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Top Wireless Queue Calling System Price in Bangladesh

Best Wireless Queue Calling System Price in Bangladesh. January , 2023 Latest Price
K302 Queue Manage Led Display Control Systems Call for Price
K403 Queue Call Management System 3 digit number Large display Call for Price
K-TP Thermal Printer No need ink Call for Price
Wieless Queue call system Transmitter Call for Price

Queue wireless calling system:

As we see it today, most establishments limit the allowed number of customers entering certain premises. We see people lining up or sitting around waiting for their turn to purchase their needs or get services. While queueing has been a part of our daily routine, it has just become more troublesome. Yet these inconveniences are a part of our new normal.

How queueing systems help in this time?  

1. Keeps the safety of customers Maintaining a distance from anyone today is one of the ways we avoid contracting COVID-19. Queueing Management Systems help customers to no longer queue outside a store or a shop. Customers may wait in the comfort of their car or any other uncrowded areas. There are systems that manage customers via advance booking as well, and customers just need to arrive in their scheduled time. Moreover, it keeps the safety of customers as these systems accommodate mobile queues or QR scanning, resulting in contactless transactions.

2. Boosts Employee Performance Employees are in forefront engaging and risking their lives with the unseen virus. Queueing Management Systems manage the customer flow and limit physical contact, keeping both customers and employees safe. The lesser the customer engagement the more specific they could be with their purchases or concerns. Resulting in an increase in productivity among employees. The entire team can also see the overview of the customers’ activities which help them in managing their workflow.

3. Safeguards all business types May it be from the retail, food and beverage, academe, banking and finance, it is now a chance for these industries to upgrade to a queueing management system. This enables them to protect their businesses, from complying to the social distancing measures of the government to seeing dashboards of customer flow. With a good and systematic queueing managing solution, customers will definitely keep on coming back. When all this pandemic situation has passed, it is trust and loyalty of the customers that these industries would win.

Business Industries that need Queueing Management Solutions:

Food & Beverage

Food and drinks are essential to maintain even the most minimal standard of living. This in turn still keeps the Food & Beverage atop of the industries despite the pandemic. GCTL organizes long waiting lines & controls the number of pax in your waiting rooms. Consequently, it will effectively improve operations to enhance customer queueing experiences.


We recognize the challenges of our healthcare providers. Hospitals need to remain open and deal with restrictions. secure a pleasant, productive, and profitable clinical environment. Therefore, it is important to manage patient flows. Minimize the spread of the virus via virtual queueing and appointments.

Banking & Finance

Banks must ensure the safety of their clients’ finances. GCTL does not only minimize perceived wait times on bank transactions but also increases performance and operational efficiency.


GCTL allows education institutions to manage their staff and students’ overall experiences particularly from admission, libraries, cafeterias, offices, and school departments. Moreover, it improves campus-wide safety and crowd control.


A QMS has long been needed by our government offices even before the pandemic. It is one of our goals to let Filipinos transact all important government filings and applications but without the lines and inconveniences.


Steer your business without the needless complexity. Provide a central point of managing queues and time monitoring of services per job area within the service department of the car dealership.

What is queue calling system

This system is widely used in the place where need customer to get food by himself. Queue calling system is a guest alarm system device to allow you to manage and handle the queue flow easily, thus creating a more inviting service atmosphere. The customer can sit comfortably to wait for his food. Food center can press a number to call the customer in time. All work runs in a comfortable and effective environment. The most important thing is that it helps to improve profit and revenue for your business.

How Queue Management System works?
1. Customer go to the Service station and take a number ticket by Thermal printer.
2. Customer waits for their service.
3. When it is their turn, the counter worker will press the number + ENT to call.
4. The customer's number will show on the display screen with prompt sound, so that customer know which counter they should attend.


  • Create pleasant environment, enhance restaurant image

Customer no need to queue for a long time, he can sit on the rest place, to create a pleasant environment for them, making your restaurant more attractive.

  • Reduce cost for service stuff

Reduce labor costs associated with food runner and waiter.

  • Increase revenue and profit

Eliminate long queue to attract many newer customers as the atmosphere become more inviting. It helps to increase revenue and profits.

  • Improve working efficiency, reduce customer complaints of cold food

Call customer in time to get the food, so that customer will happy to enjoy the food in time.