Smart Ultrasonic car parking guidance system


Car Parking Solutions Functions & Features:
Scope: Vehicle counting system, parking spaces guidance system
Security protection: lightning protection function, anti-polarity power supply function
Detection range: 30 ° angle, the effective filtering of human interference
Main purpose: Real-time detection of parking spaces on whether a vehicle is present
Detection frequency: 40 KHz
Parking instructions: green without cars or light car
Communication mode: RS485 bus
Detection method: Ultrasonic Ranging Radar Principles .
Standard network parking management software: Chinese/English supported, windows xp/sever2003;
Using advanced B/S management mode, visit by browser and can manage automatically
 (charge, query record, report forms, print and so on), maintain, upgrade, test e.g. by TCP/IP network.
High Speed: TCP/IP network communication 100MB/S, faster than RS-48: 9600/1024/BS;
After correct configuation,the controller can work offline independently.

GCTL introduced intelligent parking system by drawing on its years of experience in data mining and by integrating technological advances in related fields. Our intelligent parking system boasts extensive service process management features. Parking monitoring, parking guidance solution and management of defaulting vehicles allow customers to get real-time updates on the situation of parking lots in the city. With the help of Smart parking, the drivers are also stressed free which means the new techniques have made the work easier and faster. Smart Car parking technique is used for this purpose in allover Bangladesh.

Smart Parking System

 Features of Intelligent Parking Guidance:

- Greater profitability

- Fluid traffic flow

- Time saver

- Low maintenance cost

- Less fuel consumption

- Reduces the stress of drivers

- Used for parking guidance and parking monitoring

- Improve the traffic condition

Parking Log Board 

The following smart devices are used for Car Parking Solutions:

1. LED display

2. Ultrasonic LED sensors

3. LED indicators

4. Ultrasonic sensors

5. Central parking controller

6. Car Parking Software

 Smart Parking System Diagram

The main focus of intelligent Car parking guidance Solutions:

 * Real-time parking guidance display –Display boards displays the number of empty slots at every level. The LED display boards are used for this purpose.

* Video Surveillance (optional)- the sensor based technology or you can say the video surveillance system can be integrated into the solution.

 * DVR (optional) – The video surveillance data, License plate videos, under Vehicle Surveillance videos can be archived on a DVR.

Wireless intelligence parking system:

Ideal for Public Parking Lots, Office Complexes, Hospitals

Can be used in both covered & open air parking lots with multiple entry & exit gates

Sensor Control System: – 2 per Bay / Level / Segment

Display Units: – Main and Bay Level, 7 Segments LED, LCD

Interfaces: – With any billing system, boom barrier systems and other applications

Parking Board2 Car Parking Bay LED Indicator Light Smart Car Parking Gidence
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