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Top K-Type Digital Kiosk Signage Price in Bangladesh

Best K-Type Digital Kiosk Signage Price in Bangladesh. September , 2023 Latest Price
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K-type Interactive Kiosk Digital Signage Call for Price
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What is User Floor Stand K-type Interactive Kiosk?

Floor Standing K-type Interactive Kiosks are a kind of Digital Signage that users and audiences can easily interact with it via touch, emotion or voice. K-type Interactive kiosks are used to transfer and announce visual information of products, services and much more information to the public. Display system utilized in this interactive computer kiosk uses LCD, LED or projection screen to illustrate visual graphical content.

Applications of K-type interactive kiosk are a lot to count, it can be used in any public arena for various purposes. These devices can be found anywhere. Touch screen display whiteboards in conference rooms and classes, floor stand Interactive kiosks walls in museums, exhibitions, shopping malls, self-ordering touchscreen kiosk in hotels, restaurants, cafes, these are just some quite common usages of this device. Interactive Self Ordering Kiosk makes revolution in your business.

K-Type Digital Kiosk Signage Displaay

 Do you as a business owner know that your customers and clients hate to stand in long lines and wastes minutes of time just to get some pieces of information from receptionist. Presence of USER smart interactive kiosk surely brings satisfaction for the users with providing multi-language fast services. In the management view, it also saves your business from high costs, because each kiosk devices can perform as some employees or even more efficient, so it can dramatically help your organization control the payments and costs.

  • Infrared & Capacitive Touch
  • Wide-View Angle
  • Windows Ready
  • Bezel Free Display
  • Android Ready
  • 24/7 Usage
  • Landscape & Portrait
  • IPS panel

K-type Interactive Kiosk Usages

To know more about this product, you should definitely check “Top benefits of K-type interactive kiosk” guide. In addition, explore through some of the features of K-type interactive kiosk:

✓ High-quality LCD Screen

User provides the floor stand K-type Interactive kiosk with a high-quality screen which utilizes explosion-proof glass. To explore the details, the screen is anti-violent, scratch-resistant, dust-proof and waterproof that helps you maintain in better. Besides, Industrial high-performance LCD screen ensures high image clarity, high brightness and stability of use. It can also be upgrade from 1080P to 2K or 4K.

K-Type Digital Kiosk Signage

✓ 24/7 Usage

As one the important features of floor stand K-type interactive kiosk is to be able to work continuously for long hours and days. User Company digital signage devices are built for 24/7 commercial use of uninterrupted work with the stable performance.

✓ Eco-Friendly Power Timer

The Eco-friendly power timer lets you assign hourly, daily or weekly on and off times for screen. By this feature, the power is consumed as it is needed. Moreover, it is be really effective in energy consumption.

✓ Wide-Viewing Angle

Unlike a conventional display surface which it’s not possible to view the monitor at 178 degrees (side to side). User LCD display signage let you have this wide viewing angle keeping display brightness and contrast.

✓ Operating system (OS):

User K-type interactive digital signage series come with customized operating system that will put your hands to choose your preferred OS among Windows, Android, Linux or even standalone OS . In this way, you will supply pleasant user experience for your customers based on their interest.

✓ Tempered Glass

A safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments is attached to all display screen. The tempered glass is pretty increasing the strength of the touch kiosk screen against minor and major scratches, hits and breaking damages.

✓ IPS Commercial Grade Panel

IPS (In-plane switching) is a screen technology for LCD monitors. This was designed to solve the unignorable limitations such as strong viewing angle dependence and low-quality color reproduction.

✓ Centralized Terminal Management

A cloud-based system that provides real-time control and insights of smart interactive kiosk, enabling operators to remotely manage content, display schedule and other functions.

✓ Storage

Due to increasing size of high-quality media files, User supplies it with high-capacity via internal and external storage. In addition to internal storage varying from 512MB to 2GB, an external storage could be inserted via USB, HDD and SSD. In this way, you will never have any shortage.

✓ Screen Size

You should always choose an appropriate touch screen size considering your environment, device application, user experience. Luckily, USER Display Solution has designed smart kiosk in various model and sizes to provide your needs. Among all sizes the most common ones are 32, 43, 49 and 55 inches.

✓ Multiple Inputs

Powerful interface supporting a wide range of audio and video inputs like SD card and USB Flash and outputs such as HDMI/VGA/DVI/USB. The USER manufacturer has considered fast dynamic picture without any delay or even frame loss to enhance the UX (user experience).

✓ Kiosk Shell

The shell is made of high-strength steel, which is ultra-thin, beautiful and strong, and has excellent protection performance. The material and design of shell is one the significant which provides possibility of using in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

✓ Intelligent Split Screen

Intelligent Split Screen is an attractive item in your interactive touch kiosk control software. It helps to take most benefit of your device and use each of its screens to display various visual content.

✓ Multiple Configuration

You can easily choose among basic level, middle level and top level. Different levels are various in processor from Dual-Core to Dual-Core. Its OS version is available Android 4.1 to Android 7.1. Moreover, we let you to choose your favorite OS between Android, Windows, Linux or standalone OS.

✓ Automatic Switch Machine

If you are a busy person who forgets to turn off your floor standing K-type Interactive kiosk digital signage at night, this feature can save you from paying high-price electricity bill. Automatic switch machine will get an administrator schedule and act exactly based on your set time.

✓ Best Technical Support

This is also a crucial support department in User Company. Counting over twenty technician and engineers to help service any issues that might occur during the life cycle of your displays. Our current final failure rate is below 1.7%. We strive on a daily basis to keep lowering these statistics. Our weekly meetings between us after sales and QC teams truly help us achieve these hard-set goals.

Best Brand of K-Type Digital Signage Display?

  • Varito K-Type Digital Signage Display Kiosk
  • Biling K-Type Display
  • Samsung Signage Display
  • LG Digital Signage Display
  • inScreen K-Type Signage Display

Best price of K-Type Digital Signage Display Kiosk in Bangladesh 2022



Price (BDT)

22" Inch K-Type Digital Signage Display Kiosk


125,000.00 to 145,000.00

32" Inch K-Type Digital Signage Display Kiosk


145,000.00 to 155,000.00

43" Inch K-Type Digital Signage Display Kiosk


155,000.00 to 1,75,000.00

55" Inch K-Type Digital Signage Display Kiosk


1,75,000.00 to 1,95,000.00

Warranty System: Standard 1 year service warranty

User Company has 1 years of warranty for all the products in there will be a technical issue in your display systems. GCTL Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing. The device is considered defective if it fails to perform the functions as indicated in the operation manuals, technical specifications or any other similar documents supplied with the equipment, and the failure is due to internal device characteristics.