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Intelligent Video Management Software

Intelligent Video Management Software

Videonetics Intelligent Video Management Software

Videonetics’ ‘Intelligent’ Video Management Software (IVMS) is based on a unified, monolithic architectural framework to capture and handle video and audio data over IP network in an efficient and elegant way, going way beyond what traditional ‘view-record-replay’ based DVR-like systems offer. Our IVMS software is scalable across multiple verticals such as City Surveillance, Enterprise Surveillance, Banking, Retail, Traffic Management etc. using the same video management software framework. It comes integrated with our in-house intelligent video and audio analytics platform, and is deployable across multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. It can be seamlessly integrated with other Videonetics offerings like Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) system, vehicle entry/exit monitoring system and other traffic management applications; retail solution for business intelligence generation; face recognition, intrusion detection, crowd monitoring; and other typical video analytics applications, thus providing a homogeneous, one-stop solution. We provide investigation-friendly monitoring software at the front-end, while relegating to the back-end all the complexity of the server software (which is crash-proof and based on modular architecture). This ensures that not much training is required for the users, and they continue to interact with the system using a very simple and intuitive graphical user interface. The system is easy to use even when it is scaled from a single server to a distributed multi-server system, with thousands of cameras and heterogeneous storage devices (NAS, SAN, hard disks etc.) spanning multiple sites. Videonetics’ IVMS can accommodate DVRs* along with IP cameras to protect existing investments on analog systems, while enabling you to gradually move towards IP-based video management culture in a phased manner. Our IVMS software can be deployed on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS. It is integrated with open source DBMS software to give you the freedom to choose your own platform and plan your budget, thus providing a truly open platform solution

single GUI for VMS and VAS

Video Analytics framework is a built-in component in Videonetics Intelligent VMS. A single user interface (GUI) configures and interacts with both the systems in a homogeneous way. Therefore, it is easy to learn the system with minimal training.

Openness and scalability redefined

Videonetics’ IVMS is a truly open, IP-based system that allows you to use OS of your choice (Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac OS), both in the servers or in the viewing (client) stations in any combination. It is open to your choice of web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) for remote monitoring. The system is scalable from a single server VMS system to a distributed, multi-server based city surveillance system integrated with different intelligent Video Analytics applications. Regardless of scale, it functions under a single umbrella with consistent interface for easy user interaction. Videonetics’ IVMS supports ONVIF-compliant IP cameras/devices.

Fault-tolerant & demand-adaptive system

Failover and redundancy is pervasive across all the components of Videonetics’ IVMS. This ensures data integrity and data security against failure of servers, storage devices and network links, without using any separate storage or server hardware. The patented failover logic embedded into the IVMS system gives the user a cost advantage over other alternatives, as no 1:1 redundant server needs to be bought. Videonetics ‘Universal-Health-Checker’ component not only monitors health of each hardware device and instantly prompts you to take preventive actions, but it also keeps an eye on performance of critical tasks within the IVMS process. The architecture is truly modular in nature, so the failure of any one module within the software triggers its automatic restart immediately, without affecting the functionality of other modules. When there is increasing demand for any particular service from the user group, IVMS replicates those services automatically in a distributed fashion with optimal usage of the existing hardware resources.

Fail-safe storage management

Videonetics’ multi-tier storage management protects your data not only against physical damage to one or more storage devices, but also offers you the flexibility to provision these devices to suit your budget. Failure of network storage device automatically triggers the system to temporarily use server resident storage space for recording. You can mark any one or more cameras as critical, and the system will keep the recording safe for those cameras in multiple places, to avoid losing critical data in case of any disaster.

Exponential Video Decay – Better utilisation of your storage

TM TM Videonetics' innovative e-Snap and Exponential Video Decay services significantly reduce the storage space TM requirement compared to the competition. Our e-Snap technology embeds high-resolution still images within low resolution video to reduce storage space considerably, yet protects the contents in video files and aids in better investigation. Videonetics’ IVMS retains archived video over a longer duration of time using much lower storage TM space, with its Exponential Video Decay technology, where rather than totally deleting older video files, their size is progressively reduced as they age.

Video DiggingTM – Investigative navigation

TM Videonetics unprecedented Video Digging technology enables you navigate across multiple camera views simultaneously in a systematic way. By a simple copy-paste operation, you can synchronise replays for any two or more cameras. On spot investigation of activities in the scene, with orchestrated use of Sitemap,Message Window and Virtual Matrix, gives you the real flavour of a truly intelligent IP-based video surveillance system, and clearly distinguishes it from the competition. You can follow movements of people, vehicles and other objects across multiple cameras in the archived video systematically and quickly, in a time synchronised fashion.

You can also watch live views of multiple cameras along a corridor or pathway, with a single drag of mouse on the sitemap.

Both way integration framework – Devices and third-party systems

Videonetics’ VMS provides a rich set of APIs and SDK for integration with third-party applications like CAD, help desks, EMS, and other IP devices. This gives you the flexibility to choose those systems as per your specific requirements. On the other hand, the VMS is built on a modular architecture, so that other applications can use it as a component in their system (Figure 1 showing the Top Level Systems Architecture Diagram). The interface is available in the VMS framework to receive communication from external emergency response systems (e.g. Dial 100) and link it to the VMS database. Other security and safety enforcing devices like fire alarms, burglar/intrusion detection systems can communicate with the VMS using its unified device integration framework. The VMS can receive alarms and health status signals from those devices and generate alerts using its alert handling framework.

Unprecedented viewing experience

With multi-tasking, multi-monitor support, you have the facility

to select cameras for a live view, recorded video display, and to navigate quickly from one camera view to another. Parallel live view and archived video tiles in the same window gives you the flexibility to dig into archived video for selected cameras in a time-locked mode, yet keeping an eye on live camera views. Intelligent use of the multistreaming capability of the cameras along with Virtual Optical Zoom (VOZ) feature enables you to watch any selected area of the scene in megapixel resolution in a small window. You can save your favourite views as bookmarks and retrieve the same with a single mouse click. Desktop client, WAN client, mobile client and meb client – all are optimised to give you the best viewing experience, overcoming various infrastructural constraints.

Efficient forensic and evidence management

Videonetics integrated framework for VMS and Video Analytics provides an unprecedented flexibility to navigate across recorded video database quickly during investigation of an event. Video Cart enables you to download multiple video segments from multiple cameras, in a systematic and organised way in a single folder, with hyperlinks to the video files in a spreadsheet. The video files are encrypted for data protection and embedded with user-defined ‘watermarks’ to produce tamper-proof evidence. You can generate evidential proof as a single video file for various events using the embedded MovieMaker.

Multilayer sitemap

Videonetics multi-layer hyperlinked sitemap enables you to select cameras quickly from the camera pool. Any section of the map can be expanded using a next layer map to provide you a clearer view of camera distribution across your city, for instance. You can either drag and drop camera icons independently to video tiles, or select cameras installed along any passage or road using Videonetics’ unique 'touch-n-drop' feature. The system also comes with API for integration with Google Maps and thirdparty GIS. The Android mobile client software is already integrated with Google Maps.

Integrated system health monitoring & audit trail

Onscreen icons on the operator's screen display the health status of all major components constantly. You always know whether the cameras are recording, and the status of servers, storage, networking components etc. In case of any problem, you can dig into the details of any problem in a systematic manner without being an IT expert. The system also gives you the facility to search through the health status using simple database query processing tool embedded in the system. Operations by the users are tracked and saved in a database to generate audit trail of the system, and authorised personnel can search this audit trail database for necessary information.

Alarm management and event log

Videonetics unified Alarm Management Framework handles alerts from Video Analytics applications, media servers, and external devices alike, and provides you with an integrated platform to act on the alerts quickly. The alert handler is able to receive alerts from external systems (such as external I/O) or software applications, e.g. Red Light Violation Detection system, face recognition system, access control system etc. The alert handling framework enables you to track the actions taken, and escalate the alert to higher authority, in case appropriate actions are not taken by the operators within a user-defined period. Alerts can also be distributed to registered recipient only using GSM communication, in case the usual internet connectivity is not available. Any operator can redirect the alerts to any other operator, if required. The events are logged into a database with index to the video archive. Users can search events from the event log with simple query processing in real time.

Audio analytics

Audio signals coming from IP devices can be analysed in real time to alert you in case unusual sounds are detected. Audio analytics applications detect presence of human voice in the scene, and they analyse the sound signals to identify the nature of the speech. The system also detects presence of non-speech audio like those generated by knocking, glass breaking, gun shots etc.

Green computing – Low computation & optimum processor utilization

Videonetics’ IVMS is optimised for maximum utilisation of the computing capability of the deployed hardware. The architecture automatically detects number of cores in the computing platform and dynamically load-balances the computation across various cores. Hence less hardware components are required run the software. The underlying software architecture is built to use minimum memory and I/O bandwidth. This reduces the number of clocking and results in power savings. High level features of different versions

Note: • For database high availability, additional server will be required. User needs to procure enterprise-level DBMS software separately to enable high availability mode. * List of DVRs: HikVision, Pelco, Capture, Honeywell, GE.

Minimum system requirement for Intelligent VMS software HARDWARE

* Excluding video storage space # Full HD resolution, 25 fps


Making the world a safer, smarter, happier place

Videonetics’s Unified Video Computing Platform helps you make sense of surveillance, by providing you with an end-to-end solution for a wide range of applications. The platform is powered by our Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning engine, which is trained on humongous data sets, making our solutions incredibly robust and smart. All our products and solutions are integrated yet modular, ONVIF compliant, OS and hardware agnostic, scalable and interoperable. Videonetics has been ranked #1 video management software provider in India, and among the top 5 in Asia (IHS/Informa Tech Research). We remain driven by innovation, and committed to making the world a safer, smarter, happier place.