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Top Varito Baggage Scanner Price in Bangladesh

Best Varito Baggage Scanner Price in Bangladesh. October , 2021 Latest Price
Varito SF5636 X-Ray Baggage Scanner Call for Price
Varito BG-6550 X-Ray Baggage Inspection Scanner Call for Price
Varito BG-8065 X-Ray Baggage Screening System ৳3,200,000.00
Varito BG-10080 X-Ray Baggage Scanner Solution ৳4,500,000.00
Varito BG-100100 X-Ray Baggage security inspection system ৳5,500,000.00
Varito SF5030C X-Ray Baggage Security Scanning Equipment ৳2,275,000.00
Varito BG-X5030 X-Ray Baggage Inspection Scanner Call for Price
Varito X-Ray Luggage & Baggage Scanner Machine ৳6,000,000.00

Varito X-ray Baggage Scanner Installation and Maintenance with Best Price in Bangladesh

VARITO X-RAY SCANNERS is a National leader in airport X-ray scanners that help make hidden threats visible. Operators around the Bangladesh use advanced imaging technology to find contraband hidden in objects ranging from suitcases to cargo containers. Our customers include airports, freight forwarders, government agencies, and other critical infrastructure sites that demand vigilant security. We take pride in assembling our machines in the Whole Bangladesh and we work closely with our Customers to ensure we meet all their X-ray security needs with Best Price.

Why Choose GCTL for Your X-ray Baggage System Needs?

GCTL Provides Turnkey solutions for all your security needs in Bangladesh. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited are uniquely suited to provide clients with the most advanced technology for all their security needs. From X-ray machines to metal detectors, from purchase to Expertise Service Solutions, from installation to maintenance, GCTL is ready to help your business, Office become more safe and secure.

Depends on the experts at GCTL to help you with:

- X-ray Baggage Scanner machine purchases.      - X-ray Luggage Scanner machine installation.

- Event/Festival X-ray Baggage scanner.               - X-ray Scanning machine training.

- X-ray machine maintenance.                                - Security technology for special events. 

We currently Imports, sell and maintain X-ray Baggage Scanner machines with Country of Origin from Germany Varito and Astrophysics USA.