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Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd-GCTL the professional IP PTZ Camera Importer, Supplier, and Installation Company in Bangladesh:

We are Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd-(GCTL), one of the best IP PTZ Camera Supplier, Importer, Dealer, Distributor, Wholesaler Company in Bangladesh. If you are looking for reliable IP PTZ Camera installation in Bangladesh, why not get the benefits to hire professionals from GCTL Technician. We cover a wide range of IP PTZ Camera and troubleshoot issues with your home, office, Banks, Schools, factories, construction sides, and other industries. 

We visit, design, draw, and install IP PTZ Camera all over Bangladesh, especially Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Barishal, and other

Cities. As a reputable and experienced IP PTZ Camera installer & supplier, we can provide IP PTZ Camera to suit any home, office, Banks, Schools, factories, construction sides, and other industries within your budget whether you're looking for an IP PTZ Camera for a Home, office, Banks, Schools, Factories, construction sides, and other industries. We will design, supply, and install IP PTZ Camera to match your requirements perfectly. We will give you a free, no-obligation survey and written quotation with guaranteed to monitor anybody of your selected area. 

IP based ptz camera for a Home, Office, Bank, School, Factory, contraction Building and other Properties

An IP based PTZ Camera works by moving in several directions to get a whole image of surveillance area and zooming in for moreover detail of selected area. The pan tilt and zoom capabilities made it possible to monitor huse areas with a single ptz camera while getting great detail at the same time.

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL offer a wide selection of IP based PTZ cameras for different application continuity high end DF series network PTZ camera, AF series Turbo HD PTZ camera, positioning traffic, and more. IP PTZ cameras work well as a standalone solution and compact with other cameras. With our IP based PTZ Cameras, you can rapidly respond to security events and leave no blind spot unnoticed.

The vital role of IP PTZ Camera Controller.

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL believe that we can help to minimize the internal security system. Just by choosing the right IP PTZ Camera Controller setup.

What is a Good IP PTZ HD Camera?

IP based ptz camera is a set of interconnected devices that aimed to prevent an object, generally a facility, against intruders and to notify the owner and the monitoring station or any violation of out of danger zones. Depending on the requirements and economic possibilities, it can be a simple alarm system suitable for the necessary protection of a home, apartment, or a more advanced structure, which in addition to the essential functions, will significantly improve the life comforts of the users. The designer of the system, usually the installation company or merely the installer, can substantially help the user to choose an optimal solution, depending on the characteristics of the facility and the customer needs, also taking into account expansion options for the future. 

PTZ IP cameras are reliable and arduous Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras featuring the latest picture sensor technology system. These are not home client grade low-cost items that are prone to defeat. Our IP PTZ cameras professional products that made to finish. We take a technical presence to sell our products to ensure our client purchase for correct camera any time.

An PTZ IP Camera is a network-based pan tilt zoom security camera that's PoE enabled to allow easy installation and integration into a surveillance camera system. Most of the IP PTZ cameras we offer here at CCTV Camera World is PoE+ compatible, made camera hookup very easy as all that is needed is one network cable connect to the ptz camera. When choosing an IP PTZ camera, we think how far you would like to see during the day and night system, amount of night vision if needed to see general detail, and how now you plan to run the networking cable. Since PTZ IP cameras with night vision are power-hungry, we recommend using a PoE injector or higher power PoE switch to control the ip camera. Make sure any PoE power source use 802.3af/at compliant, and not passive PoE. It is also essential to use full copper CAT6e or CAT6a cable to connect the camera to its PoE root power source to ensure proper power transport .

Who has need 5mp HD PTZ IP Camera?

Anybody needs IP based ptz camera which has a home, office, school, building or others property and has security problem could benefit from an IP PTZ Camera Solutions. Today's security problem is an organized group by group. With the use of an IP PTZ Camera System, you can prevent the most significant part of that from happening to your properties. For more security, you can choose to integrate our high-quality IP PTZ Camera system. This will give you an alarm if anybody tries to access your properties without permission.

Which Best IP PTZ Cameras fits for a Home, Office, Bank, School, Factory, contraction Building, and other Properties?

With a unique idea, any Home, Office, School, Factory, Constriction Building, and other Properties is unique and has its own needs regarding a security system. But in general, vary with the type of valuable assets determines the kind of Best IP PTZ Camera solution to your necessity. 

Advantage of PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera?

PTZ Pan Tilt zoom cameras allow to be moved right or left, down and up -tilting-, and even allow the lens zoomed closer or moreover. These cameras are used in situations where a live guard or surveillance specialist is there operating the security systems.

Benefits of PTZ cameras include:

  • 200m IR night vision
  • X36 optical zoom
  • High-quality image resolution

Another benefits of IP based ptz camera Installation:

  • Increases Security
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Reduce hidden alarming
  • Help to live torment free life

Why should you buy our Best IP PTZ Cameras?

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL offer complete Best Ip PTZ Camera for any single need. We provide Best IP PTZ Cameras within all available technologies to make sure we meet your needs. Our Security Solution Specialist will help to guide you to select the right IP PTZ Camera Security Solution. The easiest way to find the right solution for your business is to contact our skilled Security Solution Specialists. That will be able to help and guide you through the jungle of IP PTZ Cameras. Please feel free contact one of our specialists if you want to discuss specific needs or challenges.

Places where we install IP PTZ HD Camera:

Security is a concern for all spheres for everyone. The GCTL intends to ensure your property safety in all areas of your home, office, school, Building, and other properties to make you feel pleasant and thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. We install the IP PTZ HD Camera all over Bangladesh.

Brands of IP PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Camera we serve: 

Our diverse staff of IT professionals will help you to extend your support and

installation services for all the major vendors and manufacturers of security

cameras. So if you have assigned the task to install the IP PTZ Camera,

you'll be no compromising on the kind of hardware you want but will be free to

choose. Some of the notable vendors that we have the proficiency in installing

equipment from include.

  • Hikvision
  • Dahua
  • Laotis
  • Sony
  • Avtech
  • CP Plus
  • Varito


Buy IP PTZ Camera for a Home, Office, School, and Construction Building with Best Price in Bangladesh:

Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd-GCTL provide IP PTZ Camera with the best affordable price. Depends on Brand and features of IP PTZ Camera, we ensure your professional installation, after-sales service at a very reasonable price.

You don't have to concern about the authenticity of our products as supplied by the best Security product in Bangladesh. We provide the best product in Bangladesh.