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Top Interactive Flat Panel Price in Bangladesh

Best Interactive Flat Panel Price in Bangladesh. December , 2023 Latest Price
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What is all-in-one touch interactive flat panel Display?

All-in-1 touch Interactive Flat Panel display are collaboration solutions designed for interactive collaboration, screen sharing, videoconferencing, and more. The latest technologies let you securely connect to participants by Interactive flat panel whether they're in the room or joining remotely.

A Next-Gen Business and Office Solution for Interactive Displays or Touch Interactive Flat Panel

The next generation of digital technologies is transforming the way people work together. After nearly half a decade’s worth of rapid digitization, leaders are now turning their sights on the meeting room. As a result, the way people conduct meetings is about to undergo an exciting transformation. An Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD) is a large-format touchscreen display ideal for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. It is a replacement for clunky or outdated projector technology with a higher-quality display, enhanced connectivity, and built-in software solutions.

Benefits of Using an Interactive touch flat panel Display

  • Increased engagement & active learning -
  • More opportunities to collaborate –
  • Innovative software and learning apps –
  • Pose questions to gauge understanding –
  • Ability to import 3rd party interactive lessons –
  • Screen mirroring for hybrid learning –
  • Incorporate STEM learning –

Digital Interactive flat panel TV display – Use Case

For presenting multimedia content at University, School, Office or seminar, smart board display is the best way to present interactively for students and audience. Here are some best use cases where touch interactive flat panel Display is first choice:

  • All in one touch interactive flat panel for classroom
  • Interactive touch flat panels for School
  • Smart Interactive flat panel Display for Education
  • Digital Interactive touch panel for Teaching
  • Touch flat panel display for Meeting
  • Interactive flat panel TV for conference
  • Interactive smart board Display for Business
  • Interactive touch screen panel for Training

Interactive Touch Panel

Best Smart touch Interactive Flat Panel display for Education

When multiple students contribute to projects at the same time, interpersonal skills, creativity, and confidence grow. There’s interactive flat panel for every classroom. Discover a range of high-quality interactive flat panel designed for the simplicity teachers want. Easy to deploy and support, they’re a solid investment for any budget.

Interactive Touch Flat Panel and their Benefits to your Classroom

Today's classrooms use a variety of advanced technology to engage their students and boost their academic performance while making teaching more fun and interactive. The introduction of interactive displays and smartboard represent digital technology that can increase the potential of every lesson that you teach.

 Benefits of Interactive Flat Panel Displays in the Classroom

  • Increased Interaction & Collaboration of students
  • Better Student Engagement
  • Enhanced Support for All Learning Styles
  • Effective and tractable feedback
  • Help to keep classroom productive and focused
  • Enhance the communication of teachers to students
  • User friendly and easy to Use
  • Enhanced work Speed of teachers
  • Keep Clean and fresh classroom

Digital all in one touch panel for Business

In the new global business reality, companies need to adapt to changing needs. Gain a competitive edge with the power of all in one touch flat panel display and software. Elevate digital collaboration, enhance modern conferencing, enable remote working, and improve training outcomes, all with exceptional ease.

All in one flat panel touch TV for meeting and conference

Today’s all in one interactive flat panel have complex annotation capabilities and integrate with a wide range of applications and software that were previously inaccessible in large group environments. Delegates can share their screens with other users, making it easier to discuss personal opinions. By making your sessions more interactive, you’ll be increasing engagement, resulting in improved output from the meeting and conference.

All in one Interactive touch flat panel for Training sessions

Touch Interactive flat panel display also increase the engagement of your training sessions by promoting interactivity with recipients, but also allowing you to create digital training sessions that allow organizations to train delegates across multiple locations at the same time. Interactive smart board display also allow training sessions to be recorded for future reference, allowing delegates who couldn’t attend during the primary session to watch the recording at a later date, or to allow the trainer to review past sessions and improve in preparation for next time.

What is the common size of All-in-one touch interactive flat panel TV available in the market?

Touchscreen displays typically come in various screen diameters. But also 27” touchscreen monitors such as the Microsoft Surface Studio available in market.

There are few sizes which are available in the market:

  • 55 Inch touch Interactive flat panel
  • 65 Inch All-one-one Interactive touch panel
  • 75 Inch All-one-one touch Interactive flat panel
  • 86 Inch smart Interactive flat panel
  • 96 Inch Interactive touch panel display
  • 105 Inch smart digital board 

How wireless screen sharing systems to use at Interactive flat panel?

Classroom teachers want to use wireless technology quickly and easily – and students mustn't be wasting time trying to connect to a display.  Corporations have a similar need in their meeting rooms, and it is easy to use these systems by adding screen sharing hardware and software.

 Which is best Brand of interactive flat panel?

  • Varito interactive flat panel
  • BenQ interactive flat panel
  • LG interactive flat panel
  • Samsung interactive flat panel
  • Viewsonic interactive flat panel
  • Newline interactive flat panel
  • Specktron interactive flat panel

Do you need a projector for an interactive touch panel?

The interactive touch panel functions like as a computer, enabling you to work in any application that you want. You don’t need additional components to use the interactive touch panel. Such as: Computer or digital projector.

 Interactive flat panel display Price in Bangladesh 2023



Price (BDT)

55 Inch touch Interactive flat panel


215,000.00 to 245,000.00

65 Inch smart Interactive flat panel


235,000.00 to 325,000.00

75 Inch smart board display


350,000.00 to 475,000.00

86 Inch All-in-one Interactive flat panel


480,000.00 to 650,000.00

96 Inch touch Interactive TV


780,000.00 to 945,000.00

105 Inch Interactive flat panel


1050,000.00 to 1245,000.00

 How much All-in-one touch Interactive flat panel display price in Bangladesh?

Touch Interactive flat panel display price in Bangladesh ranged from 235,000.00 to 1250,000.00 depends on size.  The biggest benefit of the interactive flat panel is the way that it lets you interact with the documentation or lesson on the screen, which is no small concern for reputation person. The most important aspect to consider when choosing to add an interactive touch panel to your meeting room or classroom is usability.  There is no sense in having an expensive piece of technology in your meeting room or classroom if you can’t even use it.

Who is the best supplier, Importer and installer for Interactive flat panel display in Bangladesh?

Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd is the best supplier, Importer and installer for All-in-one Interactive flat panel display in Bangladesh with many years of experience. Are you looking for a reliable touch interactive flat panel display provider company? Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd. offer you best interactive touch display panels services for all sizes. We are importer, supplier and Wholesaler for interactive touch panels. We are an experienced company for interactive flat panel installation in Government Organization, School, College and enterprise-level Company.

Interactive flat panel displays that you can interact with, similar to a smartphone screen, but much larger screen. It provides higher resolutions color and helping you edge-out display boards in the Digital display market. And Bangladeshi interactive flat panel market was small but day by day these new generation Smart displays are popping up in classrooms and boardrooms alike. Germany Computer and Telecom Limited Provides Many types of renowned Brands Like BenQ Display Panel Hitachi interactive flat panel displays Samsung Digital Panels Gaoke Panels Displays Molyboard Panel and many more brands in Dhaka, Chittagong, also All over Bangladesh. Our award-winning Display Panel, revolutionary, upgrade able intelligently-design connects with hub of the modern classroom, meeting room, office Advertise, Presentations. GCTL now imports in several more different models and sizes choose unrivaled from those education software and lesson content together and make Home of the SMART Board presentation at everywhere. Advanced SMART Board Panels includes exclusive iQ infrared and Optical LCD/LED technology is designed for any teaching or learning style and features that millions already love. A Interactive Flat Panel display with built-in screen sharing that allows Smart lesson content to be shared from laptops, tablets or any other student device.