Parking Guidance System in Bangladesh


Video "Intelligent Eye" Product Scheme

Geomagnetism “Antenna” Product Scheme

Ultrasonic Detector Scheme

Video "Intelligent Eye" Product Scheme

In this scheme, the video & image processing technology is applied to the parking guidance system of parking lot, which guides the driver to parking fast and solves the difficult car-searching of the driver. No car-searching medium is required, and the detailed parking location may be found by entering the vehicle license plate number only and clicking "inquire".

lSystem Advantages

u"One supports four": a camera may detect the use state of four parking spaces at most to realize the guidance and car-searching integration.

uWireless communication: WIFI wireless technology is adopted, the construction wiring is prevented and lots of wire costs are saved.

uFront-end identification: the video detector can directly judge the space status and identify the vehicle license plate, and it is only required to upload the identification results to the data concentrator, which greatly reduces the system image transmission quantity and guarantees the system operation reliability.

uCardless car-searching: the vehicle parking location may be inquired by entering the vehicle license plate number only.


Geomagnetism “Antenna” Product Scheme

This scheme applies geomagnetism detection technology to define the status of parking space, and information of vacant parking space is uploaded to the data center in a real-time manner. After calculation and processing, the system broadcasts the real-time space status onto the information screen of road junctions or parking lot entrances to guide the drivers to park vehicles based on the area division of parking lot. This scheme is applicable for the outdoor parking lot.


lSystem Advantages

uConvenient construction: combined installation, and easy for dismantlement and maintenance.

uFlexible application: wireless ad hoc network technology realized.

uEasy integration: high cohesion and low coupling of product, favorable integratability, and may provide a data interface for traffic command sub-systems.

uDurable: average equipment power consumption as little as 0.36mW, 5-year service life, and service life may be extended after battery replacement.


Ultrasonic Detector Scheme

In this scheme, the ultrasonic detection technology is adopted to broadcast information of vacant parking space of parking lot to the information screen in a real-time manner, control the state change of parking space indicator, guide the customers to park vehicles conveniently, and realize the human-based parking services. This scheme is applicable for the indoor parking lot or three-dimensional garage.


lSystem Advantages

uB/S architecture: the server and the client are separated, and the client failure will not affect the normal operation of the system; the access is realized directly in the local area network via browser, and no installation of the client is required.

uCAN bus transmission: communication distance is up to 1500m; transmission rate is up to 20Kb/s; "T-shaped" connection is supported and easily installed.

uSuper-strong load: data information of 20,000 parking spaces may be processed at most.

uBottom-layer compatibility and pre-processing: conventional information processing front-built in the manager, and compatible with the ultrasonic detector, guidance information screen and magnetic detector to reduce the server workload, shorten the wiring distance and decrease the construction costs.


lFunctional Comparison

Comparison Items


 Eye Series




Detector Scheme

Indoor parking lot


Outdoor parking lot



Indoor three-dimensional garage


Reverse car-searching via vehicle license plate



Wireless communication mode


Offline operation of B/S architecture

Parking space information acquisition

Guidance information broadcast

Real-time monitoring of parking space state

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