Face Recognition Time Attendance System in Bangladesh

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Facial Recognition Access Control

Face recognition can now be used to provide access to buildings in a safe, touchless System. Instead of a key card, systems provide a camera based-reader, that authorizes entry using the person’s face. All you have to do it walk up and look at the reader, it runs recognition, identifies the person and sends a signal to unlock the doors.

Benefits of Face Recognition Access Control:

While touchless face recognition access offers clear benefits throughout COVID-19, it’s future-proof benefits are also worth mentioning:

  • Touchless access to doors
  • High security for the building, since you are verifying the person directly.
  • No need to remember to carry key cards

Seamless: No need to fumble for key cards in your wallet or bag

Simple to manage: Building management doesn’t need to train staff on how legacy key card systems work, or how to enroll, manage and print key cards.

Types of Biometric Access:

Face recognition is just one form of biometric door access control method. There are a few other types of biometric access control methods:

  • Iris Recognition Access
  • Fingerprint Access Control
  • Palm Print Access Control

Iris recognition is another touchless form of biometric access control. However, it’s not widely adopted due to various reasons:

  • Iris recognition requires specialized enrollment process and hardware
  • Iris recognition requires that the person perfectly align their eyes, very close to the reader

Face Recognition Access Control Time Attendance System in Bangladesh

A Face Recognition Access Control Time Attendance System provides a sophisticated, scalable access control solution for Home, Office, or any Business Centre. Biometric technology ensures that only authorized personnel can access secure doors, while permissions can be managed through departments and staff groups right down to the individual employee level. Optional WiFi capability allows you to integrate seamlessly into your existing network without the need to run additional network cables. This access control system can also be utilized for Time and Attendance monitoring if required. Under such circumstances, the Face Recognition Access Control System for Office provides the best way to make conscious for both Staff and Management. Facial Recognition Access control helps to secure your premises.

What is a Face Recognition Time Attendance System?

Face recognition access control provides employees with quick and convenient access to the workplace while preventing fraud. The Find Face accuracy, search speed, and low error rate make this algorithm the starting point when choosing a security solution.

What can you do with a Facial Detection Access control System?

With a Facial Recognition System, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few:

  • Set door and zone entry rules
  • Monitor access points to know 'where, when and why' people are always on your site proactively manage site access by integrating with existing HR systems to share information about clearances, credentials, inductions, required permits, licenses and other competencies for cardholders
  • Automatically enforce business health and safety policies and compliance with government regulations
  • Welcome, manage and control access for visitors, ensuring your duty of care and health and safety obligations are met
  • Respond rapidly with a reliable and effective emergency management system, including lockdowns and alerts
  • Control outputs such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning after-hours, with a smart system managing facilities based on who is on-site
  • Manage intruder alarms with optional handover to alarms monitoring stations.

Face recognition terminal for access control Price in Bangladesh

GCTL is a global patented facial recognition software platform designed to be scalable, fast, and accurate while maintaining the highest levels of security, privacy, and convenience. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Face recognition reader system can be used as a one-to-one access control solution or can be used to establish a physical perimeter to keep out unwanted or potentially dangerous people. The face recognition reader API allows for easy integration with a variety of access systems. GCTL is proudly designed, engineered, and supported in Bangladesh. Click here to find more details about this product.

Facial Recognition System price in Bangladesh is usually in the Face recognition reader SDK, and robust APIs allow you to easily integrate face recognition with a variety of third-party access control systems, creating complete identification and authenticating solutions Face recognition reader price in bd.

Please click here to find your ideal brand of Face recognition reader on our website. Once you have selected your product of choice, we can have it delivered to your doorstep with experts who can help with the installation process. If instead, you are interested in taking a good look at our array of brands physically, you are welcome to come down to our store in Uttara or Elephant Road Dhaka. Our friendly staff can help you in deciding the best configuration for your requirements.

Access Control with Face Recognition Technology

Face is the easiest way to distinguish individuals among people. Facial recognition device feels closest to people without repulsion because it authenticates by recognizing people's faces. Our Zkteco, Anviz, Hikvision and Suprema's facial recognition technology helps with fast, easy and intuitive user authentication and it offers various possibilities.

Day and night. Same performance

Our Zkteco, Anviz, Hikvision and Suprema's facial recognition technology detects changes in the surrounding environment. By controlling near-infrared LED according to the surrounding brightness, it is possible to authenticate users from a dark room and even outdoors.

Live Face Detection (LFD)

The latest optical technology Zkteco, Anviz, Hikvision and Suprema's facial recognition algorithm accurately distinguish the faces of users. It perfectly blocks spoofing using photograph or 3D printed mask.

More possibilities

facial recognition device can be utilized for various purposes.

  • Zone management of food processing factories or hospitals where hygiene is important
  • Time & attendance management of construction sites where it is difficult to use fingerprint authentication
  • Access control of data centers, research institutes and banks that require improved security

What is an Access Control System?

An access control system is a system that manages and controls the unauthorized access through personal identification numbers, card system etc. Where are these building access control systems mainly used? Access control systems are primarily used for warehouses, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, community centers, residential leasing centers and a variety of commercial premises.

An access control door keeps a record when a person entered or exited the building. These systems also manage the specific hours of the day when an individual can be authorized to get access.

The main purpose of using these systems is to secure your business from theft, robbery and vandalism.

With a building access control door, you know who has entered your commercial building at a particular time. You can also track which door they have used.

Apart from that, an access control system can be used to restrict the unauthorized visitors and keep the record of your employees’ entry or exit. You can also limit your employees to enter the sensitive areas.

Hence, an access control system provides quick, flexible and convenient access to those who are authorized.

Why do We Need Access Control System?

In ancient time, people used to have a key-lock system to secure their business from the theft, burglary or vandalism. But People are still using it but, a key-lock system is not enough for the business in Bangladesh.

 As security has become the prime concern for businesses in different industries, this is need of the hour to use the advanced technology for the safety of your business. In fact, your business is more secure with access control system rather than an old-fashioned key lock system.

Apart from that, you can get rid of the problem of losing or duplication of key forever if you get an access control system installed for your business.

How the Facial Recognition Access Control System Works?

Biometric Access Control Authorized employees gain access to secure doors by standing in front of the Facial recognition camera. Successful requests are confirmed with an audible and visual message, while door entry is quick, efficient, and fully reportable. RFID proximity capability offers a durable alternative if required. Biometric Capacity and Recording Initial face registration is speedy and straightforward, taking just ten seconds per staff member through a guided process at the terminal. The facial recognition camera has the capacity for as many as 1000 to 10,000 personnel.

Entry/Exit and Multiple Door Scenarios

The Face Recognition Access Control System terminal will link to most internal or external doors, working as a switch to open the door locking mechanism for authorized users. Multiple terminals can be used in tandem to manage entry and exit on either side of a single door or to control movement through two or more entry points. All devices are centrally managed through our PC based access control software.

Permissions, Time Zones, and Live Monitoring

Our intuitive access control software makes it easy to monitor and manage employee movement between areas, allowing you to specify access permissions by role, responsibility, or department/group. Access events can be viewed in real-time via live monitoring, and your assigned in-house administrator can enroll and manage users with ease.

Door Access Control with Time and Attendance

Clock Rite access control systems can also be enabled for time and attendance monitoring by utilizing biometric and proximity credentials in tandem, using one method to register attendance and the other to gain access to secure doors. Under this configuration, each employee can register up to 16 attendance clocking and unlimited access control events each day. Our PC based time and attendance software enable quick and easy payroll calculation and features late starts and early finish flags, grace and rounding options, holidays, sickness, and overtime calculations.