Walk Through Archway Metal Detector Gate Supplier in Bangladesh

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Best Metal Detector Features:

  • fast, easy assembly
  • Quick 5-minute assembly
  • optional back-up battery
  • self-diagnostic and self-calibration
  • Good password protected controller
  • Head to toe Multi zone detection
  • 6,12,18, 24, 33 or 45 individual zones
  • 999 sensitivity levels for each zone
  • Automatic counting Meter

Walk Through Archway Metal Detector Gate Supplier

Archway Metal Detector Product Introduction:

Archway Metal Detector Security Gate, it is economical, practical and attractive mainly match moderate detection requirement places such as night-clubs or entertainment location. With body height detection design and built-in electromagnetic fields, metal items carried by human can be generated through the alarm device, items like various control tools, weapons, metal products, electronic products and other items containing metal and so on. As an anti-theft examination an effective tool.

Archway Metal Detector Gate Supplier in Bangladesh

Metal Detector General specification:

  • Portable metal can be excluded
  • Dual high-brightness red LED display
  • Integrated four key panels operation
  • Multiple network ports
  • External control alarm device port
  • Secondary development port/ upgrade port
  • Count the number of people passing through
  • The function of counting Alarm times
  • Multi zones detect and alarm at the same time
  • Smart partition function to detect large objects
  • Password protection Function
  • Multiple alarm sound selection modes
  • Choose the overall safety level of 1-20
  • Multi independent probes, Multi detecting zones
    Metal Detector Gate in Bangladesh

Archway Metal Detector Gate Application Area: All Types Security Sensitive Area Like Airports and Seaports, Electronic Factory, Government Buildings, Embassy, Police ,Court, Prisons and jails, Military Bases, Hospitals, Banks, Financial institutions, Universities, Colleges and Schools, Hotels and Casinos, Power plants, Research Sites, Sports Stadiums, Public Transportation, Factories and Warehouses, Broadcast Studios, Museums, Night Clubs, Meetings and VIP Security, Gymnasium, Commercial buildings, Ships Security checkpoints, Any Entrances Gate.

Walk Through Archway Metal Detector Gate Importer in Bangladesh

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