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Tipsoi Face is the new ID Facial Recognition Devices in Bangladesh:  

Now access any of your office location globally with just a smile. Say cheese to TIPSOI! Time & Attendance Simplified!

Facial Recognition Facility:

Are reams of attendance records, bundles of time and attendance (T&A) data, and timesheet discrepancies weighing you down? An out-of-date attendance system would be unfriendly to employees and would fail to provide you with useful data on time. It's time to go past these boundaries and control attendance in a more strategic approach. Deliver a next-generation employee experience that is matched with an organization's changing demands. Say hello to Tipsoi Hassle-Free Time and Attendance Management and welcome to the world of frictionless time and attendance management.

This facial recognition system eliminates the need for any clicks, logins, or ID cards by being free, clever, and infallible. Any employee will be able to register their attendance in a matter of seconds. It brilliantly streamlines the employee experience while also solving the challenge of collecting and tallying attendance data, allowing the company to plug revenue losses.

TIME-SAVING: It takes only 3 seconds for the payroll system to recognize your face and create an attendance journal, saving valuable man-hours.

ACCURACY: Face detection accuracy of 99.8% is achieved when scanning numerous employees. Faces are appropriately enrolled into the payroll system once they have been recognized.

OPTIMIZE RESOURCES: Tipsoi makes data available in real time and synchronizes it with no delay. This real-time monitoring aids in the optimization of human resources and other resources.

OFFLINE CAPABILITY: It can't be readily hacked because it's integrated with systems like LoT sensors. Tipsoi also works offline, making it handy in places where there is no Internet access or when there is a local SIM with built-in Internet.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Saving time will enhance production, lowering expenses (due to greater resource utilization) and increasing income.

WELL-INTEGRATED: Unlike other time tracking systems, Tipsoi's HR and Payroll modules, as well as other modules, come with pre-built integration.

HYGIENIC: Unlike biometric systems, which use devices that require physical contact, the system ensures that hygiene and cleanliness are not an issue.

Towards a Touchless Attendance System:

Say goodbye to unclean plastic and biometrics that rely on finger prints. -based access cards – keep attendance records in the most sanitary and efficient way possible.

Safe Distancing & Contact Tracing

Real-Time Safe Distancing Alert: Employees' phones vibrate or beep in real time when they are in close proximity.

Tracking Proximity History: Any proximity detection between employees is captured anonymously

Contact Tracing at Workplace. Based on employee declaration and proximity history, contact tracing with notifications possible

Real-Time Location Tracking: Crowd sensing and track employee movements across premises to enhance contact tracing and disinfect hotspots

Safe Entry & Pre-Screening:

Touchless Attendance: Facial recognition or voice recognition-based attendance recording Thermal Screening. Thermal screening to isolate employees with symptoms

Mask Detection: Mask detection to allow only employees with masks into workplace

Voice Based Self Declaration: Voice based survey around existing symptoms, contacts etc to pre-screen via self-declaration

Workforce Planning & Scheduling:

Capacity Planning: Plan for optimal capacity at workplace to ensure safe distancing. Scheduling, prioritize essential workforce and optional employees based on opt-in

Self-Declaration: Employees who opt-in to come to office will self-declare via chatbot

Employee Pass: Only employees scheduled for the day are allowed inside the premises

Scalable and Holistic 360° Solution:

Integrated with Access Infrastructure: Create touchless experience integrating with turnstiles, sliding doors, elevators etc.

Integrated with HR/HCM Systems: Integrate with existing HR/HCM systems for attendance, workplace safety and health data.

Contract Workforce & Visitors: Scalable across contract workforce and visitors for safe entry

How simple is saying choose to TIPSOI

PRECISE ALGORITHMS: Built utilizing Microsoft's cognitive services - Face API and Hyper Verge’s facial recognition technology to give precise face-detection algorithms. This makes it highly accurate in matching numerous attributes of the taken image to the database of images in the backend.

ENHANCED SECURITY AND PRIVACY: Tipsoi assures that the software only keeps binary digits and not images, putting the privacy and security concerns to rest. The software then compares the binary numbers to the backend's saved, encrypted data to verify the employee's identification.

FLEXIBLE: Tipsoi may be used to track employee attendance on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and security cameras. It can be used in locations where the system is not yet deployed. It can also be used in off-the-grid regions without access to the internet.