ZKTeco uFace800 facial time attendance access control terminal


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Model: UFace800, Brand: ZKteco
Display: 4.3-Inch Touch Screen
Face capacity: 3,000.
Fingerprint capacity: 4,000.
ID Card capacity: 10,000(Optional)
Logs capacity: 100,000.
Communication: TCP/IP, USB Host, WiFi (optional).
Optional Functions: ID/MF Card, 3G,(Optional) ADMS, 2000 mAh Backup Battery.
Power Supply: 12V 3A

ZKTeco uFace800 facial biometric time attendance access control terminal System in Bangladesh

The uFace800 dual mode biometric time and attendance terminal includes both a camera for facial recognition and a fingerprint capture device for versatile and secure biometric applications.

access control Standard Functions

• Stores up to 1,500 facial and 3,000 fingerprint templates
• Multi-language support
• Enhanced face detection and verification speed
• Advanced, user-friendly interface
• Battery backup, allowing approximately 4 hours of continuous operation
• New Framework firmware allows easily extended functions to customize to specific end user requirements
• Single facial template is registered per user
• Wi-Fi as a standard feature
• User friendly UI and menu system design
• User level duplicate punch prevention
• Tip entry support
• Multiple level job code support
• Customizable user access control privileges
• Web server support as a standard function
• Automatic status key switch
• Self-service API
• Customizable bell schedules
• Private or public SMS messaging support

Technical Specifications


4.3-Inch Touch Screen

Face capacity 

1,200 (1:N) 3,000 (1:1)

Fingerprint capacity


ID Card capacity 

10,000 (optional)

Logs capacity



TCP/IP, USB Host, WiFi(optional)

Standard Functions 

Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service     

Optional Functions

MiFare Card, 3G, ADMS,

Backup Battery


Power Supply

12V 3A

Operating Temperature

0 °C- 45 °C

Operating Humidity



193.6*165*111mm (L*W*T)

Package Weight

1.87 kg

ZKTeco Access Control System:

ZKTeco Access Control product line includes IP-based standalone access control, networked access control panels, readers, tripod turnstiles and accessories, supplied with all necessary integration tools, SDK’s and technical support to provide our business partners with complete solutions. ZKTeco’s Access Control Systems meet an enormous range of needs, from those of small single sites through to complex multisite networks across the country and even the globe. The Research and Development team at ZKTeco, has 30 years’ experience in designing systems to deliver bespoke solutions for a full spectrum of access and security requirements.


ZKTeco Time Attendance Device:

Time attendance Device and workforce management is an integrated set of processes that an institution uses to optimize the productivity of its employees on the individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels. ZKTeco has been at the forefront of time attendance solutions for the last 30 years, integrating advanced biometric technologies with innovative and versatile terminals. As we know that no two projects are the same, we have ensured to offer a large and versatile range of options so that you can provide your client with the ideal and unique time tracking solution.


Fingerprint & RFID Devices:

A perfect combination of two factor verification methods, with the security of fingerprint authentication and ability to share a card with temporary users – cutting out the enrolment process.

FREE Access Control Software: 

ZKTeco’s ZKAccess 3.5 access control software is designed to manage all ZKTeco Access Control panels and standalone Access Control terminals. Use it to enrol new users, manage your access control devices in real time, and generate reports.

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