Nitgen eNBioAccess T1 Card and Fingerprint Access Control


eNBioAccess-T1: Salient Features

Superior Matching Engine

  • 1st rank in FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition)
  • Dustproof & Waterproof
  • 125kHz EM, HID
  • 13.56MHz Mifare, HID (Felica, iClass, CEPAS)
  • Fingerprint, RF card, Mobile key
  • Mobile Key Service
  • 3 color LED indicator (Red, Green, Blue)
  • Beep indicator

IP65 Certified

Various Card Option

Multi Factor Authentication

Bluetooth-enabled Terminal

System Status Check

The Nitgen eNBioaccess-T1 biometric terminal, allows control Access of users via mobile device, fingerprint and RFID technology by a previous installation of Software Access Manager Professional.

The Nitgen Biometric terminal with Bluetooth provides the possibility to control the access of the user by the mobile device through Bluetooth.

The keys are sent to the mobile device via SMS, allowing an optimal management of credentials without using physical cards.

Ideal device for access control in companies with several delegations, chain stores, hotels and all centers and enterprises having more than one branch.

Access control solution by Mobile:

Using an application previously installed in the mobile and Access Manager Pro Software installed on a PC application, users can access through their mobile device:

IP65, dust and water proof | 10.000 biometric users | Competitive price

Products description

  • Biometric terminal for access control.
  • Access control by mobile device via Bluetooth communication.
  • IP65 protection. Dust and water proof.
  • Capacity for 10.000 biometric users.
  • Biometric identification of superior quality. Nitgen is the number 1 in FVC.
  • Entry Level Device. Very competitive price.
  • Compatible with all Nitgen range.

From the administrator of the management application (APP installed on mobile) and the f Software Access Manager Pro Administrator (Software installed on PC) a request to the server will be issued. Once received, the server will send an authentication code via SMS to the mobile user. This is the key that will allow access.

– The mobile device emulates a password. The virtual key allows open from mobile.
– Communication via Bluetooth. Automatic registration between the terminal and the mobile
– Sending key remotely. It’s not necessary be present to provide the password
– Full control. You just have to define the users that can access for a certain period of time. 


Biometric Options

Fingerprint, RFID Card



RFID Options

125kHz EM, 13,56 MHz Mifare/(Felica, iClass, CEPAS), HID

Max. Templates


Max. Logs













64MB DRAM / 256MB Flash




-20 ~ 60 ℃


W:58, H:188, D:49.8




Access Control, Time and attendance

Biometric Technology


  • eNBioAccess-T1 has superior matching engine (1st in Fingerprint Verification Competition).
  • Access terminal supports multifactor authentication (fingerprint, card and mobile key).
  • Supports various card options (Mifare, HID, Felica, iClass, CEPAS).
  •  IP65 certified dustproof and waterproof access control & time and attendance device.

Product Description

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T1 is Nitgen’s access control terminal that can read fingerprint, RF cards and authenticate you using a Bluetooth mobile key. Despite touted as an entry level device, eNBioAccess-T1 does include some features found in high end devices of Nitgen. A 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensor and company’s proprietary fingerprint recognition algorithm that ranked first in FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition) comes standard with eNBioAccess-T1.

Use of top-notch recognition algorithm gives eNBioAccess-T1’s matching engine and performance an edge. Its existence on eNBioAccess-T1 shows that Nitgen takes security and performance very seriously. What’s more, you can setup multi factor authentication using fingerprint and RF card. You can use a variety of RF cards on this device including standard and high frequency cards (13.56MHz) – Mifare, HID (Felica, iClass, CEPAS) as well as low frequency cards (125kHz)- HID, EM.

eNBioAccess-T1 understands the importance of today’s connectivity driven world and sports Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your phone. You can setup mobile key to authenticate with your phone, which enables you to have keyless and card-less (yet secure) access to your location.

With remote key sending, there is absolutely no need to hand over the keys or cards physically. You can define the users and the time for which they will be allowed access with the mobile keys, giving to total control on your access control mechanism with eNBioAccess-T1.

The device carries an IP65 rating, which means that it is dust and waterproof and can endure splashes and water projections, however, it would not survive submerging.

Usability and Applications

With a nicely designed candy bar form factor, eNBioAccess-T1 is pretty compact and measures only 58 x 187.9 x 51.6 (W x H x D in millimeter).

There is a three color (Red, Green, and Blue) indicator LED that shows the system status along with a beep indicator that beeps while performing transactions. On a successful match, the green LED turns on with a beep. If it does not find a match (i.e. the user is not enrolled or scan quality is bad), red LED glows with a different beep.

When the system is powered on and in standby mode (ready to accept finger scans) blue LED keeps glowing constantly. Users can be enrolled with Access Manager Professional software that is provided with by the manufacturer along with the product.

It supports different mechanical lock types like deadbolt, electromagnetic lock, door strike and automatic door and can be used for access control and time and attendance application in a wide variety of use cases.

With a capacity to store 20,000 templates, (two templates per users), it can register up to 10,000 user fingerprints, enabling you to use it for small to large volume access control or time and attendance applications.

eNBioAccess-T1: Specifications




64MB DRAM / 256MB Flash


Optical / 500 DPI

Authentication Type

Fingerprint, RF card

1:1 Time

< 0.2 sec.

1: N Time

< 1 sec.

Log Capacity

100,000 logs

Template Capacity

20,000 templates (2 templates / 1 finger, 10,000 users)


TCP/IP, RS-485, Wiegand Out


Deadbolt, EM Lock, Door Strike, Automatic Door


-20~60 ℃ / < RH 90%




58(W) x 187.9(H) x 51.6(D) mm

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