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X-ray Baggage Scanner
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What is a Baggage scanner?

A baggage scanner is a device that uses electromagnetic waves to produce an image of the contents within a piece of luggage. Baggage Scanner is an electronic machine used to security purpose. Baggage scanners are used in airports and other places where people might bring dangerous or illegal items into a building. It is used to check luggage in detail and also in short time. It helps for scanning the materials inside the baggage which helps to know the prohibited items.

How Does an X-ray Baggage Scanner Work?

The purpose of X Ray Baggage Scanner is to allow the operator to detect any dangerous or contraband items within luggage, parcels and cargo. After the X-rays pass through the item, they are picked up by a detector. This detector then passes the X-rays on to a filter, which blocks out the lower-energy X-rays. Since different materials absorb X-rays at different levels, the image on the monitor allows the machine operator to see distinct items inside your bag.

Types of X-ray Baggage Scanners

Not every situation, package, or threat is the same, Different types of scanner solutions use for different environments:

  • Mail and Small Parcel Scanners: These devices specifically aim to detect any suspicious mail that might contain forbidden objects or contraband as it passes through the system.
  • Hand Luggage Scanners: These devices are designed for screening hand baggage, small parcels and packages and small size cargo.
  • Large Baggage Scanners: These scanners are designed for screening aircraft hold baggage, large parcels and packages, and medium-sized cargo. This Scanner knows as airport baggage scanner that use in Airport, Border and Ports.
  • Cargo Scanners: These are designed for screening large cargo and palletized goods, and are available with different levels of X-ray
  • X Ray Baggage Scanner also use in difference organization:
  • Customs, borders, and ports: Due to the ever-present threat of cross-border smuggling, authorities require a way to effectively monitor imports, exports, transit traffic and people for illicit goods and dangerous materials.
  • Governmental departments: Departments face an ongoing risk of attack and require innovative technologies and solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure.
  • Financial institutions, embassies, and schools: The locations are all highly susceptible to ongoing threats and attacks from a range of lethal weapons and explosive devices.

Advantages of X-Ray Baggage Scanner

  • High Image Performance: It has an extraordinary image quality for improved investigation performance that reveals all harmful goods such as explosives, drugs and other illegal materials.
  • Increased Flexibility: X-Ray baggage scanner is highly flexible. It has a broad application which permits operators to screen postal parcels, briefcases, luggage, backpacks as well as other little’s materials accurately and effectively.
  • High Throughput function: X-ray detector has high throughput such that with their automated functions, it can be used to scan thousands of materials
  • High Adaptability: The possession of three varying lengths of conveyor belt allows an X-Ray scanner to effectively function in different environmental conditions.
  • High Sensitivity: X-Ray baggage scanner has gained a wide use because of its relatively high sensitivity to detect the presence of materials enclosed in non-transparent coverings.  

The use of Baggage scanner machine will come handy in places where security surveillance is needed such as terminal buildings for passengers (in airports, train station, seaport, etc.). Some government establishments or companies with high-security threats also employ their use.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner
How does an X-Ray Baggage Scanner Work?

X-Ray Baggage Scanner is called “Check the dangerous instrument”. The working principle is to use a small dose of X-rays to illuminate the articles for inspection, use a computer to analyze the transmitted rays, and analyze the properties of the penetrated articles according to the changes in the transmitted rays. The image on the display is a computer-simulated image that highlights items of dangerous nature (differentiated by color). Many everyday items will be ignored and will not be displayed. There is no harm to digital products, but it will be very harmful to the human body. If human tissue is exposed to X-rays, irreversible lesions will occur. However, everyone does not need to worry about it. The X-ray machine body and lead curtain can ensure that the X-ray leaks as small as possible, but don’t stay too long beside the machine for safety purpose.

Using Areas of X Ray baggage scanner machine:

Baggage scanners are used to detect explosives and other dangerous materials in luggage. These machines are also able to detect any metal objects that may be hidden within the bag. Baggage scanners are often used at airports, train stations, bus terminals, and other places where large numbers of people gather.

  • Air Cargo: Air cargo screening is now a requirement of governments around the world. With a wide range of screening systems, our air cargo X-ray scanners provide screening solutions for all types of baggage and pallets.
  • Checkpoint: Checkpoint screening has expanded over the years to include airports, courthouses, government buildings and other high-profile targets. Effectively scanning items for contraband without disrupting throughput is of the utmost importance.
  • Large Parcel and Small Cargo: Whether at the airport or situations where scanning incoming parcels and small cargo loads is imperative, large parcel and small cargo X-ray scanners provide unobtrusive screening for explosives and narcotics.
  • Mail and Small Parcel: Whether providing security inspection solutions in government facilities or schools, hotels, convention centers or a variety of event-based security environments, Rapiscan’s mail and small parcel X-ray scanners provide compact, dual energy screening for small spaces.
  • Mobile Check: Mobile Check scanning solutions combine state-of-the-art mobile X-ray screening units with additional units to provide "security screening in a box" for events, temporary building entrances and similar situations.
  • Pallet and Cargo: Designed to protect airborne cargo, large X-ray scanners provide dual energy screening without consuming a lot of power.

Best Brand of X Ray Baggage Scanner?

  • Varito X Ray Baggage Scanner
  • Uniqscan Baggage Scanner
  • Analogic Baggage Inspection System
  • Astrophysics x ray inspection machine
  • ZOAN X Ray Baggage Scanner

    X-Ray Baggage Scanner

How much X Ray Baggage Scanner price in Bangladesh?

X Ray Baggage Scanner price ranged start from BDT 8,50,000.00 to BDT 75,00,000.00 depends on Energy type and Quality.  

Baggage Scanner Price in Bangladesh 2022



Price (BDT)

Single Energy


BDT 8,50,000.00 to  BDT 10,50,000.00

Double Energy


BDT 10,50,000.00 to BDT 18,50,000.00

Multi Energy


BDT 18,50,000.00 to BDT 25,00,000.00

Airport Baggage Scanner (liquids & electronics Scanning)


BDT 25,00,000.00 to BDT 75,00,000.00

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