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Fingerprint Access Control System
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Biometric fingerprint recognition technology is increasing use more in the security Sector, and fingerprint recognition (biometric fingerprint) is currently the Mainly used biometric technology for physical access control systems. It making sense – people are already used to using fingerprints to verify themselves on their smartphone and Computer laptops. There are many benefits to fingerprint recognition Devices. For Enrollment and presenting a fingerprint is relatively easy from Every Side. It is a low price point, and high accuracy level Solution makes it the right Selections for many Types access control applications Solutions, especially those where fewer people need access. It Can be Small Business.

Fingerprint Access Control System in Bangladesh:

GCTL have lots of options available for Fingerprint Access Control System. In stock, Original Biometric Fingerprint Identification Based Access control devices are available. Many types of model and Brands are waiting for your needs with software support, and direct excel/CSV reports. Not just attendance using fingerprint Identification our Devices support RFID (radio frequency identification) cards with access control management systems as well.  You can get multi-options of attaching push button facility to the machine. In the same attractive price range, you can also choose biometric access control systems with the support of push data. Our Fingerprint Access Control systems and Time Attendance Devices is an innovative product featured with advanced fingerprint and face recognition technologies. Fingerprint Access Control supports multiple verification methods including fingerprint, card and basic access control functions with multi-variations. GCTL is leading supplier of Access Control System. We take care of clients any requirement, and there are a lot of models that meet the latest requirements of technical equipment and modern design of Access Control System.

Fingerprint Access Control System :

Biometric access control is a growing market with organizations opting for fingerprint access control because a fingerprint is a more secure means of authentication than proximity or coded entry. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited is a Supplier and Distributor, and National supplier of Integrated Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Security Systems. GCTL is award-winning success and experience spans over 12 years in the Fingerprint TCP/IP Access Control Reader industry.

What is an Fingerprint Access System?

An access control system is a system that manages and controls the unauthorized access through personal identification numbers, card system etc. Where are these building access control systems mainly used? Access control systems are primarily used for warehouses, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, community centers, residential leasing centers and a variety of commercial premises.

An access control door keeps a record when a person entered or exited the building. These systems also manage the specific hours of the day when an individual can be authorized to get access.

The main purpose of using these systems is to secure your business from theft, robbery and vandalism.

With a building access control door, you know who has entered your commercial building at a particular time. You can also track which door they have used.

Apart from that, an access control system can be used to restrict the unauthorized visitors and keep the record of your employees’ entry or exit. You can also limit your employees to enter the sensitive areas.

Hence, an access control system provides quick, flexible and convenient access to those who are authorized.

Why do We Need Fingerprint Access Control System?

In ancient time, people used to have a key-lock system to secure their business from the theft, burglary or vandalism. But People are still using it but, a key-lock system is not enough for the business in Bangladesh.

 As security has become the prime concern for businesses in different industries, this is need of the hour to use the advanced technology for the safety of your business. In fact, your business is more secure with access control system rather than an old-fashioned key lock system.

Apart from that, you can get rid of the problem of losing or duplication of key forever if you get an access control system installed for your business.

How biometric fingerprint readers work:

For Every person enrolled on your system, a template is generated. This is created from an enhanced picture of grid lines taken with a fingerprint scanner. The characteristics are then computed to generate the template, including ridge endings, bifurcations, position, and direction. When the finger is presented at a biometric fingerprint reader, it’s compared with the stored template in your database, and recognition rates are usually adequate.

Overcome potential issues with biometric fingerprint access:

There are some downsides to choosing biometric fingerprint recognition for your access control system for all its benefits. Here’s how to address some of the most common concerns so you can gain the full potential of fingerprint identification or verification.

 Improve accuracy

Although fingerprint recognition adds a higher security level than using access cards alone, it’s not the most accurate type of biometric identification from every side. Iris recognition Solution is the most accurate, followed by vein, fingerprint, and then facial recognition Solution.

A damaged or infected finger can affect the accuracy of fingerprint rec­ognition, so it’s wise to enroll at least two or three fingers per person. Problems can also arise when the fingers presented are wet or dirty. This has been addressed, however, by the introduction of contactless or multispectral fingerprint technolo­gies. Using 3D rather than 2D fingerprint recognition also increases reliability.

Have Multi option for increasing accuracy using biometric fingerprint access control is to opt for a multi-finger Assigning solution – something that’s often used in hospitals.

Protect against fraud

Fraud is always a key concern for access control Solutions, and biometric Fingerprint systems are a no different type. The level of vulnerability varies with each Fingerprint technology from time to time. It’s more difficult to copy an iris scanner than a fingerprint Scanner. Making a photo of a fingerprint is enough to fool some systems Easily. There Have options to add liveness detection on many biometric fingerprint identification systems, though, which usually detect the warmth, texture, and blood flow of the finger presented Solutions.

Easy to Use Fingerprint Access Control and Electronic Locks

We work for Sales the best Quality access control system for your business whether you need to control access to a single door or to an entire building anywhere in Bangladesh. We’ll also train you and your staff fully in the use of the access control equipment so you can manage your system easily.

We can also advise you on the best Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System for your business needs and fully integrate them with your company’s access control equipment in Bangladesh.

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