HD Bullet CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

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HD Bullet CCTV Camera in Bangladesh:

The HD Bullet security CCTV cameras have been famous for their longer external casing, providing these surveillance cameras that a distinguished and presence. Because of this form variable, bullet surveillance cameras may typically home a bigger lens, which makes them a superb exterior camera effective at supplying higher degrees of detail over larger distances. This adds itself to prolonged nighttime vision for bigger outdoor areas like parking lots and traffic intersections. Along with the conventional form factor, in addition, there are choices for miniature wing cameras, which offer wider viewing angles for footage in a shorter space.

HD Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras are commonly used in:

  • Parking Lots
  • Airports
  • Traffic Intersections
  • Hallways
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Gas Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries

Main Benefits of Bullet CCTV Cameras:

Easier to Install: Having a mounting handle attached to this camera's body, bullet safety cameras are more straightforward to install than other varieties of surveillance cameras. Without needing to eliminate any bathroom, bullet cameras could be mounted to a wall, ceiling, along with HD bullet camera mounting bracket. Bullet cameras also often have flexible positioning, making it simple for an installer to quickly and easily transfer the camera into position, in addition, to reposition when needed.

Weatherproof: Many outside bullet cameras have been designed to be water-resistant and weatherproof, therefore monitoring is ongoing despite weather conditions.  These outdoor bullet cameras frequently take a rating of IP65, IP66, and IP67. Many security vendors deliver outdoor bullet cameras that also provide integrated temperature heaters and springs so cameras can operate at extreme temperatures.

 Larger Lenses: As a result of longer form factor, bullet cameras are usually capable of housing bigger lenses. For longer distances, bullet cameras using a telephoto lens are ideal for coverage in huge areas and environments, such as parking lots, airports, and roads. In a shorter distance, miniature bullet cameras possess a wide-angle-lens that could provide a broader viewing angle in smaller areas, like a traffic intersection.

License Plate Recognition: Bullet cameras HD are an ideal solution for license plate recognition (LPR).  While LPR demands specific software for picking up license plates, bullet cameras along with their shape factor of a bigger lens, built in IR illuminators, and protective covers out of intrusive lighting improve the capability to effectively discover license plates.

High Resolution: Depending on the make and version of the bullet camera, resolution can change; however, most sellers provide bullet cameras with relatively high resolution.  Many modern video security solutions provide bullet cameras using a 2MP (1940 x 1080 pixel). Nevertheless, there are excellent choices with sensors that enable recording around 50% greater detail than 1080p, in addition to varying options which range from 2-8 megapixels.

 Noticeable Presence: Unlike other surveillance cameras, bullet safety cameras are often a lot easier to spot due to their larger, cells that are protruding. Though this might make them distinguishable, this additional presence actually produces bullet cameras tremendously effective at deterring criminal behavior like vandalism and theft.

Night Vision (Built-in IR Illuminators): Many bullet cameras are equipped with infrared (IR) illuminators to improve and keep firing to the evening. With the more selection of bullet cameras, both these cameras may offer several sleepless night eyesight.

Types of Bullet CCTV Cameras:

Mini Bullet Camera: Basically, a little bullet camera, miniature bullet cameras give video surveillance in a shorter space whilst usually having broader viewing angles. Mini bullet cameras are just as simple to install, including mounting brackets and elastic places to produce the perfect viewing angle.  Mini bullet cameras are a terrific match for entrances, in addition to an alternative for an external bullet camera option to smaller regions beyond buildings.

Pan-Tit-Zoom (PTZ) Bullet Camera: PTZ bullet cameras also make it possible to track large areas due to the ability to remotely adjust the zoom and management of the lens. Based on the model, many PTZ bullet cameras feature elastic viewing angles, so as the body of the camera can be positioned in just about any direction as a result of freedom of this bullet camera mounting bracket.  With this versatility, PTZ bullet cameras are an excellent choice for covering wide areas, including parking lots, in addition to building exteriors.

Outdoor Bullet Cameras: Outdoor bullet cameras tend to be exceptionally effective at deterring vandalism and theft due to how present they're. However, because of the vulnerable mounting arms, exterior bullet cameras are less difficult to get and therefore are prone to have tampered. Outside bullet cameras are also perfect for viewing footage listed at nighttime, using IR bullet cameras and supporting night vision for an extended distance.

IP Bullet Cameras: IP bullet cameras provide video surveillance over an Ethernet or even a Wi-Fi link for a wireless bullet camera.  Based on the machine, IP bullet cameras may connect to an on-prime DVR system or may connect straight to the web for storage and access.  While these systems are flexible,

They often result in a greater possibility of vulnerabilities with on-site access, port forwards, out-of-date applications, and insecure ecosystems.

Analog Bullet Cameras: Also considered a bullet CCTV camera (closed-circuit television), analog cameras are safety cameras which rely upon on-prime recorders such as DVRs. CCTV bullet cameras move movie footage into the recorder through coaxial cables and need all of the cameras to be directly linked.  While analog CCTV bullet cameras have been usually considered a secure alternative, they are vulnerable to risks that arrive with reachable recording gear, port forwarding, and launching firewalls must remote access to footage need to be demanded.

What to Consider When Buying HD Bullet Camera:

  • Camera Quantity
  • Visibility do you need
  • Care with environmental hazards do you face
  • Installation requirement system

HD Bullet Camera

Brands of HD Bullet Camera we provide:

Our diverse staff of IT professionals will help you to extend your support and installation services for all the major vendors and manufacturers of security cameras. So if you have assigned the task to install HD Bullet CCTV Camera, you’ll be no compromising on the kind of hardware you want but will be free to choose. Some of the notable vendors that we have the proficiency in installing equipment from include

HD Bullet CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh:

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