Under Vehicle Surveillance scanner System (UVSS) Price in Bangladesh

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Top Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) Price in Bangladesh

Best Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) Price in Bangladesh. July , 2024 Latest Price
Under Vehicle Scanner Surveillance Inspection System in Bangladesh Call for Price
Under Vehicle Surveillance scanner in Bangladesh Call for Price
Under Vehicle Scanner Surveillance System Scanner Price Bangladesh Call for Price
Under Vehicle Scanner Surveillance System (UVSS) in Bangladesh Call for Price
Security Scanning Mirror Under Vehicle Searching Call for Price

What is under vehicle scanning system?

An Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) system is a set of cameras that are positioned on the road and utilized at access points to facilities especially in gates and secure facilities. A system for scanning under vehicles (UVSS) is utilized to spot dangers, like bombs hidden under vehicles. UVSS systems are essential today because terrorist attacks have become frequent. Thus having an Under-Vehicle Surveillance System installed protects your home. The cameras of this system can effectively scan the underside of a car and relay the images into clear images that are displayed to security personnel on the computer screen. The UVSS system is able to be permanently attached to the road, or it may be temporary and completely is dependent on your needs.

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How does Under Vehicle Surveillance System Works?

When the vehicle reaches the checkpoint and passes over the imaging device the cameras that are part of the UVSS system take the pictures and then send them to the central control area so that security personnel can view the images on the monitor. It's an effective method to safeguard your property from any security threat. Under vehicle surveillance systems store the images of vehicles that are under carriage to be used later. On the other hand, the UVSS software has integrated license plate recognition software into it to assist in identifying suspect or stolen vehicles as well as assist security officers to effectively examine the undercarriage of a suspect vehicle. UVSS features high-quality cameras to perform scanning vehicles under carriage and video as well as a high-resolution camera for driver photos as well as an ultra-high resolution camera to recognize number plates with multiple server configurations as an alternative. The UVSS database assists in storing all the videos and images of vehicle inspections and security personnel are able to later access the database for security reasons.

Types of under vehicle surveillance system

Under vehicle surveillance come in two types: Portable and Fixed.

The Portable type allows installation underground to disable drivers to determine its presence and the Fixed under vehicle inspection system allows installation in areas where there are immediate and temporary needs for under vehicle surveillance.

If you look at the history of UVSS, you will get to know that governmental agencies first developed them to prevent their premises from terrorist attacks and material loss. UVSSs are widely used by public and private sectors to guard their premises against terrorists and criminals.

What are the benefits of the Under Vehicle Surveillance System?

After having known what a UVSS is, knowing the benefits is essential. So, here is a round-up of the key benefits of the surveillance equipment:

  • Helps security personnel to check every vehicle entering the premises effectively
  • Affordable in comparison with other equipment for protecting your office premises
  • Produces high-quality images and videos to help security personnel identify any security threats
  • Can work round the clock
  • Can withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Saves data in a database to allow the analysis later
  • It has an automatic alert system to help security to find suspicious things
  • Allows integration with bollards, tyre killers to prevent vehicles from entering the premises upon the detection of suspicious items
  • Shows threat items, like guns, hidden below the vehicle chassis to enable security forces to stop the vehicle
  • Unlike other security equipment, UVSS is active 24X7 on your premise and protects it.

In today's time, you can't afford the risk of system outage because it could cost you severely. Therefore, our UVSS systems are designed to work under extreme weather conditions.

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Why You Should Install Under Vehicle Surveillance System at Your Parking Lot?

Under Vehicle Surveillance System is hugely important for your Office or premises if it’s worth security. Due to uprising security threats around the globe, Under Vehicle Surveillance System has become the need of the hour.  UVSS is an ideal solution for government, corporate, offices, military, and transportation facilities, wherever complete vehicle monitoring is required.

Best vehicle scanning system Provider Company in Bangladesh?

Best under vehicle scanners price in Bangladesh 2022

Under vehicle scanning system price ranged start from BDT 15,50,000.00 to BDT 85,50,000.00 depends on types of under vehicle scanning system, automaton system, Quality of materials and quantity of scanner.



Price (BDT)

Portable UVSS


BDT 15,50,000.00 to BDT 20,50,000.00

Fixed UVSS


BDT 17,50,000.00 to BDT 85,50,000.00

Handle Type UVSS


BDT 15,00,000.00 to BDT 25,00,000.00


Who are the best Under Vehicle Surveillance System Providers, supplier, Importer and installer in Bangladesh?

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited (GCTL) is the best supplier, importer considered to be the best under vehicle scanner provider Company in Bangladesh. Our under Vehicle Surveillance Systems can be Permanent or Portable based on your requirement. We have more than a decade of experience Security and Surveillance field, so you can rely on us. Our UVSS systems are environmentally friendly & adhere to strict quality control.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System Scanner in Bangladesh.

GCTL Sales UVSS & UVIS Under Vehicle Surveillance System scanner with an (ANPR) Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems and databases, and the vehicles underside image will provide against its number plate. It can compare to previously recorded Footages. More Easy versions can also record the vehicle color and pictures of the Vehicle driver from an overview CCTV camera. Our integrated systems can with rising arm barriers Gate, traffic lights and central control rooms From Far Distance. Our System supplied in either static or rapid deployable mobile configurations Any Time. (UVIS) Under Vehicle Inspection System is available in both permanent and Portable solutions also. The scanner automatically identifies threats or modifications from vehicle's undercarriage area. Its bidirectional scanner positioned so when the Car passes over HD Pictures are captured in the UVIS Main database Section. The Clear panoramic images create a 3D perspective and a Best unique identifier to each vehicle or Car. Fast scanning Give result in less than 3 seconds. UVIS has an analytics engine that performs a comparative lookup to a known secure vehicle database Section. The Monitor displays a side-by-side image view revealing any deviation, which is indicative of a potential threat. Any variations are visualized by graphical circles around the area of concern Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-GCTL Provide Original Imported, Under Vehicle Surveillance System scanner in Bangladesh. Please Contact with Us for any query and suggestion from any aspect from anywhere Bangladesh. We are importer & indenter, wholesaler, sole distributor, Supplier. Designer of–‘Intelligent Barrier Gate, Under Vehicle Scanning System ( UVSS),Tripod Turnstile, Baggage Scanner, Archway Metal Detector, Hand Held Metal Detector, CCTV Solution, Access Control System, Mobile Jammer Solution, Computer & Net Working Solution , Non Linear Junction Detector , Electronic Spy Device , GPS Solution, Radio Monitoring System, Radio Equipment(Walkie Talkie, Base Set, Radio Tower Installation & Repeater Solution) in Whole Bangladesh. Our product line caters the needs of Domestic Homes, Corporate, Government and Heavy Industries.