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Time Attendance Machine
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Time Attendance Machine in Bangladesh

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL Sales Fingerprint Time Attendance System, high-quality fingerprint time attendance machine with USB or TCP/IP line to connect to a computer. It also works with cloud software and mobile APP for attendance management. Our bestselling biometric fingerprint time attendance machine System provides detailed, accurate time attendance data for your business and Office. Biometric security helps employees Realtime and ensures staff can't clock each other in or out. Attendance data links to our Bangladeshi timesheet software, helping you to simplify your payroll management. Fingerprint time and attendance solution are suitable for businesses of any size and scales easily for companies with more than one location in Bangladesh.

Time and attendance systems can benefit businesses, Home and Offices in Many ways, with so many choices, though, it can be hard Maintain which one will best fit your needs. If you are looking for a time and attendance system in 2021, here's everything you need. GCTL Sales, Import, Distribute, Original time and attendance system Devices in Bangladesh from worldwide only for you. Please Call 01847213868 or E-mail us sales@gctlbd.com We are waiting for you to fulfill your Time and attendance system Needs.

What Are Time and Attendance Machine?

Time attendance machine allow employees to clock in and out electronically via timeclocks, internet-connected computers, mobile devices and Smartphones. Some solutions also offer the ability to punch in and out via text messages or RFID Card, social media programs like Twitter, Facebook and other communication Devices Also with PC or Smartphone. When an employee in or out at Offices, the data instantly transfers to software that can seamlessly import it into your payroll solution or other Customized Software.

 These Time and Attendance do more than just track monitor Every employee when he come and go. It monitors Via mobile phone employees via geo location and geofencing, manage paid time off (PTO), create employee Daily schedules, provide in detailed reports, and give real-time data on who is working, who is not, who showed up late and who is nearing overtime with Payment cost Data.  

Time and attendance systems offer self-Controlled service that allows employees to handle many time-tracking tasks on their own wishes, including reviewing the hours they've worked, their current and future schedules, and their PTO accruals.

 Our Time and Attendance systems offer both cloud-based and on-premises solutions from Every Side. on-premises systems are stored on servers within your business, Offices while the cloud-based systems are housed by your time and attendance system provider and accessed online from anywhere in the world GCTL Have Experienced Time and Attendance System Engineers to Serve you Properly Please Feel free tell us Your Requirements we will make you happy.

How does Time Attendance System work?

Biometric clocking Methods is the most reliable method to collect employees working hours, overtime as it rules out the possibility of punching. The key advantages of GCTL's Biometric Fingerprint Reader are: 

  • Fingerprint Time Attendance As days, weeks, months to set the attendance.
  • No Need the expense of issuing clocking in cards or fobs to be used with your Time and Attendance Management system.
  • High-precision optical total reflection fingerprint head, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant, with automatic update recognition algorithm, identification without deviation.
  • Make the possibility of employees clocking in for their colleagues at Office.
  • At Office No more loss or forgetting of badges preventing people from clocking in Professionally. 
  • Biometrics Time Attendance Support work in & out, relay, overtime setting.
  • Fingerprint Device Support holiday, weekend and leaving setting Also Support retroactive setting.
  • High-standard fuzzy recognition algorithm, attendance speed reaches 0.2 seconds, not queue anymore.
  • 5 minutes will be enough to learn how to operate, the product can be used in three steps, and a detailed EXCEL report can be downloaded by a USB flash drive.
  • using high-precision clock calculation, the time deviation is only 1/5 of the similar products in the market, which greatly reduces the confusion caused by time error.

 GCTL provides Many kinds of biometric Devices and Time Attendance Systems, finger scanner attendance, and Secugen, Netgen,Virdi, Futronic's many Brands. If you Need to using a Biometric Attendance System with your Existing Time and Attendance Software, please Call or contact us to Execute a free demonstration Meeting. Our Attendance Machine Allow Multiple biometric records can be registered for each employee to guard against accidents or damage to a specific fingerprint. Biometric Attendance data is stored on the fingerprint machine until downloaded via LAN or USB into our time and attendance software. There individual time sheets can be calculated and detailed reports are available to manage attendance and payroll data Sheet. Saved data is stored securely on your PC or server, Memory Card, USB Storage.

What is an Access Control System with Time attendance ?

An access control system is a system that manages and controls the unauthorized access through personal identification numbers, card system etc. Where are these building access control systems mainly used? Access control systems are primarily used for warehouses, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, community centers, residential leasing centers and a variety of commercial premises.

An access control door keeps a record when a person entered or exited the building. These systems also manage the specific hours of the day when an individual can be authorized to get access.

The main purpose of using these systems is to secure your business from theft, robbery and vandalism.

With a building access control door, you know who has entered your commercial building at a particular time. You can also track which door they have used.

Apart from that, an access control system can be used to restrict the unauthorized visitors and keep the record of your employees’ entry or exit. You can also limit your employees to enter the sensitive areas.

Hence, an access control system provides quick, flexible and convenient access to those who are authorized.

Why do We Need Time attendance System?

In ancient time, people used to have a key-lock system to secure their business from the theft, burglary or vandalism. But People are still using it but, a key-lock system is not enough for the business in Bangladesh.

 As security has become the prime concern for businesses in different industries, this is need of the hour to use the advanced technology for the safety of your business. In fact, your business is more secure with access control system rather than an old-fashioned key lock system.

Apart from that, you can get rid of the problem of losing or duplication of key forever if you get an access control system installed for your business.

All-in-one Biometric Time Attendance System in Bangladesh:

Smart Card System Time and Attendance recording workstation incorporates; job booking, job costing, Labor hours analysis and security management including quality CCTV playback. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited Are leading providers of Time and Attendance smart card and biometric systems and software guaranteed to meet your time and attendance requirements. Our unique Choices within the time and attendance industry enable us to uniquely customize our systems to your requirements and budget, from large Office, Educational Sector, multi-site systems to smaller systems for local businesses. As such, we're in the best position to offer You the tools. You need to make the right business decisions that save your company money and boost your employees' productivity. Contact us today to find out how our Time and Attendance systems can enable your business to run more effectively, providing higher productivity and a reduction in manual overheads in Bangladesh.

How Much Do Time Attendance Machine Cost?

A reputable, dependable, Feasible, Portable and convenient Time Attendance Machine is a must-Need for your property or Office. Today, there are a multitude of options with many Attractive features and benefits, including keypad, biometric, Fingerprint and smartphone Time Attendance Machine. Likewise, Time Attendance Machine pricing can significantly vary from system to system.

Price of Time Attendance Machine:

Price of Time Attendance Machine range from BDT 4000 to BDT 70000 per Machine with hardware, wiring, and installation. Most Time Attendance machine take a short time to install, but ultimately, it will depend on the wiring of your building. While keypad systems can offer one of the lowest cost options, they also present one of the least secure options. People can easily share codes with others. It’s also essential to consider the physical deterioration of the numbers on the keypad. The wear on the numbers can indicate the numbers used in the code. There’s no cost (other than time) to change the code, but everyone accessing the building must commit new code to memory. Unfortunately, someone must be present to recode the Time Attendance Machine