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Thermal Body Temperature measurement Screening  camera Solution in Bangladesh:

Human Body Temperature Measurement Complete Solution to Detect and Monitor Human Body Temperature in Bangladesh. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL Sales best Thermal Camera Solution all over the Country.

Benefits of Thermal Detection Camera Systems

Contactless: No Physical touch or face-to-face communicating for a non-stop encounter. 

Efficient: A Person doesn't have to stop to the temperature measurement, which saves time and improves the flow of people

More Reliable: Automated System to decrease the possibility of incorrect operation. Traceable Information: The temperature event can be stored within a compatible video management program.

temperature camera

Brands of body temperature camera we serve:

Our diverse staff of IT professionals will help you to extend your support and installation services for all the major vendors and manufacturers of security cameras. So if you have assigned the task to install body temperature camera, you’ll be no compromising on the kind of hardware you want but will be free to choose. Some of the notable vendors that we have the proficiency in installing equipment from include

1.            Hikvision thermal body temperature camera

2.            Dahua  thermal body temperature camera

3.            Avtech thermal body temperature camera

4.            Axis thermal body temperature camera

5.            Xiaomi thermal body temperature camera

6.            CP Plus thermal body temperature camera

7.            Mapesen thermal body temperature camera

8.            Bosch thermal body temperature camera

9.            Honeywell thermal body temperature camera

10.          Varito thermal body temperature camera

Thermal Camera Solution Features:

✓ Safe, Effective, and Accurate Temperature Measurement

✓ ±0.3° C Temperature Measurement (with blackbody)

✓ Contactless and Fast Multi-person Screening

✓ Recommended for Use in Commercial Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Airports, Metro Stations, and Public Gathering Locations

Which exactly are thermal cameras and why are they significant?

The Thermal Body Temperature Camera recognizes elevated body temperature. They may alert organizations when an individual's temperature exceeds a set threshold like 100.4° F. The CDC's definition of an illness may allow security staff to choose whether further action is essential. This permits your company to become more proactive in discovering elevated body temperature of folks entering your center, including an excess layer of protection and screening to your workers and office as a whole.

Thermal Body Temperature Detection System

In the last several decades, our planet has become a good deal smaller and increasingly becoming a great deal more accessible.  This is principal because of improvements in transport technology, such as air travel, getting less expensive. This permits airlines to put up more travelling channels than in the past. With brand new airline routes and airfares getting more available, people today travel the globe more publicly and more frequently.

Nevertheless, this may also pose dangers to nations and their people since travellers can present new disorders and viruses to the countries they see.  Typically, these disorders and viruses create a higher body temperature, or even a fever, which may be a sign that an individual is unwell and might require therapy. Thermal Detection systems may frequently be installed in border crossings, like airports, and seaports, and also in public areas, for example, shopping centers and hospitals, to assess individuals for a large fever that can occasionally be a sign of severe ailments like Ebola, SARS or even more lately COVID-19.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is the procedure to make an image with Infrared Radiation.  The majority of things emit some kind of Infrared Radiation, such as humans as well as animals.  Infrared Radiation is affected by fever, e.g. the greater the temperature the longer pliable Radiation is emitted, and the reverse is also correct.  Employing a Micro bolometer since the sensor in a thermal camera makes it possible for us to create a Thermal Image using a color palette to the various intensities of Infrared Radiation.

Why is Thermal Imaging used for Body Temperature Detection?

thermal body temperature camera

Thermal imaging is also used for temperature detection and screening for many factors.  Frequently Stress screening is put up at boundary points like airports, seaports and in most public areas, these are active regions frequently having many individuals passing through in a moment. If you ever used an ordinary ear thermometer on each and every individual, this can result in considerable distress for many others. Thermal Imaging cameras may work out this problem since they may be set up to scan a high amount of individuals at the same time.

It's likewise important to notice if using an ear thermometer that the readings are in one place on the people, face, however, a thermal picture utilizes 1000's of temperature readings (Pixels) to develop a 2-dimensional image of the individual's surface. This permits the medical staff screening the individual to possess a better comprehension of the temperature of the individual. Much like fever screening, then the incubation period of the virus may impact the temperatures listed on the individual face. Any strange face temperature mentioned inside the thermal screening procedure should be assessed further by healthcare professionals along with additional corrective actions taken if needed.

How can a thermal Camera work? 

Thermal imaging cameras have been designed to discover and quantify the invisible infrared radiation emanating from items, often known as the heavier an object is the more radiation that it releases. The thermal camera detector range may discover infrared frequencies, turning the information to digital signs, which may subsequently be seen as color pictures that Vary with the

Thermal Camera Solution Overview:

The Human Body Temperature Monitoring solution offers the latest hybrid thermal network camera that combines a Vanadium Oxide (Vox) sensor with a 2 MP visible-light sensor. The solution also provides a blackbody calibration device that maintains a constant temperature as a reference point for the thermal camera. The thermal camera coupled with the blackbody calibration device and a feature-rich 4 TB Network Video Recorder delivers a contactless solution for continuous, contactless, and non-invasive temperature monitoring.

Human Body Temperature Measuring technology assists in preventing the spread of viral diseases by allowing for quick, accurate detection of elevated body temperatures. Thermal imaging equipment can easily be installed and implemented to detect elevated body temperature in environments such as airports, hospitals, clinics, office buildings, cruise ships, and any large public gathering location.

Thermal Camera Functions:

Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (Vox) Technology

Dahua thermal cameras use an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (Vox) sensor that delivers higher thermal sensitivity in a more compact and cost-effective package. Vanadium Oxide cameras are also more reliable, as compared to other thermal imaging technologies, due to less moving parts.

High Thermal Sensitivity:

The Vox detector offers high thermal sensitivity (≤ 50 mK) that allows Dahua thermal cameras to distinguish objects in a scene with minimal temperature differences. The camera captures detailed images where thermal contrast between object and background is minimal.

Smart Alarm System:

The camera is equipped with a white-light illuminator and an external speaker that can be triggered when the camera detects an abnormal event either via the thermal or the visible-light sensor. The camera also takes a snapshot of the scene and can record the snapshot.

Thermal Camera NVR Functions:

It combines Analytics+ algorithms with ePoE technology into an all-in-one network video recorder. This NVR uses a powerful multi-core processor to provide 4K resolution processing for applications where impeccable image details are required. In addition, the NVR can be employed as edge storage, central storage, or backup storage with an intuitive shortcut operation menu for remote management and control. The Analytics+ algorithms significantly improve accuracy and reliability, as compared to standard intelligent features, to achieve precision human facial analysis. The NVR processes 24 facial images per second on up to four (4) channels of video stream face recognition and supports 20 face databases that can store up to 100,000 total face images. The Analytics+ facial recognition extracts facial metadata, including detecting a human wearing a mask. The system can identify certain facial attributes, including when a human wear a surgical-type face mask. Wearing of such a mask still allows for temperature measurement without interference.

Real-time Face Recognition:

Analytics+ performs real-time facial recognition on up to four (4) streaming video channels simultaneously. The server captures and analyzes facial features to determine gender, age, expression, glasses, moustache, and mask, and then can record the faces and store the associated structured data. The server also filters incoming video to display faces that match target features.

Face Database Management:

In addition to the 100,000 facial images, the NVR database also stores names, genders, birthdays, nationality, address, and ID information associated with each facial image. The NVR also offers powerful and configurable database management features that can be applied to each face recognition channel independently.

Thermal camera for body temperature Price in Bangladesh?

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL offer Best thermal image body temperature camera Price in Bangladesh for any single need. We provide AI CCTV Camera within all available technologies. Our Specialist team can help to steer you to select the CCTV Camera Option that is ideal. The easiest way to find the solution that is ideal for your small business or Organization is to contact our Security Solution Experts. This will be able to assist and guide you. Please feel free if you would like to discuss specific needs or challenges to reach out to one of our specialists.

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited (GCTL) provide thermal camera for body temperature with the best affordable price. Depends on Brand and features. We ensure your professional installation, after-sales service with a very reasonable price.