Lightning Surge Protection System

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Lightning Surge Protection System
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Top Lightning Surge Protection System Price in Bangladesh

Best Lightning Surge Protection System Price in Bangladesh. September , 2023 Latest Price

Lightning and lightning protection systems: Lightning is a SPARK Lightning a Gigantic Electrical Spark Traveling between Cloud to Cloud or Cloud to Earth Containing an average charge of 30 to 50 lakhs Volts and a current of 30 Kilo amperes with a speed of 220 km per hour. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL working on lightning awareness program to mass people that achieved notable attention. GCTL also install, Deliver, Solution Provider of Lightning and lightning protection systems in Bangladesh. Globally 44,000 thunderstorms/day and 100 lightning strokes /sec

lightning protection systems Facts:

✓ Temperatures rises 50,000 degrees Celsius.

✓ Lightning strokes range from 100 m – 8 km length.

✓ Lightning can travel at speeds of 60,000 m/sec.

✓ Lightning heats nearby air to about 10,000 °C.


Air Terminals

Down Conductors

Ground Terminals

Interconnecting Conductors

Surge Protective Devices, and

Connectors and fittings required to complete the system.


For safety and protection, the following measures are essential:

• Proper installation of ESE Type Lightning Protection System (LPS)

• Proper installation of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) Preventive Measures

• Installation of Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) or Residual Current Device

• Installation of Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB or MCCB)

• Very low resistance Grounding / Earthing as per international standard.

Surge Protector:
Surge Protector protects your network from lightning strikes and electrical surges in Bangladesh. Our Product Are compatible with Multi devices that have Multi connectors. Use the Surge Protector to connect Any devices, to an external antenna and protect your entire network from catastrophic electrical surges. We GCTL is one of the best Lightning Protection System (LPS), Thunder Protection System Installation Supplier Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are very experienced for Design, Drawing and Installing Lightning Protection Systems in all over Bangladesh. GCTL is Lightning Protection System Importer, Supplier, Dealer, Distributor, Wholesaler, Service Provider with affordable price. We Deliver Product Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet and others Districts.

Features of The Service:

  • Free Risk Assessment
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive costs
  • Compliance with applicable rules
  • Nationwide delivery of services


Types of Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems for protecting structures against lightning:
• Air-Termination Lightning Protection System (Rods)
• Meshed Conductors Lightning Protection System
• Catenary wire lightning conductor
• Early streamer emission lightning protection system
• Protection by «natural» components