Varito SF5636 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

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Brand : Varito
Model : SF5636
Special Features:
1 Year Replacement Warranty
Expert Technical Team
24x 7 Supports
Quality Assured
Service all over Bangladesh

Varito SF5636 X-Ray Baggage Inspection Scanner with Best Price in Bangladesh

Brand : Varito
Model : SF5636
Special Features:
1 Year Replacement Warranty
Expert Technical Team
24x 7 Supports
Quality Assured
Service all over Bangladesh

How to choose the right X-ray Baggage Scanner in Bangladesh?

GCTL Supplies intelligent artificial smart x ray baggage scanner All parts imported, clear image, strong penetrating power, long service life, using the latest international standards. The X-ray baggage scanners tend to same with different quality in the recent market, which let many consumers confused and alarmed, below is to teach you how to choose an x-ray baggage scanner correctly.

The Brief Introduction of the X-ray Baggage Scanner:

Now Days X-ray baggage scanner is the core Security Checking device of the X-ray luggage scanner. With X-ray baggage scanner the baggage, the screen of the X-ray baggage inspection can display the goods with different color, so the staff can distinguish if there have any dangerous goods in it. X-ray baggage inspection system is widely applied bus and underway station, we can see it everywhere.

xray baggage scanner_Display

xray baggage screening

Different materials have different absorption rate of X-ray, with that feature, we could distinguish what the baggage has under X-ray security Inspection equipment. Although it seems reliable, sometimes it may be confused when two materials have seemed absorption rate, there has many misunderstand because the C4 boom has seem rate with chocolate. That is to say, if you carry some chocolate in your baggage, you might be thought as the terrorist.

What objects are you trying to see through x-ray baggage scanner?

If machines will secure building entrances, it’ll likely be scanning briefcases, backpacks, purses and mail parcels. In that instance your best option will be scanners with narrow frames, perfect for fitting into the tight space.

Are you looking for drugs? Guns? Explosives with x-ray baggage scanner?

x-ray baggage scanner will be looking for small knives and possibly guns. Briefcases and backpacks aren’t usually made of materials that are hard for X-rays to penetrate. In this case a smaller X-ray generator(80KV) should offer plenty of visibility. When combined with the X-ray imaging features, such as HD imaging and material discrimination offer operators the best opportunity to identify and isolate threats before they enter any buildings.



Dual Energy ,L-shaped array detector

apan HAMMATSU detector crystal , Detecting board from Deetee Finland. 

IPC from Taiwan , Interroll Roller from German

High-resolution PHILIP 19 inch color LCD display

Four colors to distinguish organic , inorganic and dangerous material

Multiple functions: High/Low penetration display, Magnifier, Brightening/dimming,

Image enlarge, recurrence, restoration, storage, network


General specification

  X-ray Generator

Tunnel Size : 560(W)×360(H)mm

 Orientation: Upward;

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

Tube Current: 0.4~1.25MA(adjustable)

Conveyor Max Load: 150 kg

 Anode voltage: 80~160KV(adjustable)

Single inspection dosage:< 1.01μGy

 X-ray divergence angle: 80 °

Leakage radiation dosage:≤ 0.06µGy/h

 Generator cooling/working periods:

Wire resolution: 40AWG

 sealed oil bath with forced air/100%

Spatial resolution :1.0mm Horizontal ;1.0mm Vertical

 X-RAY Sensor:

Steel Penetration: 38mm steel plate

 L-shaped array detector, 24bit

Film safety: for ISO1600


Image Performance System

X-ray sensor---L type photodiode array detector (energy), 24 bi depth;

Display---High-resolution liquid crystal display, 24-bit color;

Color management architectures---Different color, different matter;

Inverse、white/black/colorized---For compare these images to find the suspected dangerous goods

To eliminate organic、Inorganic out---In view of the most important image;

Edge enhancement---The edge of image is more clear;

High penetration---Make the image more through, for look every goods in one image ;

Zoom in/zoom out---Make the image bigger ,make the image smaller;

1 times size of image---Make image back to 1 times size of image;

Brighter/darker---Make image more bright /make image darker;

Replay---Playback all images on the screen at current,be able to do the next steps;

Application and Certifications

used for scenic spots, gymnasium, expo centre, left- baggage counter, supermarket, hotel ,court, prison..etc

Machine parts safeguard measures

High performance network function

Chinese ministry of public security testing

EU CE Certification

ISO9001 Certification

ISO14001 Environmental Management

Radiation safety certification from China Government


Main use of x-ray baggage scanner (Application areas):

X Ray Scanner can quickly and effectively detect all kinds of dangerous goods and is widely used in bus station railway stations, High-speed rail station, customs, express logistics government agencies, embassies, airports, convention centers, courts, Tourist attractions, sports tubes, post offices, express delivery companies, shoe factories, toy factories, luggage Factory, tax bureaus, handbag factory, hotel, school, University and other security inspection occasion.

xray baggage scanner Working

x-ray baggage scanner Image Processing System:

Multi-energy color: organic matter in orange, inorganic is shown in blue, and mixture is shown in green
High energy / low energy: Two energy switching display.
Drug Explosives Detection: More helpful in detecting dangerous goods such as some typical explosives.
X-ray sensor: L-shaped photodiode array detector (multi-energy), 12-bit depth.
Display: high resolution LCD monitor.
Color image display: 24-bit true color display according to material.
Edge enhancement: the outline of the object is clearer.
Super Image Enhancement: Image details are clearer.
High penetration display: Improve the contrast of bright areas in the image, making the easy-to-penetrate area clearer.
Low penetration display: Improve the contrast of dark areas in the image, making the difficult-to-penetrate area clearer.
Magnifying glass: partial zoom function, real-time dynamic zoom.
Brighten/Darken: Increase the brightness of the image/darkness of the image.
Image pull back / front pull: display the first 20 images, and can perform any image processing on the image.
Image restoration: Image display returns to its original state.
Image storage: save any image in real time, and can perform arbitrary image processing and save it continuously.

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