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Car Parking Guidance System
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Smart Car Parking solutions:

GCTL’s Parking Guidance System monitors individual parking space occupancy data, guiding drivers to the closest available parking structure and space by visually communicating availability to drivers. A fully customizable system, Germany Computer And Telecom Limited’s Parking Guidance System in Bangladesh can be as nominal as monitoring occupancy and as expansive as informing drivers from nearby freeways or major arterials. Contact with us today to discuss your particular needs and let us design a solution just for you anywhere in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Germany Computer And Telecom Limited is a leading Importer and solution provider for Vehicle Access Control System (Parking Management System, Car Parking Guidance System, Barrier Gate, Parking Lock), and authorized agent for Security System in Bangladesh.

What is Car parking system?

A car parking system is a mechanical device that multiplies parking capacity inside a parking lot. Car Parking systems are generally powered by electric motors or hydraulic pumps that move vehicles into a storage position. Car parking systems may be traditional or automated. Automatic multi-storey automated car park systems are less expensive per parking slot, since they tend to require less building volume and less ground area than a conventional facility with the same capacity. In the long term, automated car parking systems are likely to be more cost effective than traditional parking garages. Car parking systems reduce exhaust gas — cars need not drive around in search of street parking spaces.if you have any Query Please Call 01847213868 or E-mail us we are waiting for you. Car Parking Guidance Systems are a form of technology that is designed for drivers providing them with real time parking information. A parking guidance system is an advanced form of Car Counting or vehicle detection technology that provides dynamic data to facilitate vehicle circulation within a car park. Although these are typically seen in multi-store car parks, they can be used in different locations too. These systems use a few different components to maximize their usage, from communication to traffic monitoring, to Variable Message Signs (VMS). Being able to quickly and easily find a parking space has a range of benefits, which we will go into shortly. The most obvious one is removing the stress of finding an empty parking space. This is a form of traffic monitoring which is exactly what is says on the tin, studying both incoming and outgoing traffic with various programs and data.

Car Parking Guidance

Key Components of Parking Guidance Systems

There are a few different parts that make up a parking guidance system, and the majority of systems need these components to operate at maximum efficiency.


Cars - as simple as this sounds, you will not be able to count and manage vehicles without them being present. The system relies on their being new vehicular ‘data’ to operate effectively.

Signs - the usage of parking signage is a core part of helping people finds an open space in a car parking structure. They often provide the information at entry, and throughout your parking journey.

Detectors - the technology that dictates if there is a car in a space, this can be a few different variations. But basically has the ability to know when a car is in the space and when it has left it.

Indicators - these will typically be the LED lights above an empty spot that highlight or 'indicate' where you can park. As a rule of thumb, green is used for a vacant spot, and red for an unavailable space.

Control Systems - this is the hub where the information is gathered and distributed to the different elements. Collecting the data about cars and free parking spots, passing it onto the signs and thus the drivers.

Network Link - the type of technology can differ from model to model, but the core premise is that the whole system and parking spaces are linked so they can all communicate real-time data.


How Parking Guidance Systems Work?

Using a combination of technologies, Parking Guidance Systems can help get drivers to open spaces faster and with much less effort. With a mixture of traffic monitoring, Variable Message Signs (VMS), onsite communication, and vehicle processing, PGS create a simple yet functional parking experience.

  • A car is ‘scanned’ when it enters the car park, this can be done via a special ticket machine, or just via the entrance.
  • Variable Message Signs direct the drivers to the open spaces. This can be via telling them how many spaces are on their level, in a certain section of the car park, or even down each row of the parking structure
  • Parking Space Indicators are used to highlight where the free spaces are. Typically the use of green LEDs are implemented but this can vary.
  • Once car parks in the space, special sensors pick up the vehicle in the parking spot and reduce the number of free spaces available. The LED will often turn red to indicate the space has been taken.
  • The driver exits the vehicle, the location of the car is typically saved in a temporary database, and then the driver proceeds to reach their destination on foot.
  • Upon returning to the car park some Parking Guidance Systems will even be able to help the driver ‘Find My Car’ via the pay or help stations in the car park.
  • When the car is fully out of the space and cleared the proximity, the spot will be once again marked as free and a new vehicle will be directed there.

This is just a hypothetical run through of how a Parking Guidance System works, to put into context how they work in a real-life scenario.

What are the Benefits of Parking Guidance Systems?

Car Parking Guidance Systems offer a wide variety of benefits to both the drivers and the operators, we are going to look at a few of the core reasons for implementing one of these systems.

Driver Benefits

  • Lower Emissions - due to shorter time to park there will be fewer emissions into the air, making the car park much greener and environmentally conscious. With people finding their spaces quicker their fuel consumption is less too.
  • Quicker - we have all been in a situation when we arrive somewhere early or on time and are made late by not being able to find a space. Parking Guidance Systems help speed up finding a space, reduce your travel time and means you can arrive at your destination quicker.
  • Reduces Stress - creating an easier parking  environment removes the stress of trying to find a space or seeing an open spot and finding a small car in it. Knowing you will be guided to an open spot makes the whole process simpler.

Company Benefits

  • Real Time - due to their design, Parking Guidance Systems operate in real time. This means that people parking will get up to date information on where the spots are and even how many spaces are on their multi-story floor via variable message signs.
  • Provides Analytics - prior to the introduction of smart technology and PGS, car parks would not have much data on the cars within them. Take for instance a pay and display car park, there is no real data other than the money collected by the machine or number of transactions.
  • Efficient - one of the most obvious benefits is the fact that this will improve the flow of traffic and be much more efficient. If everyone knows where there is an open space, they will not be circling looking for one and delaying their parking.

Parking Guidance System

Who Can Benefited from Parking Guidance Systems?

Parking Guidance Systems, as the name suggests, can be implemented anywhere people need to park, but this is not entirely true, as their value will not be apparent for smaller car parks.

  • Companies with Multiple Car Parks
  • Universities or Displaced Campuses
  • Theme Parks
  • Out of Town Shopping Centers and Plazas
  • Central City Multi-Store Car Parks
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Bus Stations
  • Transit Hubs
  • Large Gyms and Health Clubs
  • Shopping Outlets

The ability to reduce stress and design a car park that is easier to park your vehicle is instrumental to the transportation industry. When travelling people are much more concerned about time and getting a spot quickly.

Best Car parking Guidance System Provider Company?

Parking guidance system price in Bangladesh?

Car park guidance system ranged start from BDT 5,50,000.00 to BDT 75,50,000.00 depends on Car Number, Zonal Controller, Master Controller, Indoor LED Display, Outdoor LED Display and Modular. 

Who are the best supplier, Importer and installer for Car Parking Guidance in Bangladesh?

Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd is the best supplier, importer and Top parking management companies for parking guidance system in Bangladesh with many years of experience.

Are you looking for a reliable automated parking guidance system provider company? Germany Computer and Telecom Limited offer you best parking guidance system for all purposes. We are dedicatedly Importer, Supplier and Wholesaler of car parking guidance system that commonly used in Airport, Universities, Shopping Centers, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Transit Hubs etc.