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Access Control Systems
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Access Control Systems in Bangladesh:

Use of Access Control System: The safety and security of your working employees and your work environment area are critical and should not be taken lightly matters. Entrance control system enables you to control who can enter your service or parts of your building. These door security systems, such as Granding, ZKTECO and Nitgen, Suprima, Virdi, Anviz, Nordson, Couns, KJTeck, Secugen, Futronic’s allow administrators to track their employees’ activities and help monitor the overall safety of their establishment. Any entry systems include a variety of tools to restrict access to areas of a building and secure your place it can be office, home, or business. These access control systems can be as simple or as complicated as you desired facility, and can be connected to all types of buildings and area. Many popular Brand access control system devices include keypads types or card reader system types for specific doors in your building or place. Further options include video surveillance, biometric scanner options and the whole day and night monitoring systems. Most of these Access Control System is simple to install professionals install more advanced tools. You can know more about these Access Control systems in our Shop and Display Center.

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited are known for manufacturing , wholesaling, importing and trading high-grade Access Control and Time Attendance Systems. Moreover, provide installation and maintenance services for offered array anywhere in Bangladesh.

Some Other Access Control Products That we also Provide:

USB Fingerprint Reader, Exit Reader DevicesDoor Lock Solutions, Access Control Accessories GCTL Are Established in the year 2004, We are an eminent firm engaged in importing and trading Security and Surveillance Systems. The offered array includes RFID Access Control System, X Ray Baggage Scanner Analog CCTV Camera & DVR, NVR System, etc. The offered systems are widely appreciated for their long trouble-free operations, durability, for providing clear visibilities, low maintenance and easy installation. To ensure that our offered systems possess the above-named features, we Maintain these by making use of premium quality raw material and allied components, sourced from the most trusted vendors of the Fingerprint Access Control System industry. Moreover, while carrying out the process of these systems, we keep in mind the globally laid quality norms. Post-production, these systems are tested to ensure these are defect free. Further, we are also engaged in serving as traders with an aim to stand tall on the expectations of patrons, we provide after installation services to them such as maintenance and installation. We also provide these systems as per patrons' asked specifications within the above-mentioned minimum time frame as their premises.

Access control system?

In common sense, Access Control System means that controlling which person can enters restricted area and when and how. Allowed person entering may be an employee, a contractor or a visitor who are permeated. The area they are entering it could be that an example, any site, any building, any room or any cabinet space.

We take care to call it access control system to differentiate from access control system that prevents people from entering virtual space – for an example, when logging into a computer network system. And, although one of the primary uses is to increase security system, an access control system can offer many other benefits also, including the improved efficiency of your business processes and site or building management.

When we talk about an access control system meter, we're usually mention to an electronic security system after all. They typically can use an identifier such as an access card to authorize people to enter certain location. As they're able of logging who accessed where and when they can provide valuable data to help you tracking system how your buildings and sites are being used.

Who can access and how?

For an example, only want to allow automatic access to employees whereas you'd like visitors and contractors to report to the greeting rolltop desk on inhalant.

Which doors they access?

We want only some people to enter certain areas. For example, you want technicians to be allowed in your labs.

What times can they get access to?

Manager, Supervisor and first shift worker may only can allowed access into during their standard shift time, Whereas Managing director, Manager, Supervisor and senior worker can enter the building at standard shift or any time schedule.

Which conditions allowed to entry or access?

For an example, you may set your access system, so contractors are only allowed access if it shows they've presented their certification, RFID Card or Finger match.

What gives you even more control that a sound access control system lets you set these parameters for everyone. We can easily and quickly update them whenever you need to change.

It will also show who's accessed when and where so if there's an incident, it's easier to determine who might have been involved.

The variety of identifiers for Access Control System.

Access RFID cards are still the most common identifiers used in access control systems. You present your card to reader, if all conditions stored in the system met, allowed to access. There are other options to Face, however, and some offer higher levels of security.

Why use access control system instead of keys?

Mechanical keys are purest form of physical access control and the method many smaller organizations used. For a small company using mechanical keys has several flaws and limitations – especially as an organization gets more significant. Below are just show some of the problems presented by using keys.

Its increased control and security system!

By using ultra-modern electronic access control system, you can avoid the downsides of using mechanical keys and gain much more control.

The essential identification methods for:

Something you have an access card or any types of identification mark.

Something you know that, for an example, PIN or password system.

Something you are biometric identifiers such as your fingerprint, Face or iris.

Each identification method has cons and pros, so the process to choose depends on the situation. You might prefer one method for external doors, for example, and another technique for internal or external door.

We can also combine two or more identification methods to increase our security standards. It's called verification use the first method to identify yourself and the second to verify that it's us. So, for a room that holds valuable Products, we might ask anybody to use to access RFID card for identification and then ask them to supply a PIN, Password or present their fingerprint for verification Information.

Improve efficiency with integration System.

When management decided who access to why, multiple departments are usually for involved. This can include Human Resource Management, facilities management and IT, as well as security system. Often, these departments each have their system that operates independently, and System maintain. This is unskilled, though and can lead to mistakes that present significant security system risk.

For optimum security and capability, all systems should be aligned. An access control system that can complete with other systems can have the power to link everything together.

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited, built on open standards, it integrates with a wide range of technologies, including video monitoring and biometric readers. And it has the flexibility to scale quickly, so you can build and grow your access control system to suit you.

End-to-end security!

Recently, we've also introduced end-to-end security system for AEOS to protect it from the threat of cyberattacks or any other cyber risk. It combines the latest Intelligent Technology (IT) principles of encryption and strong authentication to gain secure communication between all components of the access system. Without this kind of protection, an access control system can become the faint link in your network, enabling people to gain access to most important assets such as company data.

To discover more about what access control can do for your business, see our blog on the often-overlooked benefits of access control.