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Interactive Whiteboard in Bangladesh: আরো বিস্তারিত জানতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন:

With Interactive whiteboard can be connected with a computer to communicate and share any type of information. Which information on a computer can be projected onto the product by receiving of a projector. With the support of a special application program, our 85” inch interactive panel can create a large-screen interactive collaborative meeting, Conference, Presentation or teaching-Any type of learning and Presentation environment. We have many variation interactive whiteboard that used with a special pen instead of a mouse and other objects. This smart interactive board can apply any application program from many Supported Devices. Interactive whiteboard features ultra-strong scalability and maintainability from many sides. In addition, our product provides different functions such as size, type, facilities, easy usability, and best quality in Bangladesh.

Interactive Whiteboards for Business

Working Smarter, Faster, and More Efficiently with fingertip

Now Days digital workplace requires faster, more efficient communication. GCTL Encourage real-time collaboration at your office with digital whiteboard Devices. Please Connect your laptop Devices or mobile device to use your preferred apps with this Windows-based controller. Fully Reduce travel expenses and increase efficiency by connecting devices simultaneously in multiple locations.

Whiteboard Benefits in the office:

  • Encourages real-time collaboration in the boardroom or offices.
  • Touch-screen IWB Or All in one flat panel.
  • Quickly write, draw, edit, move, and save information instantly with one click.
  • Rotate objects, zoom in or out, and erase with a natural fingertip gesture.
  • Windows / Android Based Controller Devices.
  • Use Given apps to connect the whiteboard to a Selected computer.
  • Instant communication and idea-sharing with video-conferencing or connecting to devices.
  • Real-time, Multi-way collaboration Options.
  • Available in a Multi sizes and resolutions to meet any organization’s Choices.

 Which Interactive Whiteboard is Right for You?

Choose the perfect display option for your office or classroom and ensure everyone on your team has a place at the table, regardless of where they are located. GCTL’s state-of-the-art computers, projectors, and screens connect with your team’s computers. Your team’s ideas can flow seamlessly any time. So, which interactive whiteboard is right for you? Varito Interactive whiteboards come in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Devices are available in 83″, 86″, 96″and 106″. Also, 4K All in one Panel is available in 65″, 76″, and 86″. Whatever your needs, GCTL have a perfect device for you as your Demand. There are two basic types of interactive display Solutions, and GCTL offers a variety of each type:

 Projector + Whiteboard Type

  • Video or Images displayed with a projector above the Whiteboard.
  • Interactivity + touch sensor technology built-in into the Whiteboard.
  • With Finger Draw on a blank screen or write on images or documents with the touch of your fingertip.
  • Prevalent in classrooms, boardrooms, and offices
  • Cost-effective Solutions.
  • Image / Display quality is projector-dependent

 Flat Panel Display All in One

  • Images are displayed on a screen from internal sources- no need for a projector!
  • High-definition 4K resolution results in superior image / Video quality Functions.
  • With Finger Draw on a blank screen or write on images, Video and document Files.
  • Share and Connect to a network or camera for remote collaboration and video conferencing Facility

No lag time between pen/finger Touch movement and appearance on the screen. Save, send, and store images in JPEG, PDF, PPT, BMP, TIF, or HTML format for later distribution or USE. Interactive whiteboards can also complement other visual communication products, including the Video Conference System, for remote, real-time collaboration.

Touch Smart Interactive Whiteboard Solutions:

Our Smart Digital Whiteboard is a very simple to use tool for teachers and trainers to deliver dynamic and interactive lessons in classrooms at School and Universities. GCTL’s smart interactive whiteboard is loaded with unique smart latest features which help in delivering the lessons and learning Visible content to the target audience in the most effective and interactive manner.

Why our Smart Boards are different?

  • We Provide smart interactive whiteboards in Bangladesh.
  • High-performance, Infrared and DVT Optical finger-touch sensors.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Trained Expert staff for teachers training & excellent after sales support across Bangladesh.

Product Overview

  • German Origin smart interactive whiteboards Products.
  • Multi Finger-touch sensors with less than 0.8 milliseconds touch response time.
  • Accurate High luminance nanotechnology with 0.1mm touch accuracy on IWB smart board surfaces.
  • Chalk-Duster free and environment-friendly interactive classrooms at affordable Cost.
  • Made of coated metallic frame with ceramic/ non-ceramic interactive writing surface Material.
  • Record the content written on board and create revision lessons for students.
  • Smart in-built features such as smart shapes, smart drawing, smart handwriting recognition.
  • Professional drawing features such as maps, geometry diagrams.
  • In-built e-learning content library images, mapped to different subjects.
Digital Interactive Whiteboard Main Window

Available Boards & Classroom Suggested Sizes:

  • 86" diagonal- useful for 50 students’ classroom.
  • 96" diagonal - useful for 75 students’ classroom.
  • 106" diagonal - useful for 100 students’ classroom.

Touch Screen Digital Interactive Whiteboard in Bangladesh

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Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in Presentation:

1. interactive whiteboard Makes Easier for the Structure Lessons or Content.

2. Makes the Learning Process More Fun with interactive whiteboards for business and Office Presentations.

3. Increases the Level of Engagement between Teachers and Students Touch screen interactive whiteboard in Bangladesh.

4. Makes Review or Revision of Lessons More Convenient Digital Interactive Whiteboard.

5. Allows Students with Various Disabilities to Learn Better.

6. Brings Convenience and Flexibility in Learning.

7. Saves on Teaching, And Presentation Costs.

8. No need pre made content, interactive whiteboards on education standards.

9. Easy Edit, Save, Share, insert, remove, update or grouping Facility.

10. infrared (IR touch) whiteboard Long Lasting Product.