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Banking Queue System
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Banking Queue Management System

It's now easier than ever to change banking system, therefore it's crucial to remain pertinent throughout the entire customer experience. Customers choose a new banking system or change their current one due to customer service they receive at every interaction. If the customer is experiencing poor service at the bank and is inclined to develop a negative impression of your bank. The Banking Queue  System in the bank allows staff to improve their workflow and maximize the time they spend. The application helps employees work more efficiently, and makes staff more conscious of those waiting in line. It also lets employees to greet guests with a smile.

The quest to provide a quick service is usually expensive since it requires a lot of employees to be on hand. The issue is how do you increase the efficiency and level of service while not increasing cost?

banking queue system

How to improve the customer experience in banks

The main reason banks have long lines of waiting is because they still use analog systems. Customers are immediately put in a queue that they have waiting for their turn. This way the time to wait can be calculated based on the number of employees are serving customers.

Queue management systems is a software system that comes with a suite of tools that allow banks to track, plan and manage the customer's visit , from pre-arrival until post-serving. It can encompass both offline and online interactions.

Digital Queue Management Signage that makes explicit the wait times for different services and staff are an excellent option banks can be transparent about how long the wait for everyone will be. Queue management systems can be integrated with dashboards in branch which are accessible to every customer.

Benefits and Advantages of Banking Queue System

Benefits of Solution:

  • Streamlines your customer flow and branch operation.
  • Improves the level of service, enables focused improvement for specific customer segments and services.
  • Entertains waiting customers with integrated digital signage.
  • Increases sales by leveraging digital advertising, smart routing and agent sale-tips.

Unique advantages of queue management system for banks:

  • Central server can be scaled up from a single point-of-service to any number of branches.
  • Easy maintenance, no need to install software at agent counters.
  • Flexible solution capable of  addressing any requirement— from fast services such as services provided by bank tellers to more complex business areas involving long-term processes such as mortgages and investment portfolio management.


Main Features of Banking Queue System

On top of the advanced features of the standard customer flow management software, our solution for queue management in banks adds a number of unique options:

  • Prioritization and segmentation of visitors according to the value of their customers. Our experience in banking provides ways to help you prioritize your customers' value so they can wait for less time without causing inconvenience to regular customers.
  • Intelligent customer routing to most suitable agents for the needs of customers. In the banking sector, there is a huge variation in capabilities and costs between highly knowledgeable bankers and less skilled ones. We make sure that the most costly and skilled staff can handle the most important transactions.
  • The integrated online appointment scheduling. Queue System scheduling system could be built into a banking online website, online advertising, or even your mobile application, allowing you to invite your customers to attend meetings at the nearest branch which will allow your staff to make the most of any upsell opportunities.
  • Managing branches that are digital, built on self-service technology. Queue System solution for branches that are self-service is built on our task management for retail software, which is basically monitoring the self-service process in the branch , and notifying staff (often not more than two or three employees on the floor) when they are required to assist.
  • Video interaction management allows both scheduled and unscheduled video calls to be managed by routing and serving them by the same business algorithm used to handle the flow of customers walking into. This tool lets branch personnel can receive visitors as well as video calls at their desks and let it mix and handle the two types of interactions according to the priority and availability.
  • Automated assignment of staff to back-office tasks during non-peak times. If the system detects low-traffic areas and determines that some or all counters are able to be shut down while maintaining standards of service the system will assign employees who are responsible for back-office work including telemarketing and calls to retain customers.

 queue management system in bank

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Banking Queue management system price in Bangladesh 2022

Banking Queue System ranged start from BDT 3,50,000.00 to BDT 12,50,000.00 depends on Screen Display, LED Display, Wireless Calling pad, Box Speaker, Quality and Quantity of materials.



Price (BDT)

One Counter (Full Package)


BDT  3,50,000.00 to BDT  4,50,000.00

Two Counter (Full Package)


BDT 4,50,000.00 to BDT 6,50,000.00

Three Counter (Full Package)


BDT  6,50,000.00 to BDT 7,50,000.00

Four Counter (Full Package)


BDT 8,50,000.00 to BDT 9,50,000.00

Five Counter (Full Package)


BDT 10,50,000.00 to BDT 12,50,000.00


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Our queue management systems are specially designed for banks allowing them to reduce queue lengths and increase staff productivity and operational efficiency. In recent years, the banking industry has transformed and banks are now competing for a higher share of customers wallet. This can only be achieved if banks provide exceptional service with a delightful customer experience. Our queue solutions are equipped to make your customer journey more superior and seamless.if you need queue management systems please contact us at Germany Computer And Telecom Limited(GCTL)