USB Fingerprint Reader

USB Fingerprint Reader
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Biometric Fingerprint Scanners and Readers:

The Biometric USB Fingerprint Reader is a USB-powered device that optically scans the fingerprint when the user touches the glowing window Area. The Optical technology gives the highest quality fingerprint scans and reliability with High Security. GCTL Provide best quality Biometric Fingerprint Scanners and Readers in Bangladesh. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL is Importer, Distributor, seller, Authorized partner of multi types USB Fingerprint Reader in BD.

The best Windows Hello USB fingerprint scanners:

Say goodbye to password hassles. Now you can log on to your computer and your favorite Web sites with the touch of your finger, without having to remember all those passwords--simply place your finger on the receiver whenever a password or username is required.

Features and Benefits of USB Fingerprint Reader:

  • Super compact
  • Secure fingerprint reader for accessing websites and other secure features
  • Affordable
  • Smoothly integrates with Microsoft and other software
  • Attaches directly to the PC
  • Eliminates sign-in hassles
  • Durable and reliable
  • Usable with either hand
  • Reliable
  • Seamless integration with Windows Hello

Saving Time Access Control

Just Identifying your fingerprint in 0.15 seconds, Accurate fingerprint recognition, fast unlock ,360-degree all-around detectable pad. By signing in your laptop with Our Morpho, Futronic’s, SecuGen, AbeTree fingerprint reader, you will save a lot of time which will bring more convenience. No worry about forget your password.

Protecting Private Access Control

Specify the security zone to protect your privacy documents. When the file is copied, added, moved, drag to the confidential area, these files will be automatically encrypted. When you first visit a site that requires a password, just touch the Fingerprint Reader with your registered finger, enter your data, and then click OK. When you browse back to that Web site, you can simply log on with your fingerprint. You can also use the Fingerprint Reader to quickly switch between Windows user accounts without closing programs and files--and each user's personal content stays personal.

Best Suggested fingerprint scanners in Bangladesh

Futronic FS80H USB 2.0

The FS80H USB2.0 is a high-quality optical fingerprint scanner whose rugged case and tough crown glass window make it ideal for environments with heavy or unattended usage.

Futronic FS82HC /PIV USB 2.0

The FS82H is an enhanced version of FS80H USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner. It was certified by FBI to be compliant with PIV-071006 Image Quality Specification (view PDF) for Singer Finger Reader. So FS82 meets the US Federal Information Processing Standard 201(FIPS)

SecuGen Hamster Pro (HUPx)

The Hamster Pro (HUPx) is SecuGen's new ultra-compact, high image quality USB fingerprint reader. Featuring a low-profile design, the Hamster Pro is built with the industry's most rugged and advanced optical sensor using patented fingerprint technology.

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20

The SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 is a new ultra-compact, high image quality
USB fingerprint reader that is FBI Certified and meets FIPS 201 (PIV)
and FAP 20 Mobile ID requirements.