Varito BG-X5030 X-Ray Baggage Inspection Scanner

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X-Ray Baggage Inspection Scanner SF5030

Brand : Varito

Model : SF5030

Contact No. : 01847213868

Special Features:

* 1 Year Replacement Warranty

* Expert Technical Team

* 24x 7 Supports

* Quality Assured

* Service all over Bangladesh



Single-Energy ,L-shaped array detector

apan HAMMATSU detector crystal , Detecting board from Deetee Finland. 

IPC from Taiwan , Interroll Roller from German

High-resolution PHILIP 19 inch color LCD display

Four colors to distinguish organic , inorganic and dangerous material

Multiple functions: High/Low penetration display, Magnifier, Brightening/dimming,

Image enlarge, recurrence, restoration, storage, network


General specification

X-ray Generator

Tunnel Size : 500(W)×300(H)mm

Orientation: Upward;

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

Tube Current: 0.4~0.7MA(adjustable)

Conveyor Max Load: 100 kg

 Anode voltage: 80KV(adjustable)

Single inspection dosage:< 1.32μGy

 X-ray divergence angle: 60 °

Leakage radiation dosage:≤ 0.14µGy/h

 Generator cooling/working periods

Wire resolution: 40AWG

 sealed oil bath with forced air/100%

Spatial resolution :1.0mm Horizontal ;1.0mm Vertical

 X-RAY Sensor:

Steel Penetration: 10mm steel plate

 L-shaped array detector, 24bit

Film safety: for ISO1600








xray baggage scanner_Display

xray baggage screening

Image Performance System:

  • X-ray sensor---L type photodiode array detector (energy), 24 bi depth;
  • Display---High-resolution liquid crystal display, 24-bit color;
  • Color management architectures---Different color, different matter;
  • Inverse、white/black/colorized---For compare these images to find the suspected dangerous goods
  • To eliminate organic、Inorganic out---In view of the most important image
  • Edge enhancement---The edge of image is more clear;
  • High penetration---Make the image more through, for look every goods in one image ;
  • Zoom in/zoom out---Make the image bigger ,make the image smaller;
  • 1 times size of image---Make image back to 1 times size of image;
  • Brighter/darker---Make image more bright /make image darker;
  • Replay---Playback all images on the screen at current,be able to do the next steps.


Application and Certifications:

  • used for scenic spots, gymnasium, expo centre, left- baggage counter, supermarket, hotel ,court, prison..etc
  • Machine parts safeguard measures
  • High performance network function
  • Chinese ministry of public security testing
  • EU CE Certification
  •  ISO9001 Certification
  •  ISO14001 Environmental Management
  •  Radiation safety certification from Government

xray baggage scanner Device

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