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Astrophysics X-ray baggage scanners in Bangladesh with Best Price

GCTL Sales Best Astrophysics X-ray Technology Baggage Scanner Machines. They develop powerful imaging software and pair it with industry-leading features, like 6 Color Imaging, to help operators quickly and efficiently find hidden threats. They Are manufacture different Types X-ray scanners, and have 8 TSA-qualified dual-view units for airport and air cargo applications. If customers cannot find units that meet their security needs, they will work closely with them and build units customized for their specific security mission. Our X-ray scanners are especially well-suited to tackle critical passenger and cargo screening, for inspecting employees and visitors. We know exactly what makes for effective X-ray scanners, and our knowledgeable sales staff wants to help find a solution to your specific security challenges. GCTL X-ray units are installed in Whole countries around the Bangladesh, and our expert service technicians can service the machines from any of our National offices. For the last 4 years we have developed cutting-edge X-ray scanners, installed industry- leading imaging technology, and ensured each Customer has a customized solution for their specific needs. We look forward to helping you tackle your security mission and partnering with you to quickly and efficiently find hidden threats. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited offer fully-integrated Baggage Scanner security solutions that include your security mission and space requirements. also, Varito X-ray baggage scanner, X-ray vehicle scanners, X-ray freight control, X-ray Screening Equipment. Our commitment to our mission is why People around the Country trust us to keep them safe today, tomorrow and always in Bangladesh.

Our Baggage Scanner Advantages:

Fast Passage of Persons and Baggage Check

Compact and Easy to Place

Compliance with The Latest Security Standards

Easy to Operate

Finest Quality Image Display

Budget Friendly

7 Measuring Points Semi 3D Image (Optional)

Mobile and User-Friendly

Safe to Use

TSA Certified

Up To 6 Color Images in Superior Image Sharpness

Faster Passage, Instant 3 Images (Semi 3d)

Superior Quality Image Display, No Need for Second or Third Check

Easy to Operate

Optimal Material Identification

Operator Independent


Clearer Images

Larger Tunnel Size

Very Robust

Why Choose GCTL for X-ray Baggage System?

GCTL Provides Turnkey solutions for all your security needs in Bangladesh. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited are uniquely suited to provide clients with the most advanced technology for all their security needs. From X-ray machines to metal detectors, from purchase to Expertise Service Solutions, from installation to maintenance, GCTL is ready to help your business, Office become more safe and secure.