Time attendance Management software

Simple Yet Powerful Employee Time and Attendance Software

EasyClocking time and attendance software provides you with solutions that empower you to make real time decisions, resulting in easily converted and organized data.

Better Time Tracking

EasyClocking’s browser based time and attendance software features a powerful and easy to use interface, giving you instant real time insight to effectively manage your company’s data virtually anywhere.

This dramatically reduces the number of hours required to process and calculate total worked hours, including overtime, vacation, sick days, and holidays.

Control Labor Costs

EasyClocking’s time and attendance solution helps you eliminate calculation errors by accurately calculating hourly totals and automatically applying overtime policies accordingly.

This helps you stay compliant with labor laws and save thousands or more dollars per year.

Eliminate Time Theft

Our biometric time clocks help you eliminate time theft by applying rounding rules and restricting schedules.

As well as eliminating buddy punching, helping you save hundreds if not thousands per employee in the long run.

Powerful Analytics

Easily convert data into actionable, valuable information with EasyClocking reporting solutions.

Gain instant access to reporting, query, and analysis tools that enable your organization to proactively manage business needs, instead of just reacting to them.

Unrivaled Customer Support

Even with the most innovative tools at your disposal, you need a team of experts behind them.

That’s why we provide unrivaled customer support that moves way beyond standard troubleshooting.

About Softworks Time Attendance Software

Sofworks Time and Attendance Software is one of the most powerful tools available for recording and analysing employee time and attendance. Our software allows you to build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports on hours worked, absences, overtime, flexi-balances, employee schedules and leave of all types. Scalable and completely configurable, it automates all of your organisation’s pay rules and ensures you are fully compliant with legislation.

Powerful reporting

Softworks Time and Attendance Software goes beyond mere time and attendance recording. It captures 100% of an organisation’s rules and work practices as well as providing in-depth analysis of attendance trends, overtime, absence etc., with full graphical reporting capabilities. The system stores core employee personnel details for data tracking and review/reporting purposes.

Integration with other solutions

Softworks Time and Attendance Software integrates with several leading 3rd Party applications including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Ceridian, Workday, ADP, Ultimate, NGA and many more. We provide a simple upgrade path by importing your existing historical employee data and our solution is available on-premise or through the cloud.

How does a Time and Attendance System help your organisation?
  • Increased operational efficiency: Significantly reduce the time your managers, HR and payroll team spend on admin and queries related to time and attendance through the use of an automated Time and Attendance System with rules-based workflows. Managers are freed up to complete other more strategic tasks that will add real value to your organisation.
  • Accurate recording of working hours: Collect data on hours worked from a variety of sources including magnetic stripe, proximity, biometric and smart card readers, Honour Based Timesheets or through Softworks Employee Self-Service App on smartphone, PC or tablet.
  • Improved business intelligence: Make informed, data driven business decisions guided by real-time and scheduled customisable reports on employee time, attendance, absence and activities.
  • Enhanced cost control: Benefit from reduced payroll costs through the identification of hidden costs such as approved/ unapproved overtime, questionable sickness absence, unproductive rosters, lates, early finishes and long breaks.
  • Help with performance management: Use customisable Alerts and Workflows to flag and Manage time and attendance issues as they arise to engage proactively with your employees and resolve problems before they start to have a negative impact on overall performance.
  • Reduced absenteeism: Reduce absenteeism through triggered Alerts and Workflows where absence policies have been breached as well as through high-level overviews of absence trends and detailed Bradford Factor reporting.
  • Increased employee engagement: Improve employee engagement by allowing employees to view their own time and attendance information through Employee Self-Service Software on mobile, desktop or tablet.
  • Improved employer reputation: By supporting flexible and family-friendly working arrangements. like flextime, annualised hours or part-time working, a Time and Attendance System can help enhance your organisation’s attractiveness to both existing and potential employees.
  • Regulatory compliance: A Time and Attendance System can automatically build in rules and policies to ensure employee working hours won’t inadvertently breach working time legislation.
  • Simplify management of a distributed workforce: Whether it’s multiple office locations, employees working on clients’ sites or employees working remotely they can all easily engage with your Time and Attendance System through Employee Self Service software on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

You get lots more with Softworks…

Growing with you

Worldwide support

Payroll Integration

Cloud or on Premise

Historical Data

Advanced Clocking


Time off Made Simple

Key FeaturesOrganization Policy SetupPayroll Policy SetupTime Attendance PolicyTime Attendance Record
Easily customizable Company Information with full address, logo etc. Unlimited Level of Payroll Head Creation under two predefined group Multiple Shift Setup Employee Information
User Friendly Interface Company’s Weekly Holiday Setup. Employee wise Payroll Entitlement Setting. Attendance Policy Setup (Late, OT, Early Out, Late Out, Half Day Policy Setup) Personal Information
Operation tracking according to trade language Fixed Holiday Entry Grade wise Bonus Policy Setting Attendance Update By Administrator Job Information
Operation or across the modules eliminate duplication of works Yearly holiday setup Grade wise Allowance Policy Setting Attendance Update Log Tracking Education information
Operation or across the modules eliminate duplication of works Setup Multiple Branch Information Grade wise Deduction Policy Setting Payroll Entitlement Setting By Employee
Branch wise Organizational Chart Setup like Grade wise Overtime Policy Setting Employees Leave Entry
HR RecordAttendance EntryPostingSalary SheetTools
Employee Training Category Direct Connectivity with the Attendance Device through the System to collect employees attendance records Attendance posting to prepare Salary Sheet Blocked Employee to create Monthly Salary Branch wise Login
Employee Training Information Display Attendance information in detail Promotion/Transfer/Increment/Discontinue Posting Prepare Monthly Salary Sheet By Branch/Department Branch wise Data Entry & Report View
Training Performance & Evaluation Department wise attendance display Update Monthly Salary Sheet By Employee Data Backup Policy By using MS SQL Server
Employee Travelling Information Print Attendance Report Monthly Salary Sheet Posting Employees ID Card Generation Option
ReportsAttendance ReportPayroll Report
Employee Personal Information (CV) Department & Date wise Attendance Employee wise Pay slip
Employee wise Leave Application Employee & Date wise Attendance Monthly Salary Statement By Branch
Employee Leave History Daily Attendance Report by Branch/Department/Designation Monthly Salary Statement By Department
Employee Advance/Loan Application Late Report By Branch/Department/Employee Monthly Over Time Statement
Section wise Advance/Loan Recover Employee Monthly Attendance Summary by Department
Discontinued Employee List Monthly Over time Statement By Department/Employee
Employee Training Activity Employee wise Monthly Job Cart
Employee Travel Information Employee wise Early Out
Employee Performance Evaluation Department/Designation wise Early Out
Employees ID Card Generation Attendance Status by Date