X Ray Baggage Scanner | Metal Detector Walk through Gate | Archway Security Gate in Bangladesh

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Smart Security Entrances for A Modern World :
We are safety and security subject matter experts. Our automated mantrap security entrances and X-Ray Baggage Scanners  systems are used to protect the people who protect the Office, guard serve as force multipliers at military installations, prevent armed bank robberies, isolate and stop lethal threats from entering courthouses and keep our country’s information technology infrastructure safe, and secure.

Our Metal Detector Walk Through Gate and point of entrance security solutions help provide you with peace of mind by allowing only authorized individuals secure access into your building. In turn cutting down on many of the issues that come with having traditional security doors, such as replacement or management of keys, to having entrances manned by individuals. We have proven ourselves the choice when it comes to protecting various types of private and public institutions throughout the country.

Our security entrances are constructed with your safety, and well-being in mind. GCTL provides comprehensive design, engineering, and services focused on user-specific, access control systems, trademarked as Safety Entrances GCTL is a leading importer, seller, distributor, of access control entrances and exits. Our Safety Entrance carries the Certificate of Designation by the Department of Bangladesh Security as a Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology.

Custom X-ray Baggage Scanner Systems:
GCTL’s custom security solutions include Tripod Turnstile Gate doors and Vehicle Barrier Gate. Our mantrap security entrances include access control technologies that use high-grade security Devices to provide moderate risk-appropriate security for your Commercial business, School, or Municipal building. Additionally, our weapons detection and prevention door access control systems keep guns from being brought into a building. While our interlocking entrance designs offer metal detectors that signal the interlocking doors to open or remain closed. Airports spend millions of dollars annually GCTL’s Security Entrances control systems not only detect but prevent unauthorized entrance into airports.

GCTL’s automated door access control entrances prevent tailgating or piggybacking from an unsecured area to a secure area. The interlocking doors combined with positive ID requirement and sensors enforce the single person rule for entries and exits.

GCTL’s door access control systems are constructed specially to help provide security solutions products and services nationwide for Bangladesh Municipal and Commercial clients. We provide “Turnkey” services for Bangladeshi clients and also subcontract to prime contractors, facility managers and security experts protecting our country’s strategic assets, military installations, courthouses, and financial institutions nationwide. GCTL’s engineering and product design teams will work together with you to design a user-friendly, building specific Safety Entrance® for you that is proven safe and effective

' Smart Security Entrances ' Options: Once you have carefully selected the right entrance product for your needs, add the finishing touches with revolving door and security entrance best options.

GCTL Entrance Devices

Whether you are installing a high capacity revolving door for a large public space, or a high security portal for a data center – we have a range of additional entrance accessories for you. Add the finishing touches to your entrance product and 'Level Up' where it matters most to you. You can 'install' in any of these categories:
Automatic Door

Entrance Security Gate        

Metal Detector Walk Through Gate                     

X-ray Baggage Scanner

hand held metal detector

Tripod Turnstile Gate

Vehicle Barrier Gate

Flap Barrier Gate

Full height turnstile gate

In addition to Entrance Devices that are available to fine-tune your product, we also offer High Quality Products. These are used by architects and engineers throughout the complete building phase of a project, from design to specification Our products are compatible with many third-party entrance accessories. You can seamlessly integrate another access control system or technology into our entrance solutions. We work together with a large number of system integrators to ensure that your entry solution is as effective and intuitive as it can be. Do you need support in choosing the best entrance accessories for your entrance product? Contact your local entry expert for advice. We can help you make the right product decision by walking you through our Solution Mapping Tool. We can guide you through all available options and help you find the most efficient solution.

Office security solutions including security doors as well as physical and logical access control need to be flexible; they need to handle a flow of people with varying access permissions throughout the day, as well as allow for safe exit in case of emergency.

Elevate your entry with Smarter Security: In a world of high-security needs and low-quality imitations, we establish long-standing relationships with our clients—who buy for our aesthetics and performance, and stay for our service.


Our turnstiles are designed with unmatched craftsmanship and high-end aesthetics that seamlessly blend into your environment. Varito brand are available in a broad array of custom finishes.


Our products are built to last, perform consistently, and offer a total cost-effective performance product. Our products are simply better—and we have the closest tailgating detection in the industry.

Secured Entrance Automation - Public and Private Sector

Leading the market in door opening solutions

Our vision is to be the most innovative supplier of total door opening solutions, which deliver safe and convenient security solutions to our customers premises and homes.