Metal Detector Walk Through Gate

Metal Detector Walk Through Gate
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Archway Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate in Bangladesh:

Best Walk-Through Metal Detector Solution Provider in Bangladesh

This Centuries security sector and the ever-stricter regulations relating with Walk Through Metal Detector Security for inspecting people in transit require equipment with the highest operational and functional performance. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited with over 12 years of experience in Importing and Selling Walk Through Metal Detector, Germany Computer and Telecom Limited have Imported a series of devices with superior sensitivity and throughput. With high-sensitivity applications, Our Walk-Through Metal Detector can detect a small metallic item, such as a single metallic blade while still providing optimal immunity to environmental interference. For high flow-rate applications, Germany Computer and Telecom Limited offer Walk Through Metal Detector with extremely high discrimination of personal metal objects to minimize the incidence of nuisance alarms.

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited is Most Popular Company in Bangladesh who known by Importer, Supplier, and Service Provider of Walk-Through Metal Detector. We also offer instalment, standardization and assistance of Walk Through Metal Detector as well as a one-year service guarantee. If you have any questions, or you want to know about our Product Please Contact with us.

Why need a Walk-Through Metal Detector?

In a severe moment When we need to scan lots of people quickly and efficiently for concealed weapons, or other metal objects, Walk-through Metal Detectors provide the perfect solution.

Walk Through Metal Detectors are installed at airports, railway stations and other transport hubs, in top hotels, and many other locations which offer a full head-to-toe body scan. Area enabling these functional units to detect metal elements secret area of any portion of the men or women body in a single ignore by.

Consisting of two vertical side panels plus a bolt-on head panel, these mains powered metal detectors are simple to assemble. Dismantle making them a appliedoption for static sites and deployment at short term events such as pop concerts or sports events. These versatile units find application wherever large volumes of people need to be security scanned quickly and effectively with minimum fuss.

 The typical locations and uses for a walk-through metal detector?

At one time, security walk through metal detectors was primarily seen just in airports and prisons. Today we see you walk through detectors in a various of directions including night clubs, schools, police stations, public and private buildings and for corporate workplace security. They also used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses for loss prevention, nuclear facilities, transportation terminals, courthouses, historical landmarks, sporting events, arenas and at concerts.

Why I choose the better Specification?

With the help of your detector be set up at one location or do you plan to move the sensor from place to location? If you are running the indicator often, you will want a lightweight, portable walk through a metal detector or one that can move easily.

Setup and operation:

Modern security archway detectors are easy to set up and manage. A single unit will come with a detailed manual and instructional setup video. Digital electronics is very easily adjusted through a touchpad and LCD. The walkthrough metal detectors come with factory preset programs. You can change the sensors for your individual area or the type of elements that are looking for locate. Based on the number of sensitivities that you choose; the sensor can be adjusted to find various targets.

Handling the flow of traffic is essential when setting up walk through metal detector device. will you want to be sure that all individuals that enter or leave the building directed through the sensor. It's a good idea to have a basket or tray set up next to the walk through metal detector for individuals to place any metal objects in to. keys, Watches, coins,  belts and other large metal objects must be moved away before walking through the detector. The better organized you are, the better your throughput will be.

Do I also need a security wand?

You can think of the walkthrough metal detector as a general scan device. Once anyone has identified that an individual has a concealed metal item, you will need to pinpoint it precisely. A walk-through metal detector gate wand will let you locate the target quickly. Security wands will alert you to the destination with an audible tone, target identification light, vibration or a combination of the three. The archway metal detector is a required accessory for use with an archway detector.

Rolling out your security plan:

the available types of security walk through metal detectors, now you are ready to choose the better equipment. We are here to help you. Feel free to contact with our Specialists to discuss your specific needs.

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited Provide Walk through metal detector gate not only has a modern and durable design, but it also meets the stringent equipment safety requirements for all types of airports.

A walk-through metal detector is famous for not only its modern and reliable design but also for complying with rigorous safety norms applicable to all types of airports, hermetic housing which for GPS tracker Guardian II and necessary accessories as batteries.

The walkthrough metal detector Imported for precise threat pinpointing (as many as 33 detection zones), discerning between dangerous and neutral objects and scanning a large number of people in a short time in compliance with all the safety standards.

Applicable area of Walkthrough metal detector:

Airports, seaports, railway stations Courthouses, penal institutions Factories. Regular and nuclear power stations, Military facilities, Schools and universities, Stadia and sport facilities, A variety of private and public spaces, Mass events EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) systems.

Main Advantages:

Identify the location of the target quickly is essential so that your security personnel can respond quickly. More significant numbers of patrons or staff require higher throughput. If you are scanning a large crowd, a multi-zone metal detector will allow you to process more individuals a lot more efficiently.

A walk-through metal detector detects only dangerous objects. The modern design of the multi directional coil system provides precise threat detection. A susceptible sensor can pinpoint pistols, knives, and other sharp and hazardous objects without being triggered by the presence of other harmless objects.

Precise object location:

Thirty-three detection zones make it possible to pinpoint any dangerous object precisely. The exact location is calculated based on 18 primary and 15 additional zones on the left, right, and middle of the walk-through metal detector.

Walk through metal detector can Detects even tinny metals:

The design is based on advanced DSP processor, which enables the location of even very small or very fast-moving objects.

Adjustable sensitivity:

The sensitivity of zone can adjust independently, which makes the device-independent from external conditions.

Digital signal processing:

Provides interfered uniform detection sensitivity and eliminated false signals.

Scanning programs of the professional walk through a metal detector

Import to provide comfort and maximum scanning efficiency without sacrificing full safety.

Clear light signals:

Visible pacing lights for "stop" and "go".

Easy operation:

Sound signals, LEDs and bright LCD made the device very cozy to use and makeable to synchronize between passing people and controlling the device.

The Automatic controlling System:

The archway metal detector gate has an auto-calibration function and can automatically adjust its parameters.

An integrated panel of the professional walk through a metal detector gate:

All kinds of cables, electronic components and controls are integrated with the device and can be easily accessed. No external cabling is needed.

Password protection:

The access to the walkthrough's controls is granted only if the password has been entered correctly. Any attempt to access the inspections made by an unauthorized person is automatically registered. The durable design of the professional metal detector. Reliable and sustainable design.

Easy assemblage:

The modular design enables natural collection and mounting to the floor. Four central modules are interconnected stably.


Germany Computer and Telecom Limited is one professional security equipment Importer, which was established in 2002, For years we devoted to public security, anti-terrorism equipment Sales, research, Import, distribute production, marketing and service, and we offer one-stop security solution to our clients Whole Bangladesh. The products are widely used in large-scale events, meetings, exhibitions, political and legal departments, highways, ports and other places.

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