intelligent Car Parking Center Processor Unit


Parking Guidance Solution Benefits:

  • Significant reduction in vehicle emissions
  • Searching for a parking space
  • Optimization of parking spaces by providing real-time space inventory to the public
  • Monitor parking occupancy for Facility, Level, Zone, or Single Parking Space
  • Economic, Environmental and Customer-Friendly

The Parking Guidance System is an effective way to figure out the Parking problem and help driver to find their exact parking space quickly. Now days it’s very needy thing for Bangladesh, Germany Computer And Telecom Limited is a leading Importer and solution provider for Vehicle Access Control System (Parking Management System, Parking Guidance System, Barrier Gate, Parking Lock), and authorized agent for Security System in Bangladesh.

Parking Guidance System Working Principle : Ultrasonic Sensor and Extended bay indicator are installing to each parking space to detect /indicate presence of Vehicle, The information is picked up by data collector .Processed by center processor. And then released to LED display .By tell driver availability information before they entry to the parking lots. It is suitable for Bangladeshi environment. GCTL Provide all types of Parking Guidance System Everywhere in Bangladesh.

Parking Guidance System Accessories: Ultrasonic Sensor, Bay Indicator, Centre Processor, Sector Display, General Display, Management Software 

Ultrasonic Sensor: Ultrasonic detection unit install right over middle of parking space to monitor presence of vehicle and provides real-time information to PGS system.

 Bay LED Indicator: High brightness LED indicator controlled by Ultrasonic sensor to tell occupancy status of each parking space by different color illumination Red Color indicates space occupied. Green Color indicates available, Blue indicates the space is special for disable. Data Collector serves as a bridge commenting center processor to Ultrasonic sensors and LED Display. It picks up sensor information and transfers to center processor and also helps to transfer availability information from center processor to LED Display

Centre Processor (Data Collector): It is one of SEWO PGS system which deals with data processing. Information storage and release One Centre process can manage 60pcs data collectors (3.600 sensors)

 Sector Display: Sector Display at corners & intersection tells which direction to take in order to fine one, Color modules such as Red. Greet .Blue are used to differentiate parking types and lead drivers to the right places

 General Display: First component greeting drivers at the car parking equipped with SEWO PGS. General LED Display at entrances tells how many spaces are available in each floor.

Management Software: Multi-language graphical application developed based on Windows7 and SQL database software with intuitive UI Simplified operation & complete functions.

 Smart Car Parking Picture

Smart Parking Center Processor unit: As the core of PGS system, Center Processor analyses data, feedbacks the information to Management Software database, and releases information to be shown on LED displays. A Centre Processor can manage Max.96 nos. Data Collectors a Data Collector can manage Max.60 nos. sensors & 20 LED Display; therefore, a basic PGS system can manage Max. 5,760 nos. sensors/ Parking spaces.









Working Voltage


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 Smart Car Parking Diagram Layout:

Smart Car Parking Diagram LayoutParking  Layout Diagram:
Parking  Layout

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