSP) that.

Dark Fighter Technology CCTV Camera: Dark Fighter Technology CCTV Cameras have become more popular than any other cameras. It is because most of the crimes occur in the darkness and people need to have the actual incident clearly. In the darkness or low light condition the Dark Fighter Technology Cameras can capture the real scenario where the general camera may fail. Human Eye technology.

ANPR/LPR Cameras: ANPR stands for (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) these special CC Cameras designed for storing legible license plates of vehicles in all conditions. In big cities to control car these cameras seen to install. The main task of this high-definition Camera is to identify cars and private run vehicles.

Indoor and Outdoor CCTV Camera: CC Cameras used both indoor and outdoor to prevent criminal activities and ensure peace and discipline in the society. The major role an external CCTV system is that it is expert in deterring suspected thieves and vandals. Visibly noticeable, an external camera offers effective and wide-ranging coverage of the outer thing of a property and the premises. In security and surveillance system External CCTV cameras are standard for both domestic and commercial purpose.

Varifocal Lens CCTV Camera: A varifocal lens camera means to the camera having variable focal length which can change when needed. Normal CC cameras have a steady lens and they cannot move or zoom themselves but a Varifocal CC automatically with its demand can zoom its lens. In deterring criminals and vandals, Varifocal cameras are very effective.

Network CCTV Camera: With the advancement of technology in the field of security and surveillance the demand of Network Cameras is increasing globally. One of the most important features of Network Cameras is that it can operated from a remote place. All Network Cameras including IP CC camera, PoE CC Camera are now available in reasonable prices.

HD CCTV Camera: Normally by HD CCTV Cameras we understand the cameras with high-definition resolution. High-definition CC Cameras provides more powerful and brighter resolution than the general CC TV Cameras. For high-definition resolution HD CC Cameras has a great fame throughout the world.

Wi-Fi IP CCTV Camera: WIFI IP CCTV Camera is also known as wireless camera. It is basically a wireless based close circuit camera that transmits data through the internet. Clients are using Wi-Fi IP CC Camera in the surveillance system of the sophisticated and significant places. The nicest advantage of this high-end camera is that it can transmit signal or data to a remote monitor.

PTZ CCTV Camera: Panning, Tilting and Zooming are the essential ingredients of PTZ CCTV Camera. PTZ CC Cameras are becoming more reliable and popular due to their high-end features. Through a PTZ Camera you can easily watch your targeted object by turning the camera down, up, right or left with the flexibility of zooming in your desired level.

IP CCTV Camera: IP CCTV Camera is actually an Internet Protocol based Camera which performs data transmission through internet. Manufacturers consider this high-definition CCTV security system as the most sophisticated camera of the world till now. IP CC cameras work through internet. We serve all the top-notch IP cameras based on your budget and demand.