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Top Flap Barrier Gate Price in Bangladesh

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What is Flap Barrier gate?

The flap barrier is likewise known as a blockading gate, flap barrier gate, or flap barrier turnstile, that is one of the get entry to manage control turnstile gadgets and is particularly used for pedestrian get entry to manage control; It is a sort of get entry to manage turnstile tool for pedestrians control. It is generally used together with the get entry to manage the system, such as swipe card get entry to manage, fingerprint gets entry to manage, face reputation get entry to manage, etc., which is handy and speedy. The flap barrier turnstile is a completely famous turnstile gate with a stunning look and entire functions.

The flap barrier turnstile is essentially composed of the principle chassis and movable wing plate. Its form is just like the wings of birds. It is known as a "flap" so it's miles known as a flap barrier gate; It has the characteristic of blockading (dissuading) unauthorized personnel, so it's also known as a blockading gate; The benefits are speedy going for walks velocity and expensive atmosphere. The downside is that the channel is slim and most effective pedestrians can by skip through.

 Flap Barrier Gate

Classification of flap barrier turnstile:

The flap barrier gate can be divided into single-core flap barrier gate and double core flap barrier gate according to different combination types of mechanism.

  • Single-core flap barrier gate: only one single core is configured inside the chassis.
  • Double core flap barrier gate: there is a double mechanism working independently in the chassis.
  • Single lane flap barrier gate: it is composed of two single-core flap barrier gates.
  • Multi lanes flap barrier gate: it is composed of two single-core flap barrier gates and multiple double core flap barrier gates.

The common flap barrier gate is composed of frame chassis, mechanism, blocking arm (blocking baffles), control system, infrared sensor, control equipment, etc.

Advantages of flap barrier turnstile:

We also need to know the advantages of the flap barrier turnstile as follows: Fast opening speed, barrier-free, safe use, low noise, easy maintenance, convenient management, and other characteristics, suitable for high-end residential areas, office buildings, scenic spots, and other places with high pedestrian access frequency.

  • The traffic speed is the fastest, which is faster than tripod turnstile gate and full height turnstile gate, and even faster than speed gates.
  • The passage width is between the tripod turnstile and swing turnstile gate, usually between 550mm-900mm. If you need a wider width, our flap barrier turnstile can be customized and designed and adjusted according to the use on the installation site.
  • The appearance and shape are relatively beautiful, and the materials of the blocking body are relatively rich;
  • In case of emergency, the blocking wing will quickly retract into the chassis, which can easily form an obstacle-free passage, improve the traffic speed and facilitate pedestrian evacuation.
  • It has an anti-pinch function to ensure the safe and fast passage of personnel. The infrared radiation in the flap barrier gate is mainly used to sense the human body and play the role of anti-pinch, anti-tailing, or counting. Generally, there are 6 pairs of infrared, 3 above and 3 below.
  • The service life of the brushless motor series flap barrier is 8 million times.


Functions of flap barrier:

  • It has the function of a self-reporting fault prompt, which is convenient for users to use and maintain..
  • It has the functions of automatic opening of power-off swing door and automatic closing when powered on.
  • It has the function of line self-inspection.
  • It has the function of an illegal intrusion alarm.
  • It has a triple anti-pinch protection function.
  • The closing time and mode can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  • It can be connected with an all-in-one smart card such as Parking lot/access control/consumption.

Flap Barrier Gate

Application site of Flap Barrier System:

Automatic flap barrier gate is modern control equipment for the smooth flow of people. It is used where the entry and exit of personnel need to be controlled, provides an orderly and civilized way of passage for the person entering and leaving, and eliminates illegal entry and exit. Such as intelligent community, convention and exhibition, meeting hall, canteen, hotel, museum, gymnasium, club, subway, station, wharf, tourist attractions, convention and Exhibition Center, swimming pool, and other places.

The development of science and technology has improved people’s quality of life and made people’s lives more convenient. More and more people use the turnstile gate in their life.

  • Railway flap barrier gate: It is widely used in some transportation hubs with a large flow of people, such as subway, light rail, high-speed rail, and so on. These places are often in and out of chaos and difficult to manage. The intelligent tripod barrier turnstile gate can well solve the traffic problem.
  • Supermarket flap barrier gate: It is generally used for the import and export of supermarkets. It mainly plays a role in preventing congestion and traffic diversion, ensuring smooth passage of pedestrians. At the same time, the passage is spacious and people who can pass can also pass.
  • Community flap barrier gate: In order to ensure the safe management of residential areas, locks have been installed in many residential areas, residents’ lives have become more stable, theft cases have been reduced, and some violators and salesmen have been prevented from entering residential areas to a certain extent.
  • Office building flap barrier gate: Now many companies have also installed intelligent tripod barrier turnstile gates to facilitate employees’ attendance, which is used to count and monitor the commuting time.
  • College library flap barrier gate: It is mainly used in the import and export of university libraries. It enters the library for learning and reading by swiping a card or face. At the same time, it also establishes the management image of the library, standardizes the internal management system, and improves the level.


Why use flap turnstile gate?

The pedestrian flap turnstile gate is the product of the development of a new era. It is a popular access control management product in recent years. Among them, the flap turnstile gate is a common pedestrian turnstile gate product, which is widely used in the import and export of stations, docks, tourist attractions, exhibitions, natatoriums, and other channels.

  • Diversified identification methods
  • Good water resistance
  • Anti-tailing Technology
  • Easy to use
  • High safety
  • Economy Control

Difference between tripod turnstile & flap barrier:

  • In terms of channel function, the channel of the flap barrier gate is very convenient for the towing of luggage, while the tripod turnstile gate is inconvenient for the towing of luggage.
  • In terms of working mode, the flap barrier gate is driven by a motor, while most tripod turnstile gates work by the combination of metal limit + mechanical reset + manual propulsion.
  • In terms of opening time, due to the different working mechanisms of the tripod turnstile gate and flap barrier gate, the opening speed is also different. The opening and closing time of the flap barrier is about 0.2 seconds, and the opening and closing time of the tripod turnstile gate is about 1 second.
  • In terms of passage time, because the shapes of the tripod turnstile gate and the flap barrier gate are different, the passage time of the tripod turnstile gate and the flap barrier is different. The fastest passage speed of the flap barrier gate can reach about 55 people per minute, while the maximum passage speed of the tripod turnstile gate is about 25 people per minute according to the actual calculation.
  • In terms of cost, the tripod turnstile gate is an entry-level channel product, which can only be used for civil level channels, while the flap barrier gate is an intermediate product, which can support high flow place relations such as civil level and rail transit.
  • In terms of performance, the tripod turnstile gate is primary dissuasion equipment, which only plays a guiding role and does not have safety. The flap barrier gate has the functions of an anti-climbing alarm, anti-trailing alarm, anti-pinch electronic eye, and so on. It is a product with a relatively high safety level.
Flap Barrier Gate

Best Brand of tripod turnstile gate?

  • Varito Flap barrier gate
  • Uniqscan Flap barrier gate
  • Turbo Flap barrier gate
  • Secuera Flap turnstile gate
  • Shining Flap turnstile gate

How much Flap Barrier Gate price in Bangladesh?

Flap barrier turnstile price in Bangladesh ranged start from 125,000.00 to 500,000.00 depends on number of Lane. 


Best price of Tripod turnstile gate in Bangladesh 2022



Price (BDT)

Single Lane Flap barrier gate


125,000.00 to 250,000.00

Double Lane Flap barrier gate


250,000.00 to 375,000.00

Triple Lane Flap barrier gate


375,000.00 to 500,000.00

Four Lane Flap barrier gate


500,000.00 to 750,000.00


Are you looking for a reliable Flap barrier gate provider company? Germany Computer and Telecom Limited offer you best flap barrier gate services for all purposes. We are dedicatedly Importer, Supplier and Wholesaler of best quality flap barrier turnstile that commonly used in some residential areas, office buildings, factories, leisure clubs, tourist attractions, and other open places, it has a good control effect on the passage of personnel, flap turnstile gate is also extremely convenient to use. According to all kinds of requirements, the flap barrier gate selects various identification equipment, control equipment, and software to realize the intelligent control and management of the channel.

Why Choose GCTL for Automatic Flap Barrier Gate?

In order to create a more secure premise, nowadays more people across the world are installing Flap Barrier systems. It is something more than your building’s getaway or door. Flap barriers are cost-effective and efficient automatic entrance solutions for maintaining crowded areas and public places. Kindly consider this blog worth reading if you would like to know the importance and benefits of flap barrier gates. Flap Barrier Turnstile gate can be used to serve a wide range of additional tasks such as count admissions and procuring pertinent information. flap turnstile gate can provide users with a number of information such as the number of people currently in the area, peak traffic hours, etc. Therefore, installing flap barrier system can assist in other tasks of property management as well.

Flap Barrier Gate Supplier in Bangladesh

If you would like to install a Flap Barrier Gate or Flap Barrier System, Germany Computer and Telecom Limited can provide you with the latest Automatic Flap Barrier Gate solutions in installation, testing, and maintenance to commissioning and maintenance of the parking Area, we are committed to fulfilling all Barrier Gate needs of your property. We are also specialized in installing and maintenance of Barrier gate Automation.