Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT - AI Based Smart Face Recognition Terminal

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  • Infrared Thermal Temperature Detection
  • Liveness Face Detection
  • AI Deep Learning Architecture
  • IP65
  • Mask Detection

Anviz - Facedeep 5 IRT AI-based face recognition temperature screening terminal in Bangladesh:

FaceDeep 5 IRT is a new AI-based face recognition and temperature screening terminal equipped with a dual-core Linux-based CPU and the latest BioNANO deep learning algorithm.

The Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT delivers fast, accurate and safe Time & Attendance and Access Control using facial recognition, temperature control & optional RFID.This device is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based contactless facial recognition system with an infrared thermal camera The Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT is a new AI-based facial recognition and temperature screening terminal equipped with a dual-core Linux-based CPU and the latest BioNANO deep learning algorithm. The device supports up to 5,000 facial templates, and can authenticate users at a distance of less than 100ms using new facial template learning.

Anviz CrossChex Software Dashboard:

Anviz CrossChex Software Dashboard

The Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT has a live face detection function through multispectral imaging technology, an infrared light camera, and a visible light camera. The device uses this multispectral imaging through dual cameras of visible light and infrared light to effectively identify fake faces from static pictures and videos.

The deviation of temperature screening is less than 0.3°C, and the maximum temperature measurement range can reach 2 meters to ensure the accurate and safe temperature screening process for users. It is equipped with a 5-inch IPS full-angle TFT-LCD screen and has a 1024px infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement module which enhances the temperature screening function accurately.

With the verification of over one million faces around the world, the Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT has become one of the most accurate facial recognition terminals suitable for various environment and conditions. The accuracy of the facial and thermal authentication isn’t affected by makeup, hairstyles, facial hair or expressions, glasses, head wear or face masks.It can be used with the FREE Anviz CrossChex software which includes temperature reporting.

Anviz FaceDeep 5 AI Key Features:

  • 1Ghz Linux Based Processor
  • Max 50,000 Users, 50,000 Records
  • Interface: TCP/IP, RS232,Wi-Fi
  • Dual Core Linux Based 1Ghz CPU with
  • Enhanced AI Computing Power
  • 125 KHz EM, 13.56 MHz: MiFARE, DESFire
  • -10 celsius (14 degrees fahrenheit) - 50 degrees celsius (122 degrees fahrenheit)
  • Recognition Distance: Max 2m (78.7inch)
  • Recognition Speed: <300ms
  • Face, Password, RFID Card
  • IPS Full Viewing Screen : Angle 178°
  • IP65
  • DC12V 3A

Ultra-Wide Viewing IPS HD Screen:

Ultra-wide viewing angle IPS HD LCD screen gives users the best interactive experience

Smart LED Fill Light: 

Smart LED light based on motion detection and auto-adjust with light environment to lower the consumption of the terminal

Dual HD Camera:

Infrared and visible light dual HD cameras to achieve accurate and quick identification and live face verification

Ultra-Slim Design:

Ultra-slim design reaching below 1CM thickness can perfectly fit various installation conditions

RFID Card Module:

Compatible with EM cards, MIFARE 1K/4K cards, Mifare Desfire cards, and mobile NFC

Up to 5,000 Facial / Card Templates:

Ideal for any size business, the Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT can store up to 5,000 facial templates and up to 5,000 card templates

Anviz Software and connection:

The Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT is compatible with Anviz Aim CrossChex time and attendance, and access control software. For integration with other systems please contact us for the SDK.

The system configuration diagram below shows the FaceDeep 5 IRT has flexible communication for WiFi or Lan, and convenient management for Web-server and PC software.

Anviz Software and connection

Please arrange a FREE online demo with us where we can demonstrate how it works live.

For more information on the Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT and compatible software please contact us.

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