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What is an Archway Metal Detector?

The Archway Metal Detector Gate are a modern tool of great importance for the protection and control in different areas where the entry with weapons or certain types of metallic materials as well as electronics is restricted. With them it is possible to detect metallic objects from a paper clip (0.5g) to large objects such as a weapon or medium size, such as a knife or screwdriver.

How do Walkthrough Metal Detector work?

Through the use of precisely interconnected zones via LED location, each Metal Detector Gate zone can be configured and customized to have different levels of sensitivity, according to the needs of the place. The image below illustrates how the zones work, each box is a detection zone. “It is also a totally harmless technology for the human body”

Difficult to install or configure Metal Detector?

Through a short and simple installation (less than ten minutes) in which basically the sides of the arch are assembled with the brain, manufacturers are increasingly striving to simplify the installation and that is why most  Walking Scanning Machine Metals are plug and play equipment. In the models we offer Varito, even the arches have pre-configured profiles to cover different commercial areas, which eliminates the need to manually configure each arc detection zone.

What objects can be detected in Walkthrough Metal Detector?

All ferromagnetic materials; Iron compounds and their alloys with cobalt, tungsten, nickel, aluminum are the most common magnetic materials. Their most common feature is that they can be easily magnetized. In GCTL Security and Controls have a wide range of options according to your business needs, from portable metal detectors up metal detectors of the best brands in the market such as Varito, CEIA, Garrett, Uniqscan Security Detectors and ZKTECO. Through the use of precisely interconnected zones via LED location, each zone can be configured and customized to have different levels of sensitivity, according to the needs of the place. The image below illustrates how the zones work, each box is a detection zone. Handheld detector: It is used by police officers or security guards, in airports or places of special surveillance, to detect pistols and knives. Handheld metal detectors are often used as a complement to non-portable Metal Detector Walkthrough Gate , which are arches or tunnels of detection. 

Importance of Metal Detector Archway Gate in Bangladesh:

archway metal detector Security gateare an important part in ensuring security. They're excellent at finding hidden knives, guns, and other things that may be used to threaten people. The presence of a working metal detector gives people peace of mind that they will not be attacked unexpectedly in a busy area. Metal detectors are used in airports to detect firearms, foil-wrapped drugs, and smuggled precious metals such as gold and silver. In an airport where there is a high risk of items being smuggled, a archway metal detector gate is required.

Metals such as iron, copper, bronze, silver, gold, tin, nickel, brass, and lead may all be detected by most metal detectors. Steel, on the other hand, due to its weak electrical conductivity and low magnetic permeability, can be a challenging metal to track. Metal detector price in Bangladesh can be programmed to detect specific metals at a specific frequency. The detector's model determines how well and how far it can detect metals.

Uses of Metal Detector Archway Gate:

walkthrough metal detector archway gate  are mostly utilized for security in Bangladesh. Many shopping malls and other key locations have walk-through metal detectors. It is employed to ensure that no one brings a weapon to these locations with the intent of terrorizing or killing people.

In the food industry, metal detectors are used. Handheld metal detectors are employed here to detect the presence of metal in the food that has been made. It is critical to ensure that healthy food is free of metal traces, as an excessive amount of metal taken through food can cause a variety of health problems.

Metal Detector Gate are used in the garment industry to guarantee that no broken needles or other metal fragments are present in the garment. To avoid injury and ensure optimal safety, many buyers prefer that metal detection be performed on the products. People who work in the field of archaeology benefit from metal detectors. A metal detector makes it easier to find antiquities or archaeologically significant things. As a result, a metal detector is an indispensable instrument in archaeology.

Metal Detector Price in Bangladesh:

If you're a regular visitor to our site, you'll know that we never get tired of writing different reviews regarding metal detectors; we've already done a lot of research, but we've never considered the cost of purchasing one and where we can acquire it for the greatest price. We'll go through the many types of metal detectors available on the market in greater detail in the following post.

And it all relies on your skill level and whether you want a Archway Metal Detector Gate for beginners or a professional metal detector. We assume that your economy will have an impact on this, as a professional metal detector, for example, costs a lot of money. Hand metal detector prices in Bangladesh can range from BDT 4500-35000 taka. The price difference is huge since there are different types and brands of hand metal detectors varying in range and sensitivity in detecting metals.

Archway Metal Detector Gate Price in Bangladesh:

We've included those walkthrough metal detector that we consider to be professional metal detectors in this category.

With several settings and functionalities, these metal detectors will undoubtedly make all of the job much easier, allowing us to find all of the valuables in a much more pleasant and enjoyable manner.

Garrett brand detectors are by far the most well-known in this industry. They have been selling low-cost metal detectors of good quality for many years.

If you are an expert in the detection of precious metals, you are aware of the necessity of having a decent detector, thus we propose that you look at the professional walkthrough metal detector archway gate listed below.

Archway Metal Detector Gate price in Bangladesh can range between BDT 55000-500000 taka. These prices also vary because of the model and its features. Garrett metal detectors are known for their good performance and for being easy to use.

Walk Through Metal Detector Price in Bangladesh:

These types of detectors are already beginning to have a lot of functionality when we talk about metal detection as a hobby, they have a fairly good sensitivity and are durable in the scam.

Many of them already carry wireless audio technologies for example. They also have LCD screens, which makes the handling of the detector much easier. Without forgetting the design that is created to be comforting when we are walking.

There is also a walk-through metal detector price in Bangladesh which can cost around BDT 75000-600000 taka depending on the brand and model. They are used to ensure that no unwarranted metallic object gains access to a specific place.

Why choose GCTL

GCTL provide the best quality products at an affordable price. Here are more reasons why we are the best Archway metal detector supplier in Bangladesh.

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  • Our pricing structure clearly differentiates in the market and provides our clients with a much stronger value proposition including access to fixed costs in relation to professional recruitment.

Best Walk Through Metal Detector Gate Solution Provider in Bangladesh

This Centuries security sector and the ever-stricter regulations relating with Walk Through Metal Detector Security for inspecting people in transit require equipment with the highest operational and functional performance. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited with over 12 years of experience in Importing and Selling Walk Through Metal Detector, Germany Computer and Telecom Limited have Imported a series of devices with superior sensitivity and throughput. With high-sensitivity applications, Our Walk-Through Metal Detector can detect a small metallic item, such as a single metallic blade while still providing optimal immunity to environmental interference. For high flow-rate applications, Germany Computer and Telecom Limited offer Walk Through Metal Detector with extremely high discrimination of personal metal objects to minimize the incidence of nuisance alarms.

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited is Most Popular Company in Bangladesh who known by Importer, Supplier, and Service Provider of Walk-Through Metal Detector. We also offer instalment, standardization and assistance of Walk Through Metal Detector as well as a one-year service guarantee. If you have any questions, or you want to know about our Product Please Contact with us.

Why need a Walk-Through Metal Detector?

In a severe moment When we need to scan lots of people quickly and efficiently for concealed weapons, or other metal objects, Walk-through Metal Detectors provide the perfect solution. Walk Through Metal Detectors are installed at airports, railway stations and other transport hubs, in top hotels, and many other locations which offer a full head-to-toe body scan. Area enabling these functional units to detect metal elements secret area of any portion of the men or women body in a single ignore by. Consisting of two vertical side panels plus a bolt-on head panel, these mains powered metal detectors are simple to assemble. Dismantle making them a appliedoption for static sites and deployment at short term events such as pop concerts or sports events. These versatile units find application wherever large volumes of people need to be security scanned quickly and effectively with minimum fuss

What are Metal Detectors?

Metal detectors are a machine that is designed to be used as a security device. it can do a variety of tasks, such as detecting metal in an airport, detecting metal objects in the home, and even detecting precious metals on the beach or underground. Metal detectors can be used to find valuable objects, such as coins, jewelry and artifacts. A metal detector is a device used to detect the presence of metal nearby. This Article will teach you what metal detectors are, how they work and how to use them. If you are interested in metal detectors, you have come to the right place. Metal detectors are used in the military, law enforcement, and for security. Metal Detector Gate are mainly used by treasure hunters, archaeologists, museum staff and police officers. They can also be used in archaeology to find buried objects. Metal detectors are an essential tool for many industries. Visit our website to learn more about metal detectors. Metal detectors are electronic devices that sound an alarm when metal is detected. They use a variety of electrical and electronic sensors to detect metal. Metal detectors are used to detect metal objects that are hidden in the ground or in walls. A Metal Detector is the instrument that through a series of electromagnetic impulses is capable of detecting metallic objects. In the area of electronic security, it is used to verify and control objects that are entered into a specific space, for example, airports, government buildings, schools, universities, sports venues, etc. These detectors of metals have the ability to detect whether a person carries from one clip to a screwdriver, a knife or a gun. At present, Metal Detectors have become essential elements for efficient and safe access control in the aforementioned facilities, since they present a high degree of reliability and offer different types of discrimination for a more precise and effective tracking.

features and functions:

  • adjustable sensitivity of each detection zone.
  • multi-alarm sounds to choose from.
  • operating frequency can be adjusted manually or automatically.
  • detection technology: even detection technology, no blind spot.
  • Internet technology: remote update system and remote-control system.
  • best sensitivity of Multi detection zone.
  • High security level.
  • statistics: record pass and alarm numbers.
  • Query function: the system has real-time information query function.
  • Smart standby: the system has smart standby operation alerts.
  • detection speed: more than 60 people pass and detect in 1 minute.

advanced function:

  • Smart partition: can change detection zones according to customers' demands for example, convert 6 zones to 12 zones or 18 zones, 33 zones (optional)

Importance of the Archway metal detector gate:

Security has changed, but our devices have not. GCTL Security is a Company that combines the security of metal detectors with the power of AI to protect people around the clock. Our Security device uses body-scanning technology to analyze intricacies of your body shape, size and weight. It then builds a personalized profile for each individual to keep them safe from harm.What if metal detectors could detect more than just weapons? Metal detectors are used to find drugs that are wrapped in foil, and gold or silver. The technology behind metal detectors makes it possible for them to detect these items with the same level of accuracy. Wouldn't you like to know if your precious metals are stolen. Varito Technologies is developing a new kind of detector that can scan any item for plastics, chemicals, metals, and gemstones.

What is the Archway metal detector gate?

Archway Metal Detector Gate fall into one of two general categories. The first style arch door metal detector offers single zone detection. The second style offers multi-zone detection. Basic multizone detectors like the Garrett MT 5500 will identify whether the target is on the left or right side. To understand the difference, I will give a quick example. Let's say an individual walks through the entrance of the detector with a weapon concealed at his ankles. Both the single zone and multi-zone detectors will find the target. The difference between the two is that the multizone detector will be able to identify the location of the target, either on the left or right side of the individual. More advanced multi-zone detectors like the Varito PD 6500 will indicate the specific location, head to toe and left or right. Being able to pinpoint the target location quickly is important for your security personnel to respond quickly. Large crowds require greater capacity. If you are scanning a large number of individuals, a multi-zone metal detector will allow you to process more individuals in less time.

What are the common locations and uses of a walk-through metal detector?

Long ago, metal detectors were usually only seen at airports and correctional facilities. Today, we see walk-through metal detectors in a variety of locations such as police stations, nightclubs, schools, private and public buildings, and for security of corporate work facilities. These are also used in factories, warehouses to avoid losses, nuclear facilities, transport terminals, courthouses, historical sites, sporting events, stadiums and concerts. Also Hand Held Metal Detectors

Needs of the Archway metal detector gate for Security:

Around the world, the use of electronic equipment has had a significant growth, nowadays it is often heard in the media that colleges and universities are becoming unsafe places, there are reports where students enter to shoot their classmates and teachers. For this reason, the incursion of metal detectors in educational entities is being greater, because it allows to control access, review the people who enter these facilities, be they students, teachers or visitors and verify the content of your backpacks or bags, which in most cases could prevent any negative eventuality.

Archway gate price in Bangladesh

While this is a significant investment, don't be swayed by the cost of purchasing your walk-through metal detectors. Your biggest expense will be the annual cost of security personnel to operate the equipment. While you probably already have staff available, you will probably have to raise funds to increase staff. Armed with a good understanding of your organization and the types of metal detectors available, you are now ready to choose the best equipment. We are here to help you resolve your concerns so you can make a better decision. Contact one of our Security Product Specialists to discuss your specific needs. An Archway gate price in Bangladesh can scan very quickly and has a price range of BDT 60,000-550,000. GCTL will Provide you the top Archway gate price list in Bangladesh.