Varito 83 inch Interactive Whiteboard for Smart Classroom


Interactive whiteboard Main Features: 

  • Aluminum alloy frame.
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel.
  • Varito IWB Infrared technology, no radiation.
  • It Have Finger or any other opaque objects.
  • With it can touch, write, control on this IWB.
  • ABS board corner and anti-reflective nano surface.
  • Finger gesture recognition, making conference, education, training simpler.
  • Multi-touch, touch points can be 2, 4, 6,10 or 20.
  • High precision and anti-interference come invincible user-experience.

Buy Interactive Whiteboard Today to Enhance Learning

Using IWB (Interactive Whiteboards) within your lessons is an excellent way of adding a more profound dimension At Students' learning, Process while increasing retention levels together. Interactive SMART White Boards are used in synchronism with projectors and laptops, enabling teachers and pupils to interact with lesson content physically. GCTL sell individual boards, models with added audio capabilities, and even bundles, including the projector giving you everything you need to plug into your laptop or PC and get going.

GCTL is a leading supplier of Interactive Whiteboards to schools and colleges within the Whole Bangladesh, and due to this GCTL provides a vast range of Interactive WhiteBoards from industry leading brands including: Varito and SMART Technologies. We also offer a range of interactive Touch Panel whiteboards, and a selection of whiteboard accessories. 

Interactive Whiteboards at Competitively Attractive Prices from GCTL

At GCTL Provide state of the art teaching implements needn't be expensive, and as a result our range of competitively priced Interactive Whiteboard Product provides models to match all requirements and most importantly all budgets for any industries. For Any information about our range of Interactive Whiteboards, or to enquire about any of the products in our expansive range, you can contact a member of our expert team on: 01847213868. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at: GCTL are an accredited reseller and the main supplier of SMART Board interactive technology products throughout the Bangladesh. GCTL Have fully trained Engineer Team to help you transform the way you work and exaggerate your working environment with the right Smart Touch technology to save you time and money from anywhere in Bangladesh.Our systems are feature packed with powerful tools and their simplicity make them easy to use.GCTL simply the best place to buy your SMART Interactive Whiteboards solutions. 

Digital Interactive Whiteboard Main Window

Why Choose GCTL for interactive whiteboard in Bangladesh?

GCTL is the leading interactive whiteboard supplier to educational institutes, government & private organizations and traders across Bangladesh. Our forte in education industry allows us to offer innovative digital solutions to completely transform classroom experience. The technology driven user-friendly smart boards are unique combination of traditional and conventional teaching tools offering freedom to teachers to explore World in the class while writing on the dust free surface.

Interactive Whiteboard

Our Interactive white board is yet another revolutionary product for the business, industrial and educational worlds. It offers high quality, smooth handwriting and a high-resolution display, and enables instant remote document sharing via a printer or the cloud. It supports discussion, saving and emailing of documents and conduct of remote interactive meetings in real time. This remarkable innovation will make your business meetings, teleconferences, collaborative presentations and classroom training sessions so much more productive and cost efficient.

Available Interactive Whiteboard & Classroom Suggested Sizes:

  • 86" diagonal- useful for 50 students’ classroom.
  • 96" diagonal - useful for 75 students’ classroom.
  • 106" diagonal - useful for 100 students’ classroom.

N.B: Bigger sizes are also available as per customer requirements

Finger-Touch Sensor Interactive Whiteboard Options

  • Infra-red touch sensor
  • DVT Optical touch sensor
  • Smart Interactive Whiteboard
  • Digital Podium
  • Interactive LED Touch Display
  • Audio Podium
  • Interactive Teaching Pad
  • Visualizer / Document Camera
  • Smart Class Cabinet
  • OMR Scanner

Digital Interactive Whiteboard USE


Touch Size


Touch Activation Force

No pressure required

Luminous Transmission

>92%(100% with no glass)

Touch Resolution

Without Driver:32768*32768

Touch Response Time(Multi touch)


Touch Response Time(One touch)


Minimum Recognition Point Size


Touch Object Size Recognition






Electrical Specification:

Refresh Rate



USB 2.0 Full Speed

Power Supply Mode

USB cable

Working Voltage

DC 5.0V±5%

Average Current


Power Consumptions

≤ 1.0W

LED Lifetime



Able to work if less than 10% non-consecutive sensors are damaged

Environmental Specification:


Up to 90% RH from 0°C to +40°C, non-condensing

Temperature Range

Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃


EN 6100-4-2 2008:3 level.4KV contact discharge and

8KV air discharge

Anti-light Interference


Software Specification:

Firmware Upgrade

USB Upgrade: Windows 8, Windows 7

Support OS(Multi touch)

Windows10, Windows8, Windows7, Android

Support OS (One touch)

Windows XP, MacOS.

Product Appearance:

Product size(mm)

Touching size(mm)

Projection size(mm)

Package size(mm)












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