Access Control system price in Bangladesh

Access Control System
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Access control in Bangladesh:

Access control is your answer to knowing who is on your office door and when enabling you to limit entrance to those staffs and visitors entitled to have access to the area. Our RFID access control system acts as a visible defense, whether it is fitted with a single entrance or widely applied to a site with multiple doors and different access area, it might be your home, office, School, College, University, IT-enabled Service, Bank, Restaurant, Insurance, Marketplace, Shopping Mall. GCTL (Germany Computer and Telecom Limited) Provide and Deliver Original Imported RFID (radio frequency identification) access control Solutions in Whole Bangladesh.

 Advantages of RFID access control:

 You can install it Hospital’s ICU unit where entry restricted to unauthorized people.

  • Any safe zone at a shopping center or entry restricted place.
  • Access control system enables all your security which can centrally manage from your wished selected area.
  • Who want without a PIN, access card or rights are prevented from access area.
  • Forget the problem of lost keys – you can simply re-issue a card with access control System.
  • Stops comprehensive knowledge of a door entry code or combination
  • Helps manage and monitor site security with contract staff, or permanent staff who leave
  • Enables restricted access, protected equipment, and stock – e.g., IT staff worker in the server room
  • Restrict car park access to authorized personnel at the parking place
  • Orders can be set to open several doors during install periods
  • Protect valuable place like the vault where kept money at the bank.
  • Improve staff management with reports showing staff movement and timekeeping data
  • Provides on/off-site system management and control full systematic

Access Control System in Bangladesh

we offer you many types of the brand as your needs and choice like Granding, ZKTECO, and Nitgen, Suprima, Virdi, Anviz, Nordson, Couns and many brands will add day by day. we deliver any access control Solution in your time and place of Bangladesh.

What is an Access Control?

An access control is a system that manages and controls the unauthorized access through personal identification numbers, card system etc. Where are these building access control systems mainly used? Access control systems are primarily used for warehouses, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, community centers, residential leasing centers and a variety of commercial premises.

An access control door keeps a record when a person entered or exited the building. These systems also manage the specific hours of the day when an individual can be authorized to get access.

The main purpose of using these systems is to secure your business from theft, robbery and vandalism.

With a building access control door, you know who has entered your commercial building at a particular time. You can also track which door they have used.

Apart from that, an access control system can be used to restrict the unauthorized visitors and keep the record of your employees’ entry or exit. You can also limit your employees to enter the sensitive areas.

Hence, an access control system provides quick, flexible and convenient access to those who are authorized.

Cost of Access Control Systems:

Cost of Access Control Systems range from BDT 8000 to BDT 65000 per door with hardware, wiring, and installation. Most Access Control and Time Attendance system take a short time to install, but ultimately, it will depend on the wiring of your building. While keypad systems can offer one of the lowest cost options, they also present one of the least secure options. People can easily share codes with others. It’s also essential to consider the physical deterioration of the numbers on the keypad. The wear on the numbers can indicate the numbers used in the code. There’s no cost (other than time) to change the code, but everyone accessing the building must commit new code to memory. Unfortunately, someone must be present to recode the Access Control.

Cost of Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine:

On average, prices for biometric access control range from a total of BDT 18000- BDT 75000 per door when you factor in the biometric device, electronic locking system, software integration, and installation. Although biometric systems, which use fingerprint, handprint, or iris scanning to gain access, can be costly, there is no need to purchase and manage keycards. Installation of biometric hardware should take about 20 minutes per door. Still, the whole process will require more time to install software and connect the system to a network. Next, you’ll need to allocate at least 15-20 minutes to set up biometric access and train each employee to use the system.

Why do We Need Access Control ?

In ancient time, people used to have a key-lock system to secure their business from the theft, burglary or vandalism. But People are still using it but, a key-lock system is not enough for the business in Bangladesh.

 As security has become the prime concern for businesses in different industries, this is need of the hour to use the advanced technology for the safety of your business. In fact, your business is more secure with access control system rather than an old-fashioned key lock system.

Apart from that, you can get rid of the problem of losing or duplication of key forever if you get an access control system installed for your business.

Types of Access Control:

Card Access Control System:

which card access control systems are in use in Bangladesh:

  • Barcode
  • Magnetic strip
  • Smart card access
  • Proximity card access

Intercom Access Control:

features of intercom access control solutions:

  • Handsfree
  • Individual calls
  • Video or audio features
  • Wireless systems
  • Long range intercom systems

Door Entry Access Control System:

door entry systems:

  • Stand-alone locks
  • Proximity readers
  • Biometric systems
  • Key switches
  • Keypads

Access Control System in Bangladesh

Fob Access Control System:

  • Heightened control
  • Improved security
  • Easy to use.

RFID Access Control System:

Components of RFID systems

  • The RFID Card or tag
  • The RFID Reader
  • Card Access Management Software
  • Access Control Panel

what RFID Access Control does for you:

  • Inventory management
  • Asset tracking
  • Personnel tracking
  • Controlling access to restricted areas
  • Supply chain management
  • Counterfeit prevention

Face Access Control System:

Benefits of Access Control Systems Installation at Your Commercial Premises

  • Protect Valuables
  • Ability to Record Entries and Exits
  • Keyless Access
  • Remote Access
  • Cost saving