Automatic BONPET fire Extinguisher

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    - Automatic operation
    - Indoor use
    - Easy to install
    - 10 year lifetime
    - No maintenance costs
    - Effect: all types of fire A, B, C, F,  in automatic mode of operation for extinguishing elektrical fires
    - Friendly to humans and the environment (without halons)
    - Can also be used as fire-extinguishing grenades
    - Additional discounts on insurance houses
    - Dimensions: 300 mm x 90 mm ×60mm
    - Total weight: 1030 g
    - Volume: 600 ml ampoule containing liquid extinguishing agent Bonpet in a sealed glass ampoule.

Automatic BONPET fire Extinguisher in Bangladesh
Overview of BONPET fire Extinguisher:
Name: Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Length: 27.5mm
Volume (cc): 600cc
Length: 27.5cm
Diameter: 6cm
Overall weight (ampule and holder): 1.030g
Net weight (ampule only): 795g
Volume: 600cc
Extinguishing area: 7 to 10m²
Pre-burned time: ±1 minute, 16 seconds
Effective extinguishing time: ±7 to 17 seconds>/ul>
The BONPET is an environment-friendly automatic fire extinguisher based on liquid
1. No maintenance is required during the lifespan of 10 years
2. No formal training is required so that it can be used by anybody
3. Environment-friendly
4. Non-toxic and therefore safe for humans and livestock
5. Light weight enables user to throw the ampoule into the fire from a safe distance of 10 meters or above

kinds of usage:

1. Automatic:

     * When a fire breaks out in a room, the heat generated by the fire causes the temperature of  

        the solution inside the BONPET in no ampoule to increase exponentially.

     * Within short time the solution starts to decompose and generate gas.

     * When the temperature inside the ampoule reaches around ±90°C or the room temperature

        is around ±290 to 360°C, the gas generated inside the ampoule causes the ampoule to

        burst and extinguish the flames in about 7 to 17 seconds.

     * normally it takes about 1 minute 16 seconds for BONPET into burst automatically once the

        room temperature has reached around ±290 to 360°C.

2. Throw the ampoule into the fire.

3. Dilute the chemicals with water.
The BONPET is an environment-friendly automatic fire extinguisher based on liquid

 Examples of installing ampoules in business :

  • Kitchen: a kitchen above the stove, the kitchen in restaurants under the hood to areas deep fryer, stove and grill plates,
  • continued functioning computers: in the above cabinet or on the wall above them, if they are outside cabinets, electrical appliances and machines in places where there is no guaranteed permanent human presence,
  • electrical cabinets and compensation: the cabinets above
  • boiler room above the burners,
  • laboratory fume cupboards,
  • paint shop,
  • installation shafts,
  • lower (especially convenient) storage of flammable liquids,
  • engine cranes,
  • aggregates for replacement electricity
  • archives
  • Vacation home (kitchen, boiler room, termoakumolacijske furnace, etc.).
  • for use by throwing: at security or. emergency service, fire department, and the fire risk locations with more permanent presence of people.
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