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Best CC Camera in Bangladesh:

CC Camera refers to the Close Circuit Camera secretly captures video acting as a guard of our valuable assets. Nowadays, in the question of the security system, CC Camera is getting much popularity. All the government as well as non-government organizations are becoming dependent on CC Camera to ensure security and surveillance systems.Many countries now engage public video surveillance as a primary step in monitoring population movements and in preventing crime and terrorism, both in the private and public sectors.To fight crime and prevent terrorism in many countries councils, law enforcement and security management professionals are highly relying on CC Camera and surveillance system. As a developing country Bangladesh is also improving technologically. With the technological advancement Bangladesh is also seen in using CC camera widely in government organizations as well privately operated business And Home. 

CC Camera Price and Budget Management:

In a recent study, it is seen that Bangladesh has achieved vast success in preventing all types of crimes. In controlling crimes CC cameras have great contributions so in the context of security it is an essential tool of modern life. Depending on your budget and demand there are different types of CC camera available. The prices of CC cameras in BD vary from brand to brand according to their configuration and resolution they offer. Each brand will offer you unique features within your affordability. Now, it depends on your budget and demand which one you will purchase. GCTL Access Control and Security System, a globally established and world-famous security services provider, offers you the unique CCTV camera, IP camera, Dome camera and Dahua Camera. All the cameras sold by GCTL Security System contains the best modern features in reasonable prices. The prices of those cameras differ from 600.00 BDT. up to 11,000.00 BDT Also with Best Price Match Policy in Bangladesh. This Price Match Policy we have for every Corporate Client and Resellers. For ensuring a safer and better society the importance of today’s CCTV cameras is highly remarkable. Especially the banking sector and other valuable finance sectors highly rely on CC TV camera for their safety and fair transaction activities.  

What type of CC camera is suitable?

If you are looking for the safety and security of your business center or home you need CC Camera which will as a sleepless guard. The modern world is emphasizing more on privacy and protection and in this regard the role of CC TV camera beggared description. Depending on your budget our offer can satisfy you providing the quality CC TV camera. Now, let’s have a look on the list of the IP Cameras are ready for you given below:

  • IP Camera.
  • Dome Camera.
  • IP Bullet Camera.
  • Wi-Fi IP Camera.
  • IP PTZ Camera.
  • IP Cameras with PoE.
  • Fisheye Panoramic IP Camera.

IP CC Camera:

Basically, by IP Camera we understand Internet Protocol Camera which performs data transmission through internet. For the operating system IP Camera needs a Local Area Network. Only through internet connection IP Camera can be accessed.  All the top-notch IP Cameras you can find here within your budget and demand. 

Dome CC Camera:

Dome Cameras are being used for multi-purpose. In detecting criminal Dome Cameras are highly recommended for the buyers. Due to having a peculiar shape and angle sometimes the criminals face at a loss what to because they won’t understand the camera’s position. As Dome Camera works very smartly in deterring criminals it is used in both external and internal use. 

IP Bullet CC Camera:

Bullet Cameras are especially used in outdoor having a longer and cylindrical shape. The characteristic of Bullet Camera is that it can capture videos and images from a long distance. Contained in protective cases, Bullet cameras remain free from dust and other unwanted substance. For high-end resolution and excellent night-vision facilities Bullet Cameras are also getting popularity. 

WIFI IP CC Camera:

Wi-Fi IP Camera, basically refers to the CC cameras that are operated through wireless. Day by day Wi-Fi Cameras are also becoming popular. We sell and provide the best Wi-Fi CC Cameras in Bangladesh. 

PTZ CC Cameras:

PTZ CC Camera is actually a sophisticated CC Camera containing some top-notch features: Panning, Tilting and Zooming. These characteristics let the camera move right and left (panning), down and up (tilting) and incredibly let the lens to be zoomed up to expected distance far or nearer.  

PTZ CC camera Facilities:

200m IR night vision, X36 optical zoom, High-quality image resolution, Besides, we offer the best Hikvision, Dahua CC Camera based on your affordable capacity and Price. Hikvision and Dahua CC Camera is at present the best CCTV surveillance people depend on we Sales it in whole Bangladesh. 

Professional-Grade CC Camera:

GCTL CCTV Security offers a wide selection of HD CCTV cameras that provide unbeatable performance and quality at an affordable price. Our business security cameras provide remarkable clarity both day and night. Whether you want to install to our latest high-Quality surveillance cameras, switch from your old analog CCTV security cameras, or add new HD cc cameras to your existing CCTV surveillance system, we have the most cost-effective commercial security cameras and systems to meet your business or property Security monitoring needs. As one of the most established Importer of superior CC cameras and systems in Bangladesh, we Own great pride in offering complete CCTV surveillance systems, installed by top-quality components to ensure superior performance, reliability, and durability under any conditions. Our CCTV cameras come with Best technical support to ensure easy installation and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee in Bangladesh.Whether you’re looking for a single CCTV security camera for your storefront or want to buy a multi-channel CCTV camera system for your organization or business franchises, we have the right commercial security cameras and systems to meet your needs. Our dedicated and friendly support team is here to help you select the best options and answer your questions. Connect with us at +8801847213868 or order online today. GCTL Sales Best CC Cameras With modern CC Camera Technology and latest models in whole Bangladesh.

How to watch CC camera video And Control with Smartphone?

Control CC Camera with Smartphone; Smartphone is a control box to the world. Nowadays; we can control the world with our Smartphone. Today here I am going to Explain you a complete guideline how to control CC Camera with Smartphone. We just use CC camera on my shop security and control the CC camera from anywhere. The mobile technology provides us the future of control the CC came from anywhere anytime. When I live at home with my family at a time if I want I can monitor my shop and another work place with my Smartphone. Any android user who like to monitor their workplace, home, and others everything via Smartphone devices. Here I going to provide you a step by step guideline for making your Smartphone like as a monitor for your CC camera. If you follow my step by step guideline then you also can use your  Smartphone like as security control box. First of all; set up your CC Camera on the suitable place where you want to monitor from anywhere. After complete the installation now you should install broadband internet connection on the DVR. DVR is a system of digital video recorder. Anyone can record video with the DVR. If you install 2TB HDD then you can record more than 3 months video on the HDD. So I recommended you to install Required HDD on your DVR, NVR.Go Google play store and download the apps on your Smartphone. You will get a complete guideline on your DVR/NVR box. What kind of apps you should use for monitoring your security place via Smartphone. Download and install the apps on your smartphone. Go to the menu and tap on the icon of the app. The app won’t conform security code that you are able to find on the DVR/NVR box. Put the code on the Smartphone screen and press okay. That is enough work is done now you are online and you can monitor your suitable place where you place the CC camera.This is a really amazing idea for a Smartphone user who like to monitor their workplace from anywhere. If you want you can install the total setup with low cost. For 2 – 4 Cameras you need to expense only Aprox 30,000 BDT. The money will give you the total security of your business, home, and others.

CC Camera System in Bangladesh:

Turn on the switch to the advanced developments in CC Camera monitoring and discover the power of 360, HD cc camera systems with up to 4K resolution Output Facility. Advanced Latest technology makes CC Camera more versatile and more affordable than ever before, with Our sketched systems to assist you with a great deal of collections. You can measure on our experience in all levels of CC camera placement. We’ll render you the most effective advice from the experts and evaluation to recognize your specifications, both now and in the future technology, and design a Smart system that delivers everything you need, including:

  • Up to 12 Mega-pixel HD resolution CC Cameras, Ultra HD+ Technology.
  • Stand-alone National CC Camera systems with smartphone monitoring Facility.
  • 24 hours externally monitored systems with Selected response.
  • If you want integrated industrial coverage at one place you can depend on our CC cameras.
  • We supply special cameras enriched with infra-red, digital fish eye and auto tracking camera systems for top-notch security and access control systems.
  • Wired and wireless placement for unassuming security or a more obvious process for added deterrence.
  • Cell phone activity – you can screen your framework through a devoted application remaining in charge of your protection irrespective of where you are.
  • Remote checking – pick proficient observing for every minute of every day security.
  • Completely incorporated – your security can be connected to your CC Camera Control and recognition to make a coordinated office the board framework.
  • Full repairs and maintenance – we’ll keep your system in shape to meet the terms of your cover and ensure your continued protection

Bringing the latest CC Camera systems to events:

If you need to monitor your event site from any device you can deploy our latest generation full-HD IP wired and wireless cameras. In case of, off site you can also place safety credentials according to your niches.

Digital Recording and Operating:

For instant replay Digital recording is used, steady image export and archive room. Administrators utilizing a computerized order suite can pick which cameras are shown on which screens and at which size. Recording happens on a unified server and on the actual cameras should the organization interface fizzle. Portable chiefs might see cameras from a tablet PC interface.

Static CC Cameras:

High detail full-HD and 4K static cameras for indoor or open-air areas with infra-red. Cameras are ordinarily used to screen participant developments, vehicle entrance focuses catching drivers and number plates or anyplace a decent view is required.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras:

Hikvision high speed Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras are the backbone of CCTV deployments supplies industry driving full-HD cameras which are intended for steady use with basically 20x optical zoom, infra-red help and extremely low light ability. Every camera can be set to naturally 'visit' dependent on a pre-set daily schedule or constrained by administrators in the control room.

Panoramic Cameras:

The advances in camera innovation currently work with all-encompassing plans were 180, 270 or even 360-degree perspectives can be produced from one camera. All-encompassing cameras give a capacity to dish and zoom on playback which is preposterous on a customary PTZ.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR):

Transitory frameworks which permit occasions to record those that pass through explicit focuses nearby recording number plate, season of passage and different information focuses as required. The framework can be conveyed as 'independent' for locales which have long form times or far off section entryways or 'associated' connecting the information to security benefits on or off site.

Thermal Detection CC Cameras:

Cameras which permit you to see those that are incorporating your event

Best CC Camera Installation Service in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh we have a great reputation in supplying and installing the best CCTV cameras. Please call us free on +8801847213868-9

The features of CC Camera installation are given below:

  • Highly skilled and expert team for installing.
  • Distant Support on digital platform & virtually.
  • Where potential external tidy wiring and camera installment Need.
  • Full training and assist in applying your new process.

Why Call us for your new CC Camera System?

  • Nationwide CCTV Installation Service.
  • Pragmatic Local Installers.
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers.
  • Instant service facilities in Whole Bangladesh.
  • Full HD Recording.
  • 12 Months Warranty.

Nationwide CCTV Camera Installation Service:

60% of businesses in the Bangladesh are affected by crime each year plus hundreds of thousands of burglaries, and this costs a staggering with a tremendous 10% of business lost as a result of crime. CCTV is an extremely integral asset in the battle against wrongdoing. In addition to the fact that CCTV provides an incredible visual impediment – film can be utilized to give proof against hostile to social conduct, robbery, defacing and theft – saving you thousands over the long haul. Compelling, very much executed and appropriately kept up with Access Control and CCTV frameworks assist organizations with keeping up with wellbeing and security of workers, guests and friends’ resources.

  • CCTV assists to identify vandals and thieves.
  • View distant locations, including multiple locations at once.
  • Safely monitor premises from a control room.
  • Render CCTV proof to law-enforcing agencies to protect a prosecution.

CC Camera Types:

Our broad CCTV establishment industry experience combined with a long history of IP, systems administration and IT abilities engages us to convey secure and financially savvy CCTV arrangements. Client arrangements range from straightforward four camera frameworks to completely coordinated multi-site arrangements with many cameras. We would now be able to incorporate thermographic screening stations into new or existing CCTV frameworks to help your business stay COVID-secure.

IP CC Camera:

IP CC Camera with PoE cameras is an incredible decision as either an independent arrangement or completely incorporated into a current IP organization. Get some information about furnishing devoted CCTV switches or working with your IT group to carry out CCTV over a committed VLAN.

Full HD Analogue CC Camera:

With cutting edge highlights like night vision, movement location and full Android/Apple portable reconciliation, simple is as yet a well-known decision for independent ventures, client on a limited spending plan and the homegrown market.

VMS and Software:

Any CCTV arrangement is just pretty much as great as the video you can get from it. We offer a scope of programming, portable applications and video the executives’ frameworks to guarantee that when you wanted to see your CCTV it is fast and simple to see.

CC Camera for Secondary Schools:

An optional school was encountering an expanded degree of harm to their property. Their notable CCTV framework was not giving satisfactory inclusion of weak regions or adequate goal pictures to recognize understudies. An invigorate and extension of the framework with extra signage distinguished culprits and significantly diminished the defacement. Modern Assembling, designing and modern premises can be moving conditions to oversee.

Smart CC Camera for businesses Area:

An ever-increasing number of organizations are introducing shrewd CCTV to ensure their workplaces, representatives and property. IP CCTV and Access Control arrangements incorporate essentially into existing LAN and IT framework holding down costs and boosting benefits from existing speculation.