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Wi-Fi CCTV Cameras in Bangladesh:

Complete your security system with a Wi-Fi camera. Your Choice either a wired or wireless IP camera that connects to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing you to monitor security footage remotely from any Area. See and access footage via our smartphone app or store footage with a Digital Video recorder DVR or Network Video recorder Device. Whether you choose a stand-alone Wi-Fi CCTV camera or a complete wireless security system with the package or Customized Choice, you will get the Full comfort of knowing your property is protected at far Distance. All of Our IP Security cameras include One Year warranty and GCTL's support Facility.

Wireless IP Cameras Bangladesh

Wireless IP cameras from CCTV Germany Computer and Telecom Limited Gives the independence to Setup at any location where Have power is available without running a video cable wire while maintaining the high standard that wired security cameras to offer in Bangladesh. These Wi-Fi cameras require power to be provided using a wall power adapter, and video is transmitted wirelessly with the internet. Wi-Fi IP Cameras are the best wireless security cameras available in the security industry in Bangladesh. The Notable advantages of using IP based wireless cameras is signal penetration through obstructions, signal encryption, and resistance to interference from other devices. Wi-Fi HD wireless IP cameras give you ultimate security in the simplest way by connecting to your Office, home, or Any network and allowing you to view and control remotely using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, Laptop Devices. You will get several recording Facilities, with continuous recording Options best scheduled or motion-activated recording to computer / NVR or straight to a microSD card. Most of Indoor wireless cameras also feature a built-in microphone, two-way bi-directional audio System, and Pan Tilt Zoom Facility. If you don't have enough time to constantly monitoring your security system, GCTL's Wi-Fi IP camera can send you to push notifications and email alerts straight to your smartphone or tablet.

Intelligent alarm system Wireless IP Camera: When detectors are triggered, it will send a signal to the Camera. The Camera will send an alarm signal to your phone. You can view monitoring information for the first time. The camera can work with following Alarm Sensors. Get intelligent security alerts No time to watch lengthy security Recorded footage. Our camera APP sends instant activity alerts to your Smart Phone with motion detection technology anywhere. Best Enhanced Night Vision Facility Stays Awake While You Sleep at Night. Not Just Another Home Camera. Baby Monitor Options Allowing Parents to Check Their Baby Anytime from Their Smartphone Phone. The Features A Non-Invasive Infrared Sensor to Ensure Clear and High-Definition Video Day and Night.

EASY TO INSTALL Wi-Fi CCTV Cameras: Connect the included power adapter to the IP camera and download the free multilingual Smart Home app on your tablet or smartphone. Go to your Wi-Fi settings on your tablet, Smart phone to connect to the network of the Wi-Fi IP camera, and your IP camera will work immediately. Then attach the IP camera to the desired location with the aid of the supplied holder Kit.

Automatically switch lens Indoor or Outdoor: Built-in IR-CUT core module technology, better surveillance effect, no Extra color cast, and no image distortion there. Enhance color purity of the day and night vision time effect moment 355°Horizontal & 120°Vertical Rotation Range Create A Complete 360° Coverage Features 90° Wide-Angle Professional Grade Lens and Bidirectional Rotation Range.Z05 720P IP Camera Records and Captures Complete Panoramic Scenes in HD with Really Empty Blind spots. 

Keep Eye Your home on your phone: 24 hours a day,7 days a week Keep Eye Your home on your phone from Anywhere. Keep your Camera anywhere in your home and monitor activity at your fingertips anytime. Double-way audio and excellent image quality allow you to connect with your family remotely.

Wireless WIFI CCTV Camera Key features:

✓ Wireless WIFI IR Cut IP System.

✓ Camera with Alarm.

✓ Work with WIFI And GSM SMS Alarm System.

✓ Work with Wi-Fi alarm system W18 W20 W2 W1.

✓ (HD)High-definition image quality with night vision Facility.

✓ See live and recorded video on your smartphone, tablet, Computer and Laptop.

✓ Work anywhere in your home, Office connects to your WIFI network.

✓ Wide angle lens for an optimal viewing.

✓ Multilingual user-friendly App available for iOS and Android Devices.

✓ Simple installation by following the Simple steps.

✓ Get notifications on your smartphone, Computer, tablet when the Camera detects Any movement.

✓ Built-in speaker: talk to people via the Wi-Fi Camera.

✓ Fit with mounting holes for easy placement on wall.

✓ Micro SD card Inserting Facility.

Wi-Fi IP camera with night vision Facility: Via Wi-Fi IP camera you are always aware of what is happening in your home, garden or business at (holiday). You can easily keep an eye on your (Old grand) parents, your children who are playing or if your pet is alone at home. With the WIFI IP camera you can even set the sensitivity of the motion detection. Simply select the desired level or turn off the motion detection. When the IP camera detects motion, you will be notified on your smartphone or tablet Devices. View the camera images easily on your smartphone or tablet. The camera images can be saved on a micro-SD card in the Wi-Fi IP camera the Camera can record continuously on the SD card or only when motion is detected.

Built-in speaker Function: The Wi-Fi IP camera also features a built-in speaker, allowing you to communicate through the Camera. Warn an unwanted visitor or simply reassure your child when it is upset.