Secugen Fingerprint Scanner

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Secugen Fingerprint Scanner:

Selecting right fingerprint scanner is difficult task as own needs, but there are only a few Selective Methods to make to find the right one for your working needs. Read on to find out more and check out the many affordable fingerprint scanners that are available on Germany Computer and Telecom Limited. GCTL Sales, Import, Distribute, Secugen, Futronic, Abetree USB Fingerprint Reader at Whole Bangladesh

How to Choose best fingerprint scanner

Best Selecting is essential for fingerprint scanner because you don't want access unverified people to be granted any authentic access. fingerprint scanners sensor needs to work with your computer for it to function properly. Check your connection method first properly. This Fingerprint Scanner have a USB wire, there are different connection methods also. You’ll also want to see what type of operating systems the sensor is compatible with. This Biometric scanner stores fingerprints in a database and you may need software with the sensor. The software will usually come with the sensor, but not always. Check the GCTL item description for this information. There are several factors and measurements used to determine accuracy. Some of the most common factors are below:  

  • Resolution: This is usually measured in dots per inch (DPI). This sensor comes with higher DPI for clearer and detailed image. Choose DPI of 250 or higher sensor to ensure it properly scans fingerprint device.
  • False acceptance rate: Also known as FAR, this is a measurement of how many times an unverified person was granted access. This device guides you how many scans it requires for an unverified person to bypass the system.
  • False reject rate: Also known as FRR, this is the opposite of FAR. This is a measurement of how often a verified person was denied access.

Our biometric systems fingerprint scanners and other biometric sensors help government agencies, Agent Banking, Mobile SIM Registration, any enterprises or Business Solutions, software developers looking to create customized applications and system integrators to meet their security, identity management and access control requirements. provides identification platforms that are accurate and cost-effective for their citizens free of fraud and waste. Secugen Fingerprint Scanner leverages modern technology to keep identities safe and is flexible to be applied in multiple Fingerprint Scanner use such as border control, voter registration, national ID cards and e-Passports.

Fingerprint Scanner solve identity management challenges and provides:

  • Control Agent Banking Solution and Services.
  • Can Registration SIM Any Mobile Operator.
  • Ensures homeland security.

·         Manage national ID cards and e-Passports verification.

  • Expedites traveler processing and increases passenger satisfaction
  • Assures citizens have access to services and networks while reducing fraud
  • Protects networks and digital assets thereby improving operational efficiency

Customers accessing services at bank branches as well as employees performing back-end transactions need to be accurately identified to ensure identity protection and reduction of frauds. The customers or employees are enrolled into the biometric system by scanning their fingerprints. A scanner captures an image of the fingerprint and a digital representation of the image is stored as a template. Customers can access their funds or bank services by a simple scan of their finger where an authentication system compares the scanned fingerprint image to the stored digital template.

Major part of Fingerprint Scanner:

Access control and security

Biometrics provides secured physical access to banks premises as well as logical access to sensitive financial and personal data. It eliminates employee time theft and sharing of access cards. Employees now clock-in or clock-out at work with a swipe of their fingerprint. As fingerprints are unique to the individual, only authorized individuals can access the premises or services and thus a high degree of security and accuracy is ensured with a biometric fingerprint solution.

Privacy and security

The inherent problem with passwords or tokens is that they can be easily stolen or shared. There is no definite way of verifying who the real user is. However, Biometric fingerprints cannot be shared and it is very difficult to duplicate fingerprints under normal conditions. The employee or service holder need to be physically present to authenticate the access the service or Complete transaction. Biometrics is thus able to provide a very high level of security and safeguards user

Time saving

Fingerprint biometric identification is extremely quick and is completed in less than a few seconds. It has a distinct advantage over other authentication mechanisms such as passwords or swipe cards. Employees do not need to wait in queues for check-ins or check-outs and can spend more time actually doing productive work. It also eliminates forgotten or lost passwords and saves IT personnel time and maintenance costs