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Tipsoi Time Attendance Machine in Bangladesh:

Tipsoi Attendance Management System for Monitoring Workforce’s Schedule: With an integrated and automated time attendance Machine management system, you can maximize your organization's most valuable resource (its workers).

What Is Time Attendance Management System?

Organizations can use an Attendance Management System to track their employees' total working hours by capturing in and out timestamps. The organization may save time and money by integrating the attendance system with payroll, as well as eliminating data inaccuracies. It also aids HR in defining and enforcing a policy that assures operational efficiency and places a premium on punctuality in the company's culture. Employees may now mark attendance using a variety of techniques, including mobile apps, online web portals, biometric machines, and more, thanks to a modern attendance platform coupled with an online HR solution. It will improve employee engagement, system adoption, and openness in the organization.

Mobile Punch

Allow employees to punch directly through their mobile devices, with geo-tracking, geo-fencing, and face recognition as authentication tools.

Attendance Reports

Download different in-built reports, such as a monthly attendance summary, late coming and early going, employee in-out punches, and so on.

Attendance regularization

The employee-centric feature of Tipsoi allows your staff to make up for missed punches from the portal or mobile app without having to contact their bosses.

Attendance Management Software Made Flexible

Tipsoi's attendance management system is mobile-friendly and time-saving, allowing employees to punch in utilizing a variety of time tracking methods, including biometric, geo-punch, and online punching.


To have effective control over shift management, Tipsoi allows you to establish a single-view roster that includes all of your employees' schedules.


The integrated environment of Tipsoi HR provides for easy data flow between modules, allowing HR to manage all processes from a single platform.

Real-time Syncing

Sync your biometric equipment with Tipsoi HR's APIs to ensure that data is transferred directly to the attendance module for additional processing.

Extensive Shift Management

Tipsoi, which may be allocated to employees, can help you manage most of your complex and numerous shift schedules.

Roster Planning

For a seamless working environment and error-free planning, create a roster or rotational shift for your staff that works at different hours around the clock.

Detailed Attendance Policy Configuration

With Tipsoi HR's flexible and extensive attendance policy setting, you may create the most appropriate and complex schedules for your workers.

Supports Multiple Time Zone

TIPSOI provides unlimited syncing according on your company's time zone, ensuring accurate data storage in the cloud.

Grow with the most robust Time Attendance Management Software

Biometric Machine Integration

Experience real-time integration with all of your organization's biometric devices, and let Tipsoi transport all of the data to a central storage location.

OT & Comp Off Application

Allow your employees to use their ESS portal access credentials to request overtime and comp-off to make up for their reduced working hours.

Approval Based On OT & Comp Off Generation

Control the approval structure for overtime and comp-off requests, and designate authorities for various phases of the approval process.

Adjustment Of Late Coming Or Early Going Against Leave Balance

Employees' late coming and early departure hours can be automatically adjusted against their designated leave balance using Tipsoi's sophisticated schedule setup.

Attendance And Shift-based Incentive Calculation

Offer your employees the option of working additional hours outside of their shift hours, and Tipsoi will compute the bonus depending on your company's policies.

Canteen Punch Integration and Deduction

Integrate your canteen biometrics with Tipsoi and give your employees the ability to mark punches, allowing you to deduct time spent away from work.

Extensive Attendance Management System for Better Optimization

Businesses require an all-in-one solution to manage their varied attendance monitoring requirements as the modern workplace evolves. To guarantee that all criteria are met, Tipsoi's online payroll solution includes staff attendance and leave management. The business can maintain track of employee attendance regardless of where they work or how they punch in.

About Employee Time and Attendance

What is attendance Management System?

The attendance management system is a one-stop shop for keeping track of employees' attendance and movement during working hours, as well as preparing materials for salary processing. This program aids in the tracking and monitoring of when employees begin and end their shifts. You may keep track of your employees' working hours, late arrivals, early departures, break time, and absenteeism with this system. This solution allows you to reduce the number of errors that occur during the attendance data processing. It allows you to make better and more efficient use of your employees' time.

Any company organization can use the modern-day attendance software. You can customize them to meet the demands of your company. Their adaptability helps your company to smoothly migrate from a manual to an automated procedure. However, if you want to be absolutely certain that the software will meet your business demands, Tipsoi offers a 6-day trial run to test its compatibility with your company. To schedule a demo, please click here.

Through mobile apps, computers, and even the online, attendance systems enable you to apply for or accept attendance rectification or leave applications. The alert options differ depending on the attendance management system's service provider. You can receive alert notifications on your mobile application using Tipsoi's service. The alerts' email notifications are not enabled by default. You can, however, activate them in the settings.

How is Overtime Managed Through tipsoi Attendance Management System?   

You can establish a restriction for the maximum overtime allowed, as well as the maximum and minimum working hours, in Tipsoi's attendance management software. You can change the settings to round up the employee's hours worked. Your employees can use this solution to file and track overtime requests, which include details such as the reason and the time. To calculate the remuneration for the employee's extra hours, the software follows the company's policy. Because it is automated, this solution provides total legal compliance and error-free overtime pay calculation under your organization's overtime policy.