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X-ray Baggage Scanner
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X ray Baggage Scanner Supplier, Wholesaler and Importer in Bangladesh.

Get High-Quality x ray Baggage Scanner from Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd

We are Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd (GCTL) leading security screening supplier specializing in technology oriented security products. We are one of the prominent X ray Baggage Scanner Supplier, Wholesaler and Importer that efficiently meets customer’s threat detection needs. The main components of our baggage scanner are a conveyor and screen which can detect a number of illegal goods in the baggage of the commuter. It is primarily used in airports, railway station and underground station. We have also achieved remarkable results in the field of public transportation, sporting events, international events, civil aviation, logistics and other industry applications. Some of its features include shiny clear images, use of new X ray protection technology, single-energy protection system and multi-function image processing system. It serves as an important tool reducing the chances of any prohibited objects being brought in.

Advantages and X ray Baggage Scanner Price

It has the ability to accurately detect potential threats like knives, explosives, narcotics, smuggled goods and other objects. Besides good precision, it delivers a stable performance and shows horizontal and vertical images with the help of two self-regulating generators. The x-ray baggage scanner can identify a variety of metals in accordance with the atomic number of items detected. The process of image analysis and detection of harmful objects is made easier by automatic color coding of materials having different atomic numbers. The scanner helps to inspect baggage and small cargo without opening them and low conveyor belt enables loading and unloading of the baggage easily.

Why choose us?

Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd, We offer the best X ray Baggage Scanner Price and we have an active after-sales team and a strong support Engineer.

Buy X ray baggage scanner from Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd for convenient and effective determination of threats.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner in Bangladesh

x ray scanner Systems anticipates the unique needs of each application and provides X-ray solutions for the most difficult baggage and parcel inspection environments. Security solutions for aviation incorporate automated explosives detection for higher throughput at checkpoints. Our rugged, weatherproof X-ray screening products provide inclusive environment screening for military, stadiums, and event security. Our highly mobile, visually unobtrusive products provide checkpoint screening for hotels and cruise lines. In addition, x ray machine Systems provides training and advanced technologies to complement our X-ray baggage Scanner machine products and provide comprehensive security solutions for now and into the future.

GCTL Provide the range of Multi-energy X-ray baggage scanners designed and developed by German Technologies with tunnel size as per different premises requirement. It is a compact X-ray baggage scanner ideal for checkpoints, small baggage and large baggage scanning in high security premises such as Airports, Government offices, Railways, Shopping Mall and other premises applications. Our X-ray baggage inspection systems are certified by the Atomic Energy Regulating Board in Bangladesh with regards to radiation hazards. Our airport baggage scanner offers numerous optional features such as Threat Image Projection (TIP), Network Supervisory Workstation (NSW) & Video management for effective operation. Our luggage x ray machine can serve as a powerful tool that lowers the chances of any prohibited objects like bombs, explosives, contraband etc. carrying into the premises, there by adding another secure and reliable layer to the security infrastructure of the premises.

  • Radiation safe as per Bangladesh.
  • High density alert feature.
  • Distortion correction through software.
  • Self-diagnosis feature.
  • Multi-energy high penetration feature.
  • Central supervisor console (Optional).
  • Threat image projection (TIP) feature (Optional).
  • Energy saving device (Optional).


Top X-ray Baggage Scanner Price List in Bangladesh from GCTL

Buy Best X-ray Baggage Scanner Price List Bangladesh-2020Latest Price
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X-Ray Baggage Scanner BG-6550 Call for price
X-Ray Baggage Scanner Machine BG-8065 Call for price
X-Ray Baggage Scanner Machine BG-10080 Call for price
X-Ray Baggage Scanner BG-100100 Call for price
X-Ray Baggage Scanners Security Inspection Equipment SF5030C Call for price
X-Ray Baggage Inspection Scanner BG-X5030 Call for price

BAGGAGE AND PARCEL INSPECTION: Each day, millions of bags and parcels across the globe are inspected—in airports, at country borders, at post offices and other government buildings and even at sporting and other events. Inspection at these locations occurs in the public eye, which means that it has to be effective and it has to be efficient. Rapiscan products deliver on both levels; their baggage and parcel scanning solutions are versatile to adapt to different screening scenarios and alert upon the presence of explosives and narcotics.

x ray baggage scanner machine Working Areas:

Air Cargo:

Air cargo screening is now a requirement of governments around the world. With a wide range of screening systems, our air cargo X-ray scanners provide screening solutions for all types of baggage and pallets. Additionally, gctl’s screening solutions meet the largest global regulatory approvals for air cargo.


GCTLSecurity X-ray scanner provides quick and cost-effective screening of baggage.


Checkpoint screening has expanded over the years to include airports, courthouses, government buildings and other high-profile targets. Effectively scanning items for contraband without disrupting throughput is of the utmost importance. Our X-ray scanners provide a wide variety of options for checkpoints. All scanners have dual energy imaging by atomic number to help discriminate materials inside packages.

Large Parcel and Small Cargo:

Whether at the airport or situations where scanning incoming parcels and small cargo loads is imperative, large parcel and small cargo X-ray scanners provide unobtrusive screening for explosives and narcotics.  Customs and border protection, ports and defense networks rely on the strength of our scanning systems.

Mail and Small Parcel:

Whether providing security inspection solutions in government facilities or schools, hotels, convention centers or a variety of event-based security environments, Rapiscan’s mail and small parcel X-ray scanners provide compact, dual energy screening for small spaces.

Mobile Check:

Mobile Check scanning solutions combine state-of-the-art mobile X-ray screening units with additional units to provide "security screening in a box" for events, temporary building entrances and similar situations.

Pallet and Cargo:

Designed to protect airborne cargo, large X-ray scanners provide dual energy screening without consuming a lot of power.