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Fire Extinguishers Best price in Bangladesh:

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Types of Fires:

Not all fires are the same. Per NFPA 10, burning may be classified into one or more of the following fire classes and your fire protection specialist will select the right fire extinguisher size and agent for the hazard. 

  • Class A fires are fires in ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber, and many plastics.
  • Class B fires are fires in flammable liquids such as gasoline, petroleum greases, tars, oils, oil-based paints, solvents, alcohols. Class B fires also include flammable gases such as propane and butane. Class B fires do not include fires involving cooking oils and grease.
  • Class C fires are fires involving energized electrical equipment such as computers, servers, motors, transformers, and appliances. Remove the power and the Class C fire becomes one of the other classes of fire.
  • Class D fires are fires in combustible metals such as magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium, lithium, and potassium.
  • Class K fires are fires in cooking oils and greases such as animal and vegetable fats

 Types of Fire Extinguishers:

ABC Fire Extinguisher:

ABC Dry Chemical fire extinguishers extinguish the fire primarily by interrupting the chemical reaction of the fire triangle. Today’s most widely used type of fire extinguisher is the multipurpose dry chemical that is effective on Class A, B, and C fires. This agent also works by creating a barrier between the oxygen element and the fuel element on Class A fires. Ordinary dry chemical is for Class B & C fires only. It is important to use the correct extinguisher for the type of fuel! Using the incorrect agent can allow the fire to re-ignite after apparently being extinguished successfully.

Carbon Dioxide Co2 Fire Extinguishers: 

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers extinguish fire by taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle and also be removing the heat with a very cold discharge. Carbon dioxide can be used on Class B & C fires. They are usually ineffective on Class A fires.

Water and Foam Fire Extinguishers:

Water and Foam fire extinguishers extinguish the fire by taking away the heat element of the fire triangle. Foam agents also separate the oxygen element from the other elements. Water extinguishers are for Class A fires only - they should not be used on Class B or C fires. The discharge stream could spread the flammable liquid in a Class B fire or could create a shock hazard on a Class C fire. 

Fire Extinguisher in Bangladesh


A fire extinguisher is an appliance containing a fire extinguishing agent, which can be sprayed and directed on the fire by the action of an internal pressure, destined to smother an incipient fire or controlled until the arrival of specialized personnel, they should never be used for very large fires, since with an extinguisher it would not be enough.

The extinguishing agent is the product or set of products contained in the extinguisher and whose reaction causes the extinguishing the fire.

fire extinguisher can be manual or on wheels. The manual fire extinguisher is designed to be carried and used by hand so in operation has a weight equal to or less than 20 kilograms and the Fire extinguishers on wheels are those whose weight is greater than 25 Kilos so for better handling they are placed on a platform of two wheels.  

There two types of extinguishers most used are powder extinguishers and of Co2.

- Fire extinguishers Co2 (Carbon dioxide).   They are those that are used for electrical fires and are characterized mainly because at the end of the hose they have a kind of plastic cone or trumpet. The purpose of this trumpet is that the person who is using the extinguisher does not touch the product that comes out of the same since it would cause burns to the skin.

- Fire extinguishers dust.   They are those that are used for fires of liquid materials and solid. They are characterized by the fact that the extinguishing agent must be stirred before use as otherwise the pressure would not be produced inside the extinguisher and it would not work properly.

Everything you need to know about fire extinguishers

The systems fire prevention and protection are matters of interest and concern, especially with regard to safety at work and in different common areas in which there may be a large number of people. Safety in work environments, as well as the reduction of Accident rate is of the utmost importance, and for this you must have the elements necessary for fire protection. Without a doubt, one of the Fundamental elements that we must know are fire extinguishers. Today we will tell you about everything you need to know about different types of fire extinguishers existing and its profits.

Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are portable devices especially designed to be able to be moved and extinguish a fire anywhere. The extinguishers usually have a mass 20 kilos or even less. According to the regulations, fire extinguishers must be red to facilitate their location and identification. Fire extinguishers must be placed at a suitable height so that, at most, the part top of the extinguisher is located 1.20 meters from the ground. They must be properly marked with an approved sign, and their useful life is around 20 years. Fire extinguishers must have a safety device to prevent them from firing automatically. They usually have a pressure gauge that tells us if they are at the right pressure. One of the most important parts of fire extinguishers are the labels, you have to know how to read and interpret them correctly.

Types of fire extinguishers:

There are different types of fire extinguishers, can be classified taking into account what type of fire they respond or which agent they use, as well as their size. We will talk about them according to their different classifications.

Classification according to what type of fire they respond to:

  • Class A: serves to put out those fires that have solid fuels such as cardboard, wood or different plastics.
  • Class B: smothers those fires where the fuel is liquid.
  • Class C: can smother those fires where fuels are gaseous, such as city gas or butane.
  • Class D: this type of fire is the rarest that exists, they come from metal fuels such as magnesium, sodium or powdered aluminum.
  • Class F: all those fires that derive from oils and fats. These fires can occur especially in grease kitchens animals or vegetables.

Classification according to the type of extinguishing agent used:

Fire extinguishers can also be classified according to the agent extinguisher they use to put out the fire. The main ones are:

  • Water: They can be used in places where there are no electrical systems and are very suitable for type A fires.
  • Water spray: In addition to type A fires, they serve to put out type B fires. They should also not be used in places where there is electricity.
  • Foam: they are ideal for type A and B fires.
  • Powder: They are the most common and can be used in any building or indoor area. They are used to put out fires of type A, B and C. As they are made of dust, they do not carry an electrical risk.
  • CO2: This type of fire extinguisher is useful for putting out fires of type A, B and C. As CO2 is a gas, it can be used in places where there are electrical systems.

Classification according to size:

Fire extinguishers can also be classified according to their size and weight. The most common are those that can weigh at most from 1 kilo to 25 or 50 kilos. There are larger fire extinguishers that usually have some type of trolley or wheel system to be able to move easily. The fire extinguishers foam in use today usually weight about 6 kilos. The CO2 extinguishers usually weigh about 10 kilos and dust are usually heavier reaching up to 25 kilos.

Fire protection systems:

Have fire extinguishers in the right conditions in any type of company, community of neighbors, house, shopping center, or in general spaces where there are people is of utmost importance. Otherwise, small fires that could arise and this would lead to a fire of major conditions with all the damages and dangers that this entails. Although they may seem simpler, fire extinguishers area of the most demanded elements in the systems fire protection. Ensure its correct use, placement and condition; as well as knowing the different types of fire extinguishers with which we can counting is vitally important.

What are the 4 types of fire extinguishers?

There are four classes of fire extinguishers – A, B, C and D – and each class can put out a different type of fire. Multipurpose extinguishers can be used on different types of fires and will be labeled with more than one class, like A-B, B-C or A-B-C

How much fire extinguishers price in Bangladesh?

Fire Extinguishers price in Bangladesh ranged from BDT 850,00.00 to 750,000.00. The price variation depends on specification, quality and Brand.

Who is the best supplier, Importer and installer for fire extinguishers in Bangladesh?

Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd is the best supplier, Importer and installer for fire extinguishers  in Bangladesh with many years of experience.