RF MONO guard 8.2Mhz EAS Security system


Center Frequency:8.2Mhz
 Frequency width:7.2~10.5MHz
Scan Frequency: 150/160/170/180Hz(standard)
 Band width: 600-1500KHz 
Input voltage:DC24V
Antenna material Imported Acrylic
Mainboard:HL MONO DSP type
Product  dimension(CM): 154*41*11
Carton size(CM):159.5*43.5*14
Gross weight(KG):  22.5
Packing qty:1 piece/carton

Size : 154 x 38 x 11 cm

Detect Distance(Single Side): Soft Label : 0.9 M    Hard Tag : 1.4 M

Performance Features:

1>Transmit-receive Convergence, normal operation by single antenna;

2>Ultra-high-speed digital signal processing technology, unsurpassable in stability of anti-theft monitoring and long service life compared with domestic products;

3>(Dynamic noise-control technique) Advanced digital signal processing technology can conduct periodic self-monitor and automatic gain control to surrounding environment, without requiring manual shift. And it’s nearly accidental alarm free..

4>Adopted Japan MITSUBISHI Acrylic material, elegant in design, be in harmony with store’s shopping environment;

5>One piece of Unique-1000 can cover detect range from 1.8M to 2.8M (Depending on the actual circumstance), easily protect various width of retail store exits;

6>By increasing numbers of anti-theft antenna , the store exits can be widen infinitely, multiple antenna simultaneously use without synchronization on-line.

Leading DSP Transceiver Technology

Unique-1000. Transmit–receive RF system

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