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GT810 Granding Palm Recognition & Fingerprint Access Control System Call for Price

Palm Recognition Access Control:

The palm recognition device is a powerful biometric that deploys the use of infrared light to capture data points. These data points are further traced to form a pattern – encrypted in a unique code. Contradictory to the other biometrics – this process completely depends on the internal structure. This gives it several unique advantages that make it arguably the most advanced biometric on the Bangladesh market.

Access Control and Time Attendance with Palm Recognition Technology

In today's electronic information society, secure personal recognition Biometrics Attendance is becoming more crucial than ever. Access control with palm recognition technology, including palm pattern and palm vein authentication, is one of the newest biometric techniques researched today, and it is also one of the permanent and physiological features of humans.

Principle of Access Control & Time Attendance with Palm Recognition:

In particular, palm vein recognition uses the network of blood vessels underneath palm skin as a person's identifiers.

As palm vein is a kind of hidden biological information of the body, a vein pattern is more challenging for intruders to copy than other biological traits.

The vascular patterns on the left and right hands are also different. Palm vein cannot be seen under visible light but can be imaged under near-infrared ray (NIR). NIR imaging technique has a wide range of applications in the biometrics field, in which the NIR vein image has considerably significant benefits.

Recently, finger or palm vein recognition, as a highly secure and convenient technique of personal identification, has received increasing attention. Collecting of palm and vein images is simple and non-intrusive. Palm patterns or palm vein images can be captured without physical touch on any biometric data extractor, so there is no contamination from the surface to the user's hand.

What is palm recognition Access Control System?

Access Control with Near-Infrared palm recognition technology has been fully upgraded in all aspects in terms of recognition methods, which combines palm, palm print, and palm vein recognition as one. whole palm recognition process can be finished in 0.35 second. Moreover, the near-infrared technology has dramatically enhanced the recognition performance: the angle tolerance is improved to as wide as +/- 60 degrees (roll axis); the recognition distance can be up to 0.5 meters upon the palm-size. Most importantly, the anti-spoofing ability has reached a new height of the industry, as the testing result shows, that all the testing subjects, including fake HD photos, fake HD videos, and fake palm models cannot stand any chance to crack the system.

How does Palm Recognition Access Control Works?

How does Near Infrared Palm Recognition Works?

STEP 1: Palm Recognition

When a palm is presented close to the camera, the camera will first function as the palm recognition process to identify whether the detected area is a palm. If the nearing object is not a palm, it will stop the further recognition process. If the nearing object is a palm, it will process to the next step.

STEP 2: Palm Print Recognition

After the palm recognition process, the infrared camera will get activated and process palm-print recognition and palm vein recognition simultaneously. The camera will recognize the feature point of the palm print and cross-check with the database.

STEP 3: Palm Vein Recognition

Meanwhile, the infrared camera will use the infrared light to observe the palm vein, which is not naked to the human eye, as same as the palm print. It will then recognize the feature point of the palm vein and then cross-check with the database for its availability.

Palm Vein Recognition System


  • Very user-friendly: use your palm to gain access
  • Extremely accurate and resistant to fraud
  • Easy to combine with existing security systems (e.g. card readers)
  • Highest security at database level
  • Also available in combination with card-reader (privacy proof)

What is an Palm Recognition Time attendance system?

An access control system is a system that manages and controls the unauthorized access through personal identification numbers, card system etc. Where are these building access control systems mainly used? Time attendance system are primarily used for warehouses, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, community centers, residential leasing centers and a variety of commercial premises.

Time attendance system keeps a record when a person entered or exited the building. These systems also manage the specific hours of the day when an individual can be authorized to get access.

The main purpose of using these systems is to secure your business from theft, robbery and vandalism.

With a building access control door, you know who has entered your commercial building at a particular time. You can also track which door they have used.

Apart from that, an Time attendance system can be used to restrict the unauthorized visitors and keep the record of your employees’ entry or exit. You can also limit your employees to enter the sensitive areas.

Hence, an access control system provides quick, flexible and convenient access to those who are authorized.

Why do We Need Time attendance system ?

In ancient time, people used to have a key-lock system to secure their business from the theft, burglary or vandalism. But People are still using it but, a key-lock system is not enough for the business in Bangladesh.

 As security has become the prime concern for businesses in different industries, this is need of the hour to use the advanced technology for the safety of your business. In fact, your business is more secure with access control system rather than an old-fashioned key lock system.

Apart from that, you can get rid of the problem of losing or duplication of key forever if you get an access control system installed for your business.

Types of Time attendance system :

Card Access Control System:

which card access control systems are in use in Bangladesh:

  • Barcode
  • Magnetic strip
  • Smart card access
  • Proximity card access

Intercom Access Control System:

features of intercom access control solutions:

  • Handsfree
  • Individual calls
  • Video or audio features
  • Wireless systems
  • Long range intercom systems

Door Entry Time attendance system:

door entry systems:

  • Stand-alone locks
  • Proximity readers
  • Biometric systems
  • Key switches
  • Keypads

Fob Time attendance system:

  • Heightened control
  • Improved security
  • Easy to use.

RFID Time attendance system:

Components of RFID systems

  • The RFID Card or tag
  • The RFID Reader
  • Card Access Management Software
  • Access Control Panel

what RFID Time attendance system does for you:

  • Inventory management
  • Asset tracking
  • Personnel tracking
  • Controlling access to restricted areas
  • Supply chain management
  • Counterfeit prevention

Face Time attendance system:

Benefits of Access Control Systems Installation at Your Commercial Premises

  • Protect Valuables
  • Ability to Record Entries and Exits
  • Keyless Access
  • Remote Access
  • Cost saving

Areas of application: 

The Palm-ID is an Time attendance system that is used extensively within the justice system, as well as by government institutions and the banking and healthcare sectors. It is also becoming increasingly popular within the regular business community.