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Top Fire Fighting Accessories Price in Bangladesh

Best Fire Fighting Accessories Price in Bangladesh. December , 2023 Latest Price
Lock Cutter Call for Price
Fire Safety Gumboots Call for Price
Fire Aluminized Proximity Suit Call for Price
Water Gel blanket 5FT X 8 FT Call for Price
Fire Safety Helmets Call for Price
Fire Bucket and stand Call for Price
Emergency stretchers Call for Price
Ear muffs Call for Price
Industrial Hand Gloves Call for Price

Fire Fighting Accessories:

Firefighting is an exceptionally dangerous line of work, which is why safety is a priority when working in this industry. With our products, you can help protect those who regularly risk their lives to fight fires. Our fire protection clothing and accessories include everything you need: from complete protective equipment for fire brigades, to other accessories such as head protection such as helmets, heat shields, helmets and fire hoods.

GCTL is uniquely positioned as a leader in all aspects of the fire protection industry by providing innovative fire protection products and system solutions for the challenges faced by engineers, contractors, property managers and firefighters alike. GCTL is known for designing and manufacturing innovative fire protection products that power the industry, get people to work faster, ensure reliability, and are built to last. Every commercial, infrastructure and industrial application benefits from protecting people and property with best solutions.


In the set of fire hydrants, the hoses are protected by a metal cabinet with a glass or sheet front in which the following elements are housed:

  • Nozzle or lance with shut-off valve: Allows water to exit in spray or jet form.
  • Hose: to direct the water towards the fire.
  • Fitting: for joining hoses, valves and nozzles.
  • Manometer: to measure the pressure between 0 and the maximum that the network reaches.
  • Reel: to keep the hose coiled.

Fire extinguishers, accessories for fire protection and signaling

We have the distribution for your installation of all equipment in fire extinguishers, accessories for this sector. As well as any signaling of the Fire Protection, emergencies and obligation. For the maintenance of this equipment, we have a specialized department for the Technical Assistance Service in maintenance and repair tasks with our own personnel, in compliance with law.

Better with GCTL: GCTL:

offers facilities, maintenance and services in the different sectors that are developed in our activity, such as those specifically for protection against theft and fires.

Commitment :

Satisfy the needs of our clients in terms of Security against Theft and Fire, being at the forefront in Products,

Maintenance :

GCTL has more than 10 years of experience, we have maintenance service so that you never have problems with what concerns you, safety and reliability

Quality :

We have bet on technological development, investing in leading brands and products in the security market, as well as a constant investment in Information and Communication Technologies

Values :

Service and Protection. Personalized advice, closeness to the client. Future vision. Teamwork. Commitment to results. Responsibility Trust. Integrity.

How much Fire Fighting Accessories price in Bangladesh?

Fire Fighting Accessories price in Bangladesh ranged from BDT 850,00.00 to 750,000.00. The price variation depends on specification, quality and Brand.

Who is the best supplier, Importer and installer for Fire Fighting Accessories in Bangladesh?

Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd is the best supplier, Importer and installer for Fire Fighting Accessories, Fire Fighting Solution in Bangladesh with many years of experience.