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What is a road blocker system?

Road Blockers and Tyre Killers are heavy-duty and anti-terrorist barriers installed in high-sensitive areas where unauthorized vehicles have strict access restrictions. They are installed to block the roadways for vehicle passage and obstruct the vehicle-based attacks.

Advantages of Road Blockers System

Road blockers are ideal for restricting traffic in and out of a premise and are an effective obstacle for oncoming vehicles. This makes them suitable for a variety of businesses, specifically those with many vehicles coming in and out of their premises, such as car dealerships.

Minimal maintenance costs: when compared to larger access control security solutions, such as security barriers and gates, the ongoing maintenance costs of road blockers and bollards is relatively cheap, making them a cost effective solution for any business no matter the size.

Increased traffic control: As both security solutions are automatic they can easily be integrated with other systems such as traffic barriers to add further obstacle to restrict the flow of traffic in and out of a premises.

Discreet: Automatic rising bollards fit neatly into the ground they are a more discreet and subtle security solution when compared to larger systems such as industrial security barriers and gates and even more so than other security measures such as CCTV.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Majority access control security solutions are fully customizable in size and color and are made to your exact requirements. This is ideal especially if you require additional branding to your access control security products.

Automatic: As mentioned previously road blockers completely automatic which reduces the need for manual input. Not only is this more cost effective in the long term but also ensures that our access control security systems are more reliable.


Where can Road Blockers are Installed?

There isn’t one specific answer to this question and our range of access control security solutions, including road blockers and automatic rising bollards, can be an effective security solution for a number of businesses operating over a variety of sectors and industries.

Ultimately, it will depend on your budget and your specific security requirements as well as aspects such as size and design. It may be the case that automatic rising bollards and road blockers are not the right solution for you by themselves and we always recommend that you ensure your business is protected through use of multiple security systems.

Other facilities of road blocker?

Automatic rising bollards and road blockers are a unique alternative to traditional security barriers and gates as they are more versatile and can, therefore, be utilized in smaller spaces to ensure that your business premises remains safe and secure.

A cost-effective alternative would be the installation of manual rising bollards. These robust security bollards have the same versatility and strength as their automatic counterparts but do require manual input to lock them in place.

Best road Blocker system Provider Company?


Hydraulic road blocker price in Bangladesh 2022

Road blocker price ranged start from BDT 4,50,000.00 to BDT 11,50,000.00 depends on automaton system, Quality of materials and quantity of bollard.

Who are the best supplier, Importer and installer for hydraulic road blocker price in Bangladesh?

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited (GCTL) is the best supplier, importer and Top parking management companies for road blocker system with many years of experience.  Are you looking for a reliable automatic road blocker provider company? Germany Computer and Telecom Limited offer you road blocker for all purposes. We are dedicatedly Importer, Supplier and Wholesaler of road blocker system that commonly used in Airport, Universities, Shopping Centers, Train Stations, Bus Stations and Transit Hubs etc.