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Metal Detector Gate in Bangladesh:

Every day, metal objects are dropped or lost after being buried in the ground. A Metal detector can be used to find those objects without the need for tons of digging. These devices can be used to find jewelry, coins, and any other item that may contain metal.

How do metal detectors work?

A metal detector uses a battery to create a penetrating magnetic field, which enters the ground below the search coil. Any metallic object on the ground is charged by the magnetic field. The coil then detects the magnetized object and sends a signal to the control box, which alerts the user that an object has been detected. Depending on the type and sensitivity of the device, you may be able to pick up signals from the object up to 12 inches below the surface. Some devices can even work at deeper levels.

What components make up a metal detector?

Metal detectors are generally made up of four parts that work together to help find coins or jewelry that could be buried in the ground. The four components include:

  • Search Coil: This component detects metal objects that may be present on the ground directly below it.
  • Control Box: This component contains all the controls, circuitry, a microprocessor, and the battery necessary to run the device.
  • Rod: This long pole connects the coil to the control box. Some models are adjustable for your comfort.
  • Stabilizer: This piece supports the arm so you can sweep the coil back and forth while staying stable.

What to consider when looking for Metal detectors?

When looking for a Metal detector that suits your needs, you should consider:

  • Objects of Interest: Many devices are considered "multipurpose," allowing you to search for objects that can be made from a variety of different materials. This means that you can find anything from coins and jewelry to other relics that are made of metal. However, some devices are capable of finding signals from buried objects more deeply than others. Also, those looking for gold may need a device with smaller coils or that operates at a higher frequency.
  • Detection areas: Portable devices can be used almost anywhere, such as parks, beaches, and streets. Some devices can even be used in water, although you will have to make sure that the device was designed for use in fresh or salt water.
  • Experience: Most detection devices are designed to be used by beginners. Many have automatic tuning that cancels interference so you can enjoy searching.
  • Time: Some devices are designed for heavy use, while others are not. If you are going to spend a lot of your free time searching for buried objects, you may want a machine that is sturdier. If you only plan to do this part-time as a fun activity, you may not need a machine built to withstand bumps and drops.

General characteristics of a metal detector:

The operation of metal detectors consists of emitting an electromagnetic field from the coil to the ground. Any metallic object within its radius is charged with energy and emits its own electromagnetic field. When this happens, the detector coil senses it and sends a signal to inform the user. There are some models with various settings that allow you to differentiate between objects that may have some value and unwanted ones. The latter are for example nails or bottle caps. As for the parts that make it up, these are the battery, which is the power source; the control box, which is where the electronic circuits are located, and the platter, or where the exchange of electromagnetic fields occurs.

Advantages of having a metal detector:

The benefits of having a metal detector are that they allow us to identify objects that may have some kind of value and that are not within our reach. However, as we have indicated, these artifacts are used mainly for security reasons, as well as for the detection of mines or to find objects of archaeological value. It must also be taken into account that extracting objects from a land is considered in some areas of the national territory as an attack against heritage. Therefore, before using one it is advisable to inquire about the limitations for its use.

Handheld Metal Detector Supplier Company in Bangladesh

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited – (GCTL)  is Importer , Supplier , Wholesaler and  Reseller all of Handheld Metal Detector Anybody can purchase  for personal use, family use, small business, large venue, Government operations, or a significant transit area for Security issue in Bangladesh. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited is the most popular source to provide service on Security Handheld Metal Detector devices. With 15 years of experience, Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd -GCTL is a leading supplier and Service provider of Handheld Metal Detector for government agencies, event security, Factory, Banks, Schools, Hospital and many other verticals. We have the most modern technology types of Handheld Metal Detector. Which effortlessly detect such as arms, knives, key or mini metallic device? This Handheld Metal Detector uses a harmless magnetic field to locate metals and the best choice for safety professionals worldwide. Our Handheld metal detector ensures maximum sensitivity scan for a high-security application is backed by quality and engineering expertise touch.

Types of Security Hand Held Metal Detectors:

There are mainly two types of security detectors used in public:
1. Hand Held Metal Detectors
2.  Walk-through Metal detectors Gate.

Required Products for Hand Held Metal Detectors:

Mainly Handheld metal detector is plug and play for use . Only required Battery and Charger. Places where we install Hand Held Metal Detector:  Now a days Security is a concern for everyone. GCTL intends to ensure your safety in all areas of life- your office, households, industry, educational institutions, religious establishments, market places, or even in leisure places to make you feel comfortable and thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. We supply Security Hand Held Metal Detectors  where large crowds are going to gather, such as airports, ,sports stadiums office, industry, Factory, Construction site, restaurant, school, college, Banks, home, and apartment in all over Bangladesh .

Benefits of Hand Held Metal Detector:

Peace of mind and safety can be insured at airport, college, office building, or any other area where metal detectors are being used. People that are using them can control who enters a specific area and what products bring inside it. With the help of a hand held detector, security personnel can physically detect if a person is carrying a dangerous metallic object that can be threatens for alert the security personnel of dangerous objects such as knives or weapons. How metal detectors work is quite simple – they use the principles of electromagnetic induction to detect metallic objects. The detection of a dangerous object is notified with an alarm. Security Hand Held metal detector are more affordable and are able to still able to identify metallic objects that are considered to be potentially dangerous. Metal detectors are able to deter potential would-be criminals because the would-be criminal will think twice before walking through a security check point.

Brands of Metal Detector:

 Our diverse professionals will help you to extend your support and installation for all the manufacturers of security Hand Held metal detector. Some of the notable vendors that we have the proficiency in installing equipment from include

  • Garrett
  • Varito
  • CIEA
  • Super Scanner

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