intelligent car parking guidance system


Features of Parking Guidance System:
    - User-friendly and cost-saving smart system.
    - Can configure specific parking spaces to a specific zone or node controller
    - Improve traffic flow inside the car park and creat a comfortable parking environment
    - Real-time and high illuminated led display shows number and direction of vacancy clearly
    - Visible LED indicator ensure no spaces is missed when the parking garage is large or at peak times
    - Web-based parking management software to check the whole parking status vividly and can integrate with other                       systems like parking barrier,access control systems,etc.

As it is explained it is simple and the easiest of Proper parking management solutions and GCTL is there to explain the intelligent method of roadside parking, campus parking. Proper Guidance is provided to people and proper measure or precautions are taken to overcome from this. This helps us to get the new updates about the parking management and provide the solution to the roadside parking. This is used to make us aware of the issues of parking and the new technique is there which makes us aware or proper parking management.

 intelligent car parking guidance system Solutions

Parking Payment systems: Payment system is kind of ticket system which is used for advanced payment, deposit. The drivers enter/exit from the parking without stepping out of the vehicle and may administrate the location from worldwide with the help of smart-phones or computer.


Car Parking Solutions Advantages
-One detector is able to monitor maximum 6 parking spaces
-Find car by license plate and route guide to car
-License plate is recognized by GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) on AI solution
-Daisy-Chain connection via Ethernet between detectors &POE supported
-Lower cost comparing with previous version (such as Ultrasonic solution)
-Space Recognition rate is close to 100%, even in a bad lighting condition

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